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How To Stop An Earthquake

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 12, 2005

When I was 14 years old I attended my last “summer camp” and that year I was asked to help out on the waterfront. If I had to swim to shore from a ruined boat in the middle of the pond I wouldn’t have had to dog paddle, but one set of muscles would have been very, very tired because I could only do the breast stroke, and it is still my only method of propulsion in the water at this age. So, here I am assigned to teach 5 squirmy youngsters, who’s greatest accomplishment in the swimming department has been splashing water in a bath-tub. With a few quick hints from the water-front director, I start the grueling job of teaching youngsters how to swim. Looking back I think that the survival instinct coupled with curiosity teaches children much faster than any instructor. With success going to my head, I had one quick learner who pestered me to learn to do the Australian crawl. How do you refuse a persistent eager beaver who thinks you are the biggest hero in the world because you had just taught her how to swim, period? Luckily I knew the mechanics but couldn’t do it to save my life. I’d demonstrate with a great big lung full of air and go far enough so she could see the coordinations; then I’d hold her until it was pretty good, then let her go from my arms. Can you imagine a 7 year older teaching a new teacher how to teach? She won all the waterfront competitions!

Experience #1 as a teacher.

I was an excellent musician and eventually taught woodwinds privately. I was the black sheep in the teaching community and all the others passed the hopeless cases on to me; yet I have the record of having most of the woodwind professionals from “here” having been my students. When a student has mastered some of the difficult fingering movements, they forget who taught them, and they invariably wanted to show me how simple it was to do. Often times I spent half a “music lesson” having the student teaching me and I practicing in turn under their tutuledge. It paid off from the student’s learning perspective and end results.

Experience #2 inside secrets

In the Navy I had to teach students a “transceiver”; nothing more than a combination transmitter and receiver in one simple package. The students had all the theory, but had never seen a piece of equipment before. Day one, I passed out the manuals; questions started coming before I got them all distributed. “I’ll cover that thoroughly real soon” was the standard answer. After everyone was thoroughly confused with the manuals, I collected them all and announced that we were not going to use the manuals for about a week. Relief was the universal reaction, until I asked: what’s the first thing we need to build a transmitter? Most wanted the manuals back. It took awhile to convince them that they already knew. Then slowly, very slowly, reluctantly and then freely suggestions came. All the while I’m drawing the suggested circuits on the board. After 2 days I had 2 complete walls of chalk board full of a Ruby Goldberg transmitter-receiver circuits. And gradually with and without coaching the common parts were combined. Then we had a real, live yet Ruby Goldberg machine. I then passed out the manuals again. Universal comments: hey, man, this is a snap! Tricks of the trade you might call it.

Experience #3 We all really teach ourselves.

Now, I have to admit that when I asked readers to help mitigate the various hurricanes, I knew what needed to be done, although like teaching the Australian Crawl, I had tried myself but had no clue if I was doing it or not. My psychic or etheric abilities are totally suppressed, so I have no feedback nor feel. I do know that the mitigation efforts would have progressed and had effects had I written the “how to” or not; yet I feel certain that my efforts gave fruit that aided in the overall effort.

My jobs throughout life have been the guy in the back room, unseen, no fanfare, but quite necessary to the successful outcome of whatever assignment it was. And so today, I easily understand how the Almighty places me in the middle of these kinds of “teaching” jobs and I use that for lack of a better word. So, here I go again; kindly humor an old man if nothing more and read to the end.

We all have the ability to work miracles. Christ said that we could all do what he did, yet nobody seems to be teaching us how. I’m certain you the reader have wondered about that as much as I have. I have encountered enough examples from “today” to know that it is absolute truth. Just like learning how to swing a pendulum, it is self-taught contrary to everything written about the subject. But to teach yourself to be a “minor miracle worker” you first have to believe that you can do it. And that is the biggest problem and stumbling block in the whole process. I have no way to hold your hand. There is no magical position of clasp your hand to your forehead and I joking add and the other to your ass; there is nothing that is “correct.” You try, and try again and again, and before you know it, you have indirect confirmation. And when you really have confidence, then you start to surprise even yourself. So, said simply: first believe that you can do “it” and then in your own unique way try to do it. Because there is no standard method, that is why it is not carved in stone somewhere in the world. It has to be passed from person to person, and that is -- the confidence that it can be done.

In his own writings Steven explains it well, I condense his comments about us, the little people, the silent majority, the willing ones; how we can mitigate even earthquakes: What I have been trying to get across is that each and every one can do these things I can do. All that stops you is your beliefs, your programming, or programmed belief-system. At age 18 I knew I had to UN-learn all I was taught thru the conventional schools. So, I sought out the secret-schools. They just turned out to be really special individual teachers I found over time.

At 37 I was on my own. So, the final lesson was "You have access to it all, Steven. We all do! The universe is replicated within the vessel you live within." Bible equivalent: You are all created in the image of GOD.

So, everyone, go right ahead and blast that psychic & emotional message out thru the ethers, "HELP US STOP THE PLANNED EARTHQUAKE!!" Blast it out of your solar plexus as you feel all your emotions in your HEART, OK? That is the high-octave vibrational carrier rate to cut thru all interception of said type messages.

Experience #4

Try it, you’ll like it; I know you can do it.

Philip N. Ledoux


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