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Dowse on the Riots in Hungary

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 26, 2006


First I will run down through the request with my logical mind. It is difficult to remember who forgot to drain the swamp when you are knee deep in alligators. Likewise when in the middle of turmoil. Nothing happens by accident is something to always keep in mind. Those riots in Hungary, 99% are not grass roots. Hidden in off locations most likely are busses that transported the agitators into the area, and quite likely agitators have been stirring the pot for some time.

I picked up from some site I visit regularly a link to a recent speech that was almost identical to the speech of this neo-liberal prime minister of Hungary. The difference was that whomever it was I read about, his conclusion was that he was not going for re-election. I didn?t copy off the referred to speech, so it could be the same person. When we the mice, face off with the cats, the cats have to put twists into the script so that we mice don?t catch on too quickly. This speech could be a twist in the script allowing someone who has done an excellent job for the illuminati to take it easy for a few years (an insider acting as though he had a conscience-attack, making him appear as part of us mice).

I checked my 15 month calendar and I have the Hungarian Revolt as May 1956, Janos is saying that it occurred October 1956 [October 23 - November 4, 1956 ]. Janos should know, he apparently lives there. Yet as a May event it fits the 15 month TPTB Plan. Seems as though I remember the event clearly although the date is somewhat foggy; May was the month I flew myself to sign-up in the Navy and off to boot camp (drafted), fits my memory reasonably well, just before being suckered into the military.

Al Grey (dragon) was writing me that he did lots of work on the upcoming New Madrid Fault earthquake so that it would be a non-event. That fault line and potential triggering from the Gulf bomb, and HAARP enhancement fits the 15 month calendar. Tim Hicks also has done much work with etherics on the New Madrid Fault potential. So, just maybe TPTB needed to pull another rabbit out of the hat via a 50 year anniversary of the Hungarian revolt, and something similar "today" would trigger emotions to the max!

26 September 2006

Baseline checks normal

1.Was this speech by the Prime Minister of Hungary purposefully leaked by TPTB? Yes
2. "We have been lying . . . constantly day and night" was part of the speech? NO
3. The speech was "doctored" for a leaked publication? Yes
4. Do riots currently exist in Budapest? No
5. When the message was written did riots occur? Yes
6. Were the riots orchestrated? Yes
7. Were approximately 100,000 people involved in the riots? No
8. Less than 10,000 people involved? Yes
9. 10% of the rioters were paid controllers? Yes
10. Are jails and holding facilities filled with rioters? No read

11. Did the riots last more than a day? Yes
12. Did the riots last 2 days? Maybe
13. Was the anniversary of the Hungarian Revolt (1956) part of the planning for this "revolt"? No
14. Did the authorities net the resistance leaders as planned? Yes
15. Netting the leaders was the objective of the riots? Yes
16. Did 100,000 people demonstrate against current leadership in Budapest? No
17. Were there demonstrations? No read
18. Demonstrations were planned by TPTB? Yes
19. Demonstrations actually took place? Yes
20. The demonstrations had more paid participants than average citizen participants? Yes

21. Is Janos' evaluation of 2 million semi-slaves with 6 million eliminated nearly accurate? Possibly yes, possibly no
22. Population reduction is part of TPTB plans? Yes
23. Actual numbers are flexible? Yes
24. London Bankers are trying to install a "package" for Rumania? Yes
25. The objective is to break the country financially? Yes
26. Are the National Socialists aligned with the bankers? YES
27. National Socialists want to install the Euro? Yes
28. Is the Euro to benefit the average person? No read
29. The common people need the Euro? No read

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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