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Dowse #2 on Hurricane Ernesto (August 29, 2006)

By Philip N Ledoux
August 29, 2006

Hurricane Ernesto

1. Hurricane Ernesto was originally targeted for New Orleans? Yes
2. Who selects these targets?

Military? Maybe
Civilian Government? Maybe
Hidden Government? Maybe
Illuminati? No
Vatican? No
A combination of Military/Civilian-Hidden-Government? Yes

3. This could be classified as middle-lower-level manipulators? Yes
4. If the public becomes aware of the target "too soon", the target is changed? Possibly Yes, Possibly No
5. Middle lower-level management has a formula for target changes? Yes

Variables in the formula:
6. Percentage of awareness? Yes
7. Time to create change without being obvious? Yes
8. Alternative plans availability? Yes
9. Chemtrail effectiveness and availability? Yes
10. Planetary influences? Yes
11. Are personality clashes involved (at times)? Yes
12. These upset the formula applications? Yes
13. Is the spirit world involved in plan changes? Yes
14. There is a constant battle in progress in the spirit world about weather? No read
15. There is constant influencing of manipulators by spirit world? YES
16. By both good and evil? Yes
17. All are held to cosmic rules? Yes
18. As with humans the rules are tried to be bent? Yes
19. The intended course of hurricane Ernesto was purposefully changed? Yes
20. The intensity of hurricane Ernesto was mitigated by ordinary humans? Yes
21. The current intent of the manipulators is to increase Ernesto?s force? Yes
22. Damage to be limited to coastal areas? No
23. Damage to be kept east of the Eastern Mountain ranges? Yes
24. Actual target path is currently variable? Yes
25. Currently there are alternative targets? YES
26. Can average humans who try, succeed in keeping Ernesto at minimal damage? YES
27. Coordinating on the hour and half-hour increases our effectiveness? YES

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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