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Dowse: Hurricane John in the Northern Hemisphere, eastern Pacific

From Philip N. Ledoux & Tim Hicks
September 1, 2006

Subject: some interesting info from PNL per my request
From: "Tim769" <>
Date: Fri, September 1, 2006 8:19 pm

Hi Ken,

This morning I was doing some dowsing and sent the results to PNL with a request to verify or dump. The first email included here is my email to PNL and the second is his reply. Please publish if you find it worthy. I have already started to pluck the power from John. I ask others to join me.

Hi Philip,

This morning I was checking that Hurricane John is to be brought up the west coast of Baja with the target to be San Diego. If tptb is lucky maybe some rain damage in L.A. by mud slides and washed out roads and such. Also that John is to make San Diego by Sunday. This seems highly unlikely. Maybe you and your help can determine how far out in the woods I am on this. I also check that Ernesto and the dowsed info about that storm was correct, but that it had the dual purpose of distraction from John for the people working against this insanity. Me thinks this would be intended
as a message from tptb to the Light workers, something to the effect that "you watch our right hand, but we can work with our left hand also."

1 September 2006

Hurricane John in the Northern Hemisphere, eastern Pacific:

Baseline check: normal

1. Are hurricanes N.Hemisphere, eastern Pacific normal? NO
2. In this general location have any normal hurricanes ever occurred? No
3. Hurricane John is a man-created man-enhanced hurricane? Yes
4. Mid-level weather managers thought up having two nearly simultaneous hurricanes? YES
5. The object being for hurricane John to not be in public consciousness? Yes
6. Main target is to damage the Mexican coast? No
7. Main target is southern California? Yes
8. Major objective is water damage via flooding and mudslides? Yes
9. FEMA/Homeland is to run interference as in New Orleans? Yes
10. Is there a "land grab" issue as in New Orleans? NO
11. Southern California has been outside the recent major problem areas; John is to create tensions and problems as elsewhere in California? Yes
12. The LongBeach Chinese Port terminal is a major target? NO
13. San Diego is a major target in the storm path? Yes
14. Military facilities are major targets in storm path? No
15. Is Los Angeles included in major targets in storm path? Yes
16. Is John's effect to include San Francisco Bay Area? NO
17. TPTB are hopeful to enforce martial law? Yes

18. Can hurricane John be mitigated by coordinated amateurs? Yes
19. Concentrating efforts on the hour and half-hour will adequately mitigate? Yes
20. Ordinary people can mitigate by only praying and thinking mitigation of John? Yes
21. Can this process be used to "dry up" hurricane John? Yes
22. And thusly prevent mud-slides? Yes
23. Can this process turn hurricane John out to sea? YES

End of dowse
Philip N. Ledoux

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