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Hurricane Rita Update Dowse
(Hidden Tornado Threat from Eyewall Presents Greatest Danger)
September 22, 2005

Continuation dowse Hurricane Rita

Was Rita supposed to devastate the Florida Keys? Yes

Human intervention changed Rita’s course? Yes

Human intervention mitigated Rita’s force? Yes

Human intervention overcame HAARP control? Yes

The current target intent of Rita is Huston, Texas? Yes

What is the intended category when it hits Huston? Category 8? Yes

Is the eyewall intended to hit Huston, Texas? Yes

Will the eye contain a gigantic tornado? Yes

The eye will do more damage than the hurricane itself? Yes

The eye is controlled separately from the body of Rita? Yes

The hurricane is used to conceal the stronger tornado within? Yes

The eye winds will top 300 MPH? Yes

The eye will be ignored in most reports? Yes

Major media will not report? Yes

Government agencies (NOAA etc.) will not report? Yes

It is intended for the general public not to know about the eye? Yes

Halliburton corporate offices are in Huston? Yes

Have all important paperwork been evacuated? Yes

There is nothing of real value (not structural) remaining in Huston? Yes

The PR to be used is “we were hit like everyone else”? Yes

They have been preparing for Rita for 3 months in advance? Yes

The company is prepared to write off the building? Yes

The building has become obsolete? Yes

The refineries have been preparing for Rita for 3 months in advance? Yes

Production figures have been falsified to hide this fact? Yes

The facilities are pre-enhanced to minimize any damage? Yes

The refineries will be back in production within 4 weeks of Rita’s passage? Yes

Production figures will be falsified to conceal this? Yes

The storm surge will be 30 to 40 feet? Yes

It will run 2 miles full force? Yes

It will abate within 5 miles? Yes

The storm surge will be a result of the inner tornadorather than the hurricane itself? Yes

The media will minimize the storm surge? Yes

Government agencies will greatly under-report the surge? Yes

The under-reporting will keep the public controllable? Yes

If truly known at large, revolt would occur? Yes

Nationwide? Yes

How wide the heavy damage? 20 to 25 miles? Yes

The eye damage will be 10 miles wide? Yes

How many miles inland for eye damage? 100 to 115 miles? Yes

How many miles for heavy damage inland? 300 to 325 miles? Yes

Will Dallas Fort Worth be in this intended path? Yes

Should residents evacuate? Maybe

Heavy vegetation Damage? Yes

Structural damage depends on quality of work in construction? Yes

Expect heavy glass damage? Yes

Can all of this be lessened by human interference? Yes

Simply directing energies at the Hurricane Rita? Yes

Using special symbols will help directing energies? No

Some symbols can convert energies into negative energy? Yes

Better to omit symbols? Yes

Direct energies directly onto storm? Yes

Enough for me to look foolish? Yes

Enough to lower winds below hurricane force? Yes

The originating intent can be overcome? Yes

Has there been a Rita Relief fund been set up far in advanceas the Bush-Clinton-Katrina Relief Fund was set up in June? Yes

FEMA has been prepared 3 months in advance for Rita? Yes

FEMA plans to “blockade” rescue and relief for Rita? Yes

Should malitia move to block FEMA? Yes

Should all rescuers be armed to negate FEMA? Yes

It would create a mini-Texas War? Yes

The media would ignore? Yes

Satellite phone would be jammed to prevent knowledge? Yes

Area rescue teams should be individually armed? Yes

And be prepared for casualties? Yes

Police, Sheriff etc. will be used to stop rescue? Yes

This could start a Civil War? Yes

Which the Feds want to stop at all costs? Yes

A little genuine reporting would ignite the nation to revolt? Yes

The Illuminati want to prevent Civil War? Yes

They want everything on their time-table? Yes

A Civil War resulting from Rita would stop the Illuminati cold? No

Would slow down their agenda drastically? Yes

It could eventually doom the Illuminati? No

Win the battle, loose the war to the Illuminati? Yes

Is it in the better interest of Americans not to have a Civil War? No

The space shuttle program control center is in Huston? Yes

Is the center planned to be destroyed by Hurricane Rita? No

The center will be in the damage path? Yes

But not damaged enough to stop operations? Yes

Key people have been in the know for 3 months? Yes

Thusly prepared well in advance? Yes

Is there enough information in this listingfor residents of Huston area to decide to safely exit the area? Yes

Wiser to leave the area than stay? Yes

Survival in worst area will be grim at best? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux

Everybody, mitigate this storm and make me look like a fool, please!


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