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Urgent! Hurricane Force Reduction Technique (Sep. 8, 2005)

[Editor's Note: I'm posting this on September 10, 2005 due to my workload delay in reading and answering mail, however, the objective of this message seems to have worked as the new Hurricane (Ophalia I think) brewing in the Caribbean and headed towards Florida had reduced down to a tropical depression according to the news which I heard on the radio this morning (Saturday). We need to get serious and pursue this technique with vigor in the coming days as ZS Livingstone has recently stated that the Sylphs told him that Miami and Houston were next on the agenda for 'hurricane' disasters..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 8, 2005

Ken, because of the urgency of this post (Storm Ophelia), I have not conferred with Steven about this post to get the information out there quickly. PNL

URGENT <<Hurricane Force Reduction>>

This is the only time in my life I have written anything using URGENT. The following materials are the invention of Steven Dainis. Steven gets so emotional and the words rush so fast in his posts! I am paraphrasing his most recent posting on another board so it is more easily readable and executed (with a few minor additions of my own).

We are all familiar with prayer, we’ve learned it in our childhood, tried to perfect it as we grew up and then probably modified it as adults. Prayer works. We do not understand our potentials because of lack of teaching or information. If everyone would pray with the same intent on the same person, object or thing, WE collectively could work miracles. Literally, in the here and now. Steven has the same suggestion in a slight variant. A person has to have a piece of orgonite that they themselves created. Steven states it this way: “have your BEST ORGONITE CREATION ([the one] that you LOVE the most)”. [Substitute something you wear regularly and treasure highly if you have no orgonite creations of your own.] Print out a map that covers the area of the storm and its expected course. If you have a printer use it with a map that gives the latest location of the hurricane. If you do not have a printer (pass this on to anyone you know to use), merely make the best hand drawn map of the area that you can, be it good medium or poor makes no difference; it is your hand, your creation that is the key. Place a symbol of the storm’s location on the map.

Place your orgonite creation [or substitute] over the storm symbol. When you created your orgonite piece there was intent in it, it is a part of you, an extension of yourself. Pour your intent into your creation to lower the intensity of the storm to do no harm. Depending on your philosophy of life, you can pray to lower the intensity of the storm by focusing on the orgonite or whatever you placed over the storm symbol. With all of us concentrating our intent, our prayers, our focused energy, we will be able to prevent and/or counter the man directed energies that create super storms. For the more technically inclined, collectively we combined can actually negate the effects of HAARP, the Woodpecker stations, the scalar wave fronts.

Each day make a new map with location symbol or picture of the storm, if possible (hand drawn, add the new location of the storm symbol), place your creation over the new position. When away from home when you have a moment, concentrate upon the map at home and send your prayer, intent and/or energy to home and thusly to the storm itself. The map and orgonite acting as an amplifier and director to the storm. (The same applies for a substitute.)

Steven laments that in hindsight we should have done this with the Katrina fiasco. He saw the effects of his and others etheric battle in the storm reduce it from a 6 to a 5 before it hit the coast. Steven feels (and I feel strongly too) that TPTB are going to try more and more storms to intensify the results on the Southern US coasts of Katrina and related events. We have got to unite in the only way possible to fight TPTB; Steven has suggested the solution; let us all join together and stop further slaughter, imprisonment and slavery in the making of America and her citizens.

Steven’s site is at Yahoo Groups, chemtrailtrackingusa3

Philip N. Ledoux


----- Original Message -----
From: Guy Williams <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2005 8:48 PM
Subject: re: Urgent! Hurricane Force Reduction Technique

Hi Ken,

I read Philip Ledoux's article and I love it. If anyone is wondering if this works, you might recall that some years ago Florida was in a drought and that there were fires burning. I remember viewing the satellite photos of the smoke from the fires. At that time, Art Bell decided to do an experiment. This was when he worked 4 or 5 nights per week. He asked his audience to imagine that Florida was getting the amount of rain that was needed to end the drought. And within a few days, the exact amount of rain fell that ended the drought to an end and the fires were brought under control. So this process of having many concentrate on the same outcome works, even without orgonite.

I have a few suggestions, though.

Love is the Greatest Power of All
Pour your love into this intent to dissipate the hurricane. Love is the highest vibration in this Universe. Love the hurricane to dissipate. Love it to be clear skies and gentle breezes, anything you can imagine to help you imagine the dissipation. It must be done in love and not in fear. This is probably why the article stated using your "best orgonite creation, the one you love the most."

The power of good is hundreds, if not thousands, of times stronger than negativity.

You are a child of God, of the Universe, of the Great Spirit. "All things that the Father hath are mine." Ask God to aid you in this endeavor. Tell Him what you want done. I've discovered, in the past few months, that every single time I ask God a question, I receive an answer. Every time. Ask and you shall receive. Ask how to dissipate the hurricane. Tell God that this is what you want done. If you feel doubtful, ask for faith in this endeavor. Also, remember you are not alone in this endeavor. Ask for help from your Spirit Guides, Archangels, God. Asking for help is very important. Go directly to the Source. We are made in the image of the Creator. We each are children of Royalty and ask what we intend. There is no need to beg. We have, at all times, that connection to the Infinite: all the abilities, powers, etc. See, imagine, or feel, that you have a conscious connection to God at all times - like an umbilical cord that flows love and everything you need to you at all times.

If you do not have orgonite, you can take a picture of Christ, Krishna, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael or Gabriel, or Whomever is close to your heart and place that picture upon the hurricane. You can take a picture of the Sacred Heart and place that on the hurricane or cut a picture of the hurricane out, or imagine it, and place it in the Sacred Heart. Everything negative dissolves in the Love flowing through the Sacred Heart. Everything. In the heart, in that love, is where miracles occur. (The Sacred Heart is sometimes known as the heart within the heart within the heart. You can imagine the Love pouring through your Sacred Heart and dissolving the hurricane with Infinite Love.)

The key is love. Love that hurricane to dissipate. Love it to weaken. Love it to transmute into gentle breezes and light rain. Love is the key. See, feel, know the hurricane transmuting into Divine Love, and through that Love peacefully healing the Earth and all people.

If need be, write out clearly what your intent is, such as: "I want and intend to transmute and dissipate this hurricane (or hurricane X) with love, into love, with God's help. I ask God (and/or whomever else) to help me in this endeavor that the hurricane be rendered tame, be rendered benign, be rendered peaceful." Or any words you'd like, if it helps focus your intent.

To repeat, we are each a spark of the Infinite. All qualities of the Infinite are contained in us, the power of Love being, I feel, the most powerful.

In Love and In Service, Many Blessings,
Guy :)


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From: michael schinn
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2005 8:24 AM
Subject: ophelia

Dear Ken,

I read your article about influencing Ophelia early on the eleventh, and began throwing everything I had at Ophelia immediately. I believe completely and totally that through intent we were able to keep it orbiting out at sea, and now it appears to be quickly losing steam.

Hurricane Ophelia looking ragged

I feel that has been a watershed event in tipping the balance of power. The powers that be had high hopes for a one-two punch in the southeast, but now everyday chumps like us are sufficiently awake to stop this stuff. Thanks for putting out that call for action. I totally belive that it made a difference. I'm sure that there are many other groups that are working etherically to minimize the impact of this stuff, and we know now that if we don't these things to happen, then they WON'T happen. The lesson: Never underestimate the power of intent.

By December, the powers that be will be "the powers that had been".



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