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Hurricane Rita and Florida Keys Dowse

[Editor's Note: September. 20. I'm posting this a day late, so the need to mitigate Hurricane Rita is urgent. The radio says that Rita's winds are now up to 130 mph. If you are reading this, you need to try and help to mitigate this hurricane. Use the same focused intent techniques laid out for knocking down Hurricane Ophelia ( You can also read this Reminder note from Philip Ledoux ( The more people who focus their intent to mitigate this storm, the greater the effect. Don't miss this chance to aid humanity..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 19, 2005


Originally this was a requested dowse. It has been modified for general usage. Very possibly overstated to err on side of over-caution. Normally I have another dowser check for accuracy; not done because of time urgency. If enough intent, prayer, and group directed energies are directed to mitigate Rita, this dowse will appear “silly”, and this dowser will be grateful indeed.

19 September 2005

Hurricane Rita Dowse.

“How strong will it be when it impacts the Keys.. Cat 1, 2, 3”

Will Hurricane Rita pass directly over Key Largo, Florida? Not yes, not no

The eye will pass to the South of Key Largo? Yes

Within 25 to 30 miles of Key Largo? Yes

Key Largo will receive Category 5 to 6 winds? Yes

When Rita passes over the lower Keys it will be approximately Category 8? Yes

“Will we have a direct strike or near miss”

Will the causeways hold? No

The Keys will be isolated? Yes

In everybody’s better interest to head off All Keys as soon as possible? Yes

Expect bad damage on return? Yes

“Will there be signficant structural damage or just vegetation damage”

Rita will cause mostly vegetation damage on the Keys? No

Rita will cause heavy structural damage on the Keys? Yes

Rita will cause heavy structural damage in S. Florida? Yes

As far North as Leisure City? Yes

Is this dowse erring on the side of caution? Yes

Reliability factor 75% to 80%? Yes

The Keys will receive bad structural damage? Yes

Can owners shore homes up to minimize damage? Not yes, not no

Plywood on windows a good preventative? Yes

Quick action after storm most effective? Yes

Can residents safely store tools in-under-etc. home? Yes

Must be made watertight? Yes

Can plywood be safely stored thru storm on Keys before storm? No

Plywood will be needed in quantity after storm? Yes

Roofing also? Yes

Tar patch? Yes

Nails/spikes/screws? Yes

Tarps needed? Yes

Lighweight temporary suffice? Yes

Several for each property? Yes

Can handle most preliminary without vehicles? Yes

Mostly on foot? Yes

Preliminary via boat? Yes

Should pool resident labor as crews? Yes

When road opens form larger crews? Yes

Crew must work together (close)? Yes

Large/small crew must stick together? Yes

Must never separate? Yes

Preliminary crew must be armed? Yes

Portable electric power for tools? Yes

Extra gas for generator? Yes

Can residents store this on mainland prior to storm? Yes

Will the causeway to mainland be damaged? Yes

Should residents boat in after the storm? Yes

Have someone bring vehicles/trailer with supplies as soon as road is passable? Yes

Some Keys will need boat-in supplies? Yes

This is going to be a major disaster for the area? Yes

[Pendulum stretched on this, = significant]

“Will there be storm surge”

Storm surge direction depends of where in the Keys? No

A storm surge will come from the East? Maybe

From the North East? Yes

Between 10 and 15 feet high? Yes

All the keys will be overflowed in surge? Yes

Most storage will be surged away? Yes

Will FEMA take charge? Yes

FEMA will maximize damage/death? Yes

Will firearms be useful against FEMA? Yes

Understood better than bribes? Yes

Will marital law be declared? Yes

Anyone returning needs to be self-sufficient? Yes

FEMA will try to prevent property slavage? Yes

Salvage work by resident crewsneed armed guards while working? Yes

Mostly to ward off “officials”? Yes

Primary salvage should concentrate on properties? Not yes, not no

Each evaluated for circumstances? Yes

Residents should gather&plan before storm? Yes

Expect no help? Yes

“Come-alongs” needed? Yes

With light duty chains? Yes

Keep wives & children off the keys semi-permanent? Yes

Families & neighbors should evacuate together preplanned? Yes

Women and animals not to return for at least 9 months? Yes

Cell phone for island workers to keep tabs?

Extra batteries? Yes

Minimize usage? Yes

Satellite type best to use? Yes

Minimum usage to prevent (??) locating crews? Yes

Maximum talk time ONE MINUTE or LESS. Yes

[Preplan with women etc. time of contact, etc.]

No more than twice a day contact? Yes

Conditions will be similar to Andrew? Yes

And Katrina? Yes

Need armed guard during the night? Yes

Similar to military duty? Yes

Can Rita be minimized by concentrated prayer, intent, etc. Yes

As Ophelia was mitigated? Yes

TPTB want destruction? Yes

That destruction can be minimized with enough people countering? Yes

Enough so that this dowse would look stupid? Yes

Will orgonite creations protect homes? Not yes, not no

Would it minimize damage? Yes

Until blown away? Yes

Will Corpus Christi be hit? No

The next target will be Huston, Texas? Yes

Planned fiasco similar to New Orleans? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


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