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Dowse on Hyacinth (re: Alien/Area 51 Hybridization program)

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 3, 2005

28 October 2005

Dowse on Hyacinth [Begins with Hyacinth's responses to P.L. questions/statements, followed by P.L. Dowse]


Gradually, my logical mind is piecing together the possibilities. I will call the man you referred to as "Mr. X".

"I felt like I was drugged and not quite there". You probably were. No doubt you both shared a drink of some kind, and it probably was spiked. Were the difference or oddness of sex from the spiked drink or not is anybody's guess. 50-50 it was real or not. The significant part of this is the "falling asleep" Possibly midnight? Or so? YES

And "morning" was around 6 AM? 7:30am

I'm making educated guesses. That's about 5 or 6 hours of "missing time." Now I'm comparing to what I know and can compute in my case. Lights out for me was around 8:30 AM and the record says the operation started at 1:12 PM and was completed by 1:50. So there are 4 1/2 hours "missing" from lost of consciousness to known operation. The nurse who was there when I awoke commented "5 hours for a hernia operation" would also fit the time-frame. So it took between 4 to 4 1/2 hours to drill into my mastoid sinuses and insert the implants and test the devices. You too have about that much time that is missing. Just about time for an experienced team to complete the job of drilling, implanting and testing.

Now, if you can remember the room. Were there interconnecting rooms? NO

Many hotels have inter-connecting doors that are lockable from both sides. The same principle apples at cheap hotels where two room use one bathroom. The interconnecting rooms principle is to be able to be flexible and arrange a total suite or two for a family, etc. So, was there an interconnecting door? If not, prearrangement could have had the adjoining room rented as part of the original renting agreement. NOBODY IN THE NEXT ROOM, SUITES

Anyhow, a team with equipment could have been "ready" in the next room. Once you are out of it, Mr. X leaves so he won't be a hindrance to the team. The team does its work, cleans up and leaves. You come out of the anesthesia a bit quicker than expected, leaving Mr. X with his pants half way down, but your wondering was quickly taken care of.

The next step is much more difficult to put the pieces together about. Just what were the implants all about? Well we can make an educated guess that it had something to do with fertility, the cycle or even the fetal development and/or conception. So, obviously, ovaries have something to do with the implant vs. results. Your first reaction is ovarian pain. Just before going to the party is highly suspicious. And I assume that the party was all about you? And more than just you and Mr. X? Either way, anticipation would mask anything abnormal going on concerning or affecting you. Possibly Mr. X has a hidden transmitter that sets off the implants, sort of an activation process or initialization program starts.

Everybody concerned is prepared and the timing pre-planned. You are rushed to the hospital emergency room. Chances are that you do not remember which hospital, all carefully orchestrated and controlled. A Chinese doctor attends to you. Because he left you in pain for 8 hours is another highly suspicious event. Especially when he comes to "rescue" you with morphine as the pain stops. Let's go back to my initial thoughts. The implant has something to do with the fertility cycle, and possibly the correct brain wave for "contract the ovaries" or something of that order is the desired control signal. The over contraction gives the real lasting pain. Unseen in the other Emergency Bed divided by curtains or a wall, is the other part of the implant team testing and controlling the implant. They may have had problems after initializing the program in the chip. Now let's go back to Mr. X which will make the continuation more easily understood.

Phil Schneider worked on creating many of the lower levels of Area 51. One time as he was working (not alone) of lowering the main shaft, they broke into a lower area that already existed. It resulted in an immediate battle between reptilians and humans. Phil commented that they die exactly the way we do, although they (reptilians) had the better of the weapons, that didn't mean they exactly won the fight. Reptilian resources had to enter the fight before the humans hastily exited. But Phil got to see what we weren't supposed to see. The experimentations of hybrids, etc. and some of the artificial womb devices.

Now, couple this to the fact that Mr. X worked a mile below Area 51, gives a clue that he was into fertility research of some kind. Just what is anyone's speculation. Thusly my guess about the implant being part of the fertility cycle might be close.

Now back to the emergency room. The technicians are fiddling with the controls of the implant. They have to have feedback from the monitors that must be used on you while in ER, so they are observing the results of their "fiddling" electronically and/or implant adjusting. I would guess that the team is sweating and things are not going as expected because of the 8 hour lapse. It also indicates that they had to call back to Area 51 for the designer him/herself to come rescue the technicians. Everybody does the best they can, but you have to be left in pain until the real expert arrives on the scene, and probably it takes him/her 30 minutes to get everything working OK. Now "they" have the implant working properly, the doctor now arrives with morphine, but the implant has been shut-down; and you breathing a breath of relief thankfully refuse the morphine. All so confusing, unless you had some points of reference, some electronics background and a bit of medical knowledge.

Now let's see if I can put the pendulum to work with some help and protection from Arch Angel Michael Jr.

1. Did Hyacinth date Mr. X really work at Area 51? Yes

2. Did Hyacinth's date Mr. X really work one mile deep at Area 51? Yes

3.The levels at this depth are concerned with reproduction? Yes

4.And fertility? Yes

5.And Hybridization of species? Yes

6.Does this include hybridization with animals? Yes

7.Hybridization of anything to anything? Yes

8. Did Mr. X date Hyacinth as part of finding a willing victim to experiment on? Yes

9.The intent was to implant a woman with an experimental implant? Yes

10.Was there an implant team standing by the night before the planned party? Yes

11.Once Hyacinth was unconscious, the team took over? Yes

12.Mr. X was ordered to leave? Yes

13.The operation proceeded without problems? Yes

14.The team had never handled this type of implant? Yes

15.The team had problems inserting the implant? Yes

16.This lengthened the operation time? Yes

17. This is why Hyacinth came out of anesthesia earlier than expected? Yes

18. Mr. X was supposed to be present when Hyacinth awoke? Yes

19. Thusly no suspicions of anything when Hyacinth awoke? Yes

20.Was it preplanned for Hyacinth to have pains before the party? NO

21.A random signal triggered Hyacinth implants unplanned? Yes

22.Contingency plans called for using a specific hospital? Yes

23.The implant team had to be reassembled hastily? Yes

24.The inventor had to be brought into the emergency also? Yes

25.The inventor was at Area 51? Yes

26.All of this took around 6 hours to assemble with equipment? Yes

27.It took approximately 2 hours of intense technical work get the implant working properly? Yes

29.The problems during insertion of implants were root of problems? Yes

30.Nobody had any means of turning off the implants? Yes

31.That is why Hyacinth was left in pain? Yes

32.The technical team needed the pain to know if their "repair" to the implant programming was working? Yes

33.Sedation would have blanked the needed feedback? Yes

34.The basic function of the implant is to regulate the fertility cycle? Yes

35.So that fertility and menstruation occur simultaneously? Maybe

36.So that the designers/controllers can control actual fertility? Yes

37.Is there more to the implant than this? Yes

38.The other functions are the real primary intent of the implant? Yes

39.The implant can control all phases of fetal development? Yes

40.And change normal development? Yes

41.Into an idiot or genius? Yes

42.Develop a person with extra psychic abilities "on demand"? Yes

43.Develop a person with different internal organ structures? Yes

44.Thusly disease resistant? Yes

45.Have toxic environment immunity? Yes

46.Is all of this built into Hyacinths implant? Yes

47."They" can track the child via the child's mental signals? Yes

48.Therefore child does not need to be implanted for tracking? Yes

49.Hyacinths suspicions about her baby being different is justified? Yes

50.These experiments have been done in artificial wombs? Yes

51.The babies have grown to adults? Yes

52.Hyacinth's implant was the first to apply this technology to living human beings and real pregnancies? Yes

53.Hyacinth was picked at random? Not yes not no

54.Hyacinth was vulnerable to "seduction" thusly targeted? Yes

55.Hyacinth was not psychologically profiled for targeting? No

56.A "minimum hassle" target? Yes

57.Can Hyacinth sue successfully for damages in a court of law? No

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


Dowse 2 done in chat by P.L.

Is Hyacinth truly different than most people? Yes

Physically? Yes

and Emotionally? Yes

Different is psychic abilities? Yes

Can Hyacinth unblock her lovelight? Yes

Is there a purposeful blocking of Hyacinth's lovelight? Yes

Blocked by the same group who implanted Hyacinth? Maybe

There are more than the implant group who are blocking Hyacinth's lovelight? Yes

Is the blocking of the lovelight for Hyacinth's better interest? No

Is Son a hybrid? Yes

Is Son’s father a hybrid? Maybe

Was Son planned to be born June XX? Yes

The implants kept Hyacinth in constant labor but not completed until special date? Yes

Is Hyacinth a hybrid? Maybe

Is Hyacinth's ancestry from earth? Yes

Is part of Hyacinth's ancestry reptilian? Yes

A small portion? Yes

Is Daughter a hybrid? Yes

The same type as Son? Yes

Son was enhanced in the development state different than Daughter? Yes

Is Hyacinth a hermaphrodite? YES

In the standard medical text reference? No

In the reptilian portion a hermaphrodite? Yes

In the human portion a hermaphrodite? No

The reptilian portion expresses in Hyacinth's emotions? Yes

This is why equal love of men or women? Yes

Is Hyacinth the first successful hybrid of putting emotion into reptilian dna? No

There were other before Hyacinth? Yes

When were the first successes done? 150 years ago

Was Hyacinth chosen because of her reptilian dna carrying emotions? Yes

Was Hyacinth chosen for her empathic abilities? Not yes, not no

Is Daughter being kept from Hyacinth to diminish her lovelight? Yes

To extinguish Daughters love light? Maybe

Are there two forces vying for Daughter? Yes

One a force of good? Yes

One a force of evil? Yes

Is Daughters Father evil? Yes

Is Daughter safe with Father? Maybe

Is Daughter physically safe with Father? Yes

Is Daughter emotionally safe with Father? Not yes, not no

Will Hyacinth have another child? Yes

Same father as Son? Yes

Can Hyacinth prevent another child? Yes

Another child would be an enhanced hybrid? Yes

Is it in Hyacinth's better interest to have another baby? No

Is it in the researcher's better interest for Hyacinth to have another baby? Yes

Does the Almighty agree with the intent of the researchers? No

Can magnets kill Hyacinth in trying to disrupt the implants? Yes

Are the implants intended to suppress Hyacinth's career? No

Mainly to be used in fertility and fetal development? YES

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux

© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.

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