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Iran Invasion Dowse  & Gold Market Manipulation
Potential of March 24 for Gold Manipulation & March 27 for Iran Attack

[Editor's Note: Tim Hicks and Phil Ledoux last dowse concerned the possibility of  engineered earthquakes to occur on March 12, 2006. I involved myself in a boosting session on line with Lilly O and friends on March 10 to see if we could do our bit to negate those earthquakes (by the way, I had about 500 of my latest e-mails wiped out on my Outlook Express Inbox as a result of sending that dowse link to a couple of  mailing lists). Tim and others, of course, were doing their bit as well. We didn't get any damaging earthquakes, but we got some nasty tornadoes tearing up through the midwest on March 12 (a coincidence I'm sure).

Last year, I had assumed that they were going to try and kick off a war with Iran in late March or early April of 2006. They want to institute a draft and they need to stage something big as an excuse. The March 27 event may be the trigger, but we have to try our best all the same to abort this attempt (I have a hunch that friendly aliens will not allow nukes to be used, but that's only conjecture on my part). The gold manipulation on March 24 makes sense as the Illuminati will ALWAYS manuever to gain financially from any staged crisis. You recall how they made a huge profit from 'put' stock options posted just one day befor 911. Boosting efforts need to be directed at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid..Ken]

From Phil Ledoux & Tim Hicks <>
March 15, 2006
Here is an interesting dowse the result of a private email and I was tardy in reply. I've heavily edited to conceal the writing style of the sender who might be in a sensitive position. The letter is followed by my dowse which Tim Hicks checked his responses are in [brackets], and then by a courteous and most interesting follow up by the original requestor. And the very last addition is Tim Hicks’ comments. I should like to insert one line from his comments right on the start: “The margin of difference between one course and the other (Go and No-Go) is very thin!”    
I would like to know about Friday the 24th, and Monday 27th, New moon. The general time frame is the end of March. It's coming up fast. I would be interested to know if you've dowsed about that time period, and if so what came of it.
  The dates relate to the economy on the 24th, & Iran on the 27th.
   -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  I didn't think of the significance of the coming solstice's, etc. importance. Philip N. Ledoux
   -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  12 March 2006   17:20 Hours EST
1.  Is 24 Mar 06 significant regarding economics?  Possibly yes possibly no.  [y]

 2. Is 24 Mar 06 significant regarding investments?  Yes  [y]

3.  Is 24 Mar 06 significant regarding currencies?  No  [weak y]

4.  Is 24 Mar 06 significant regarding Commodity investments?  Yes  [y]

5. Significant as spreads?  No  [n]

6. Significant as direct contracts?  Yes  [y]

7. Significant as options?  Yes  [y]

8. Significant in terms of grains?  No  [y]

9. Significant in terms of metals?  Yes  [y]

10. Significant in terms of precious metals?  Yes  [y]

11. Significant profits are indicated?  Yes  [y]

12. If one positions "early"?  Yes  [y]

13. Significant in terms of oils?  No  [n]

14. Significant in terms of livestock?  No  [y]

15. Significant in terms of currencies and instruments?  Yes [y]

16. A market price drop on 24 Mar 06?  No  [y]

17. A market price jump up on 24 Mar 06?  No  [y -- a rollercoaster day? y]

18. An unexpected change in option prices?  Yes  [y]
19. Is 27 Mar 06 significant regarding Iraq?  Possibly yes possibly no.  [n]

20. Is 27 Mar 06 significant regarding Iran?  Yes  [y]

21. Is 27 Mar 06 the planned invasion of Iran?  Yes  [y]

22. This will involve American, British and allied soldiers?  Yes  [y]

23. Full secret technology will be employed by U.S.?  Yes  [y]

24. Another wasteland via D.U.? Yes  [y]

25. This will prevent an oil bourse from operating?  Yes  [y]

26. Events of 24 Mar 06 will be anticipating this 27 Mar event?  Yes  [y]

27. Americans at home will revolt because of invasion?  No  [weak y]

28. Americans at home will protest?  Yes  [y]

29. Protests will be ineffective on government actions?  Yes  [y]

30. A draft will result from invasion?  Yes  [y]

31. Preventing a bourse operating in Euroes is main reason for Iran invasion?  Yes  [y]

32. Will Iran invasion start an American Civil War?  Yes  [y]

33. Civil War news will be blanked by news media?  Maybe  [y]

34. More Americans are against Iran War than for? Yes  [y]

35. Significant numbers more against?  Yes  [y]

36. Planning invasion includes planetary alignments?  Yes  [y]

37. Planning invasion includes Ides of March significance?  Yes  [y]

38. Planning invasion includes solstice significance?  Yes  [y]

39.  Planning of Iran War includes creating perpetual hatred by Moslems for America and allies?  Yes  [y]

40. Resulting in near perpetual religious wars in the future?  Yes  [y]

  End of dowse
  Philip N. Ledoux

And this is a heavily edited version of a very courteous reply:
The 24th was to be a stock market collapse, and the 27th nuclear war  with Iran. So it may be a repeat of Iraq.
My advisor was in war-prep mode, and suggested I do the same. The suggestion was to stock 2 months of canned/dry foods and 3 weeks of  water. Alternative cooking fuel source, etc. That scared me, especially  when s/he has never been wrong. S/He's also called her/himself an Illuminati.    
Tim’s remarks: Philip, I get that the suggestion to store food and water is valid. I had a lot of interference trying to do the dowse. I cleared as much as I needed, I think. I also get that this is NOT set in stone, that focused thought, and prayer, and intentional effort will change this. The margin of difference between one course and the other is very thin!
I also check that the dowses on the earthquakes were/are correct. That tptb had plans of 5 epicenters on the 12th. That focused intent changed the event. That my error was in that natural earthquakes would take place. Congratulations should go to all who did so well in changing this event!!
I still get that there were plans to detonate a nuclear explosion in the Charleston Bay, this has been negated. However, there have been multiple plans of this type. We need to stay committed to focused thought, prayer, and intentional effort to stop this kind of fake terror or enemy attack.

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