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John Lenard Walson Puzzle

[Editor's Note: After reading Phil's article, click on the link to the articles and photos from John Lenard Walson. Note the degree and intensity of UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and CRIMINAL HARASSMENT and intimidation that this man is being subjected to by unknown military and civilian elements of the United States government. This man has done NOTHING illegal. He attached a video camera to a telescope and pointed it up into the sky. He can think, observe, and ask intelligent questions and the criminals who now control the U.S. government and the Pentagon do not want citizens who can think and ask questions. They want beer guzzling, weekend football, unthinking DUMMIES who are easy to manipulate, control, and corral right into their New World Order , One World government control pens..American citizens must WAKE UP to the level of BETRAYAL we are witnessing of UNCONSTITUTIONAL military interferrence and harassment of U.S. citizens. The military is now beginning to behave in America with the same reckless non-concern for civilians as they have demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It will ONLY get worse if we continue to passively do NOTHING to stop this encroachment by the military. . Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux <>
December 21, 2007

John Lenard Walson Puzzle By Philip N. Ledoux  (Dec. 22, 2007)

The awake tenth of humanity is aware that the aluminum and fertilizer industry disposed of their toxic waste sodium fluoride via human consumption somewhat deceptively sold to treat municipal water supplies, as a toothpaste additive and other similar schemes. There is a certain mind-set that goes along with this disposing of hazardous waste in a profitable but not constructive method to mankind. We see this same thinking again in the atomic energy field as applied to disposing of concentration waste as armor penetrating Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition, bunker busters, and similar munitions.

It is easy to understand the basic need for aluminum and fertilizers and thus the by-product that needs disposal. It has always been a puzzle to me why any military or government or government agency would need to produce enough uranium products to create bombs which have no apparent use when you consider that USA alone could destroy this earth 10 times over, or something in that order. Why the need to accumulate more and more bombs or bomb making materials (the Atomic Power industry uses only a pimple’s worth of it all). Decades and decades ago we had plenty of atomic bombs to defend ourselves and be a deterrent to the whole world! Yet we process more and more materials that need disposing, in this case as “DU.” Why?

John Lenard Walson has done some extraordinary earth to space photography as reported in Obviously what he has published is something TPTB do not want the general public to know it exists, evidenced by the harassment he is receiving. I have seen his pictures at two locations on the web, which has created an itch in my grey-matter and that is what this provocative page is all about.

Apparently these space stations, space platforms, space defense/observatories are way out there in orbit, and from what Walson has found, they are many in number. It would only take 3 such platforms to conduct surveillance of the entire earth, at least the populated and military areas of interest. What are all the extras all about? The cost in time and materials alone indicates that the “program” has something more to do than monitor and change earth events. The space station is international in scope which indicates that the space programs in general are a cooperative international venture or at least mutually cooperative.

Might it be that all the extra atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, and new generation types to be tested in the near distant future have something to do with these space platforms? It is something like a religious fanatic who lives next door, building a small city sized layout of food storage buildings for his own supposed survival come bad times. Whom is he expecting for guests that will need feeding? Likewise, what is the need for the excessive atomic munitions? Defending earth from invaders would be a very logical need for reserves of atomic munitions. Keeping meddling helpers from approaching earth would be another logical purpose in line with TPTB thinking; I’ll not start an argument over the details of why. Suffice it to ponder:

Somebody, somewhere on this earth decided a long time ago that we needed a huge atomic arsenal, little of which were needed for earth-based-warfare/defense. Walson’s discovery starts to make sense out of the puzzle of excessive excesses of atomic munitions and its related waste products.

Philip N. Ledoux

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