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Dowse on Ken Adachi
September 25, 2005


I have not had anyone check on the accuracy of this dowse. I am posting it also at the forum because of TPTB interference.

Philip N. Ledoux

25 September 2005

Dowse on Ken Adachi

Is Ken being harassed by TPTB in his electronic media? Yes

Because he is too effective in getting truth to too many people? Yes

Messages to Ken are destroyed to limit quantity of truth? Yes

Message containing key words are destroyed? Yes

Simple message comparisons (before-after) will reveal key words? Yes

Ken knows what before-after period to use? Yes

Key word message destruction is roboticly controlled? Yes

Robot destruction was responsible for abrupt change in incoming mail? Yes

Because of increased vocabulary of key words? No

Because of starting Robot monitoring? No

Robot monitoring has been used greater than 10 years? Yes

Changing programming of Robots? No

A decision to mentally affect Ken? Yes

It was decided to mentally cripple Ken? Yes

The dramatic change was a warning? Yes

Is mind control targeting Ken? Yes

Several technologies are targeting Ken? Yes

Personnel “assigned to Ken” have dramatically increased? Yes

Mitigation results of Katrina and Rita were the cause of decisions to increase targeting of Ken? Yes

How many people assigned to target Ken: 8? Yes

‘Round the clock? Yes

Are psychics assigned to Ken? No

Mostly technology? Yes

Via programmed mind control/harassment? Yes

Direct microwave involved? Yes

Cell tower vectoring? Yes

Can that fellow in N.Y. hat-generator effectively counter the technology? Yes

Is remote viewing/influencing being used? Not yes, not no

Remote viewing used? Yes

To judge effectiveness of technology? Yes

And plan/adjust technology attacking? Yes

Remote psychic influencing being used? Yes

There is a difference between remote influencing and remote psychic influencing? Yes

Has Ken got enough back-ups of his site? Yes

Are TPTB trying to hack into Ken’s archives? Yes

More shielding needed? Yes

Largest danger is changing internal links? Yes

Can Ken/assistants beef up link change shielding adequately? Yes

Can Ken/assistants prevent hacking? Not yes, not no

Can Ken/assistants improve hacking detection? Yes

Improved detection leads to better countering? Yes

Prevention is more related to detection than blocking? Yes

Is Ken’s equipment earthquake protected? Not yes, not no

Ken’s equipment needs more protection? No

Needs more physical protection? No

More off site back-up? Yes

Out of area/out of state? Yes

Will expected R-8 Statewide shut current site down? Yes

Quake damage be heavy at the site location? Yes

Thus need of out of area back-up? Yes

Will Ken’s home be damaged? Not yes, not no

Portion of home will be damaged? Yes

Amount not usable: more than ¼ of house? Yes

Safe to stay in house during quake? Not yes, not no.

Safe if special internal semi-bomb shelter reinforcement used? Yes

Is Ken pre-targeted by FEMA? Yes

Does this affect family also? Yes

Advisable to have family out of state? Yes

If events occur, Ken best to avoid rescue? Yes

Rescue by all agencies? Yes

A disguise helpful? Yes

As much as skin color change? Yes

Make-up adequate? Yes

[Dowser has no clue to real color]

After disaster, safe to return? Not yes, not no

Evaluate via off premise evaluations? Yes

FEMA (etc.) will be watching for return? Yes

Is there a probability that planned earthquake not happen or countered? Not yes, not no

Can humans mitigate as in Hurricane Rita? Not yes, not no

Plan on worse, evaluate after time has passed expected event? Yes

Does this much give Ken adequate information? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


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