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Latest Dowse on Reno, NV Earthquake and the Predicted New Madrid Fault Quakes

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 29, 2005


A little background is needed on the following. You had asked me to check Tim’s dowse for you on an expected earthquake on what is known as the New Madrid Fault. Even I was taken aback at what it revealed. Tim had it correct, apparently I have just enough life experiences to ask more questions or maybe my mother was correct when she told me as an adult that she was real glad when my “why phase” ended as a child. (smile) I shared it with two of my current teacher/educator/mentors. There seemed to be too lengthy a silence, and I wondered if I had put the proverbial foot in my mouth routine. Then all of a sudden I had an urgent request for a dowse which is below. The original questions from the request are in quotes. Steven Dainis was so concerned about TPTB proposed earthquake planning that he contacted “off earth friends” to do something! Steven’s problem is that these “friends” never seem to give him any feedback, but this time they asked for more information and then he sets again wondering, but an earthquake outside Reno, Nevada came shortly after his request. This might have been in response; but was it connected to the request? There was a high probability (logically) that a military command for earthquake control existed in that area, so the below dowse was requested. I think you and your readers will be as surprised as I was at the results.

Reno, NV & the New Madrid Fault (MS) Dowse

"Was the Reno NV quake a type of "first-strike" response and an effect caused by my invitaion to ("somebodys") to do something about what TPTB planned for the New-Madrid-Faultline?"

Did "somebodys" respond to Steven's request? Yes

Response to TPTB plan for the New-Madrid Faultline? Yes

Was the Reno, Nevada quake related to this response? Yes

Was the quake the result of this response? Not yes, not no

Was the quake a "first-strike" response? Yes

These "somebodys" are interested in current earth events? Yes

These "somebodys" are not able to discern future earth events? Yes

They need earthling observances for assistance? Yes

TPTB are able to hide intent from these "somebodys"? Yes

TPTB are able to hide current operations from these "somebodys"? Not yes, not no

Some technology prevents "somebodys" from observing? Yes

Thus help from humans needed? Yes

Was the "first-strike" to eradicate TPTB equipment? Yes

This equipment was to control earthquakes on the New-Madrid Faultline? Yes

Were personnel killed in the "first-strike"? Yes

Only "on duty" personnel? Yes

Is there back-up equipment still operational? Yes

Can the back-up carry out the original plans of TPTB? No

Can the back-up be modified to carry out original plans? Yes

Within 6 months? Yes

Will help be needed again, after that time? Yes

Are these "somebodys" aware of that future need? No

Is this back-up in the same general area as the original eqpt? Yes

"Did these somebody's get the location to strike first from their own independent analysis of u-grnd-bases here is US w/quake-tech?"

Did these "somebodys" use their own technology to find the quake making eqpt? Yes

They first had to know about the intended use? Yes

Then they could "zero in"? Yes

Do these "somebodys" target intent? Maybe

Do these "somebodys" target by following intended use? Yes

Which leads to finding the equipment? Yes

"Did they collaborate with "Alliance" forces?"

Did these "somebodys" collaborate with other forces? Not yes, not no

Do these "somebodys" work jointly with "Alliance" forces? Yes

Through communication channels all forces become aware? Yes

Thus back-up is ready to help if needed? Yes

Was help needed to find the targeted quake center? Yes

Was available without really asking? Yes

If these "somebodys" are asked for help from humans they have to complete the mission alone if possible? Yes

Their communications net automatically supplies back-up assistance? Yes

"(Define ways of collaboration, if "Yes" answer to this last one, Philip)"

Collaboration would include:"On site" needed equipment that isn't there? Yes

Off planet earth analysis? Yes

Triangulation to pinpoint earth equipment/forces? Yes

Monitoring of TPTB protection equipment/forces for "somebodys"? Yes

Verification of request/requestor's validity of request? Yes

Analysis of information/request target threat? Yes

Reported threat potential harm/scope vs do not interfere? Yes

This is a special council job/jurisdiction/decision? Yes

For fast response? Yes

This council answers to a higher council? Yes

All special council decisions reviewed by high council? Yes

Did special council know about Katrina? No

They didn't sense man made/directed? Yes

Had these "somebodys" been asked to interfere In Katrina, would they have stopped the storm? Yes

Would they have destroyed the making/directing equipment? No

Because some potential good comes from the equipment? Yes

": they responded mighty fast to my invite, Philip! Did they do so because of what I am personally? because of my friendship with THor? because of the work I have done already regarding reconnIasance during dreamtimes from 1995-2002(about)?"

The quick response was a special council decision? Yes

First the problem had to be explained via a request for help? Yes

These "somebodys" do not trust humans in general? Yes

Are these "somebodys" aware of how thoroughly humans are manipulated? Not yes, not no

TPTB hide the manipulation well enough to prevent most detection? Yes

These "somebodys" are as deceived as humans are? Yes

Steven is a trusted person by these "somebodys"? Yes

Does friendship with THor make a difference in the trust? No

Trusted from reconnaissance during Steven's dreamtimes 95-02? Not yes, not no

Steven's abilities attracted these "somebodys" to check him out? Yes

On this earth how many people are trusted by these "somebodys"

Around 175 people? Yes

Globally? Yes

Are these "somebodys" aware of the economic maze? No

Would knowledge of it help these "somebodys" understanding of earth's problems? Yes

Steven's honesty and abilities are the foundation Of the trust/belief these "somebodys" have in Steven? Yes

"were they waiting for the go-ahead specifically from me?" Is the "go ahead" desired from Steven by these "somebodys"? No

Steven's reliability of "report" is first checked? Yes

Then it is passed to the special council? Yes

Special council then asks for more info if needed? Yes

More info rarely required? Yes

Seriousness of situation then evaluated? Yes

Action then decided upon by special council? Yes

Steven is a type of reliable request source? Yes

A kind of "filter" to prevent overload of requests? Yes

The Psi Ops Unit is aware of all this? Yes

Psi Ops tries to prevent Steven from making contact? Yes

To prevent these "somebodys" from knowing what is happening? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


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