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Little Known Atomic Bomb Facts

By Philip N. Ledoux
March 11, 2006


I recently learned some of this, some has been old info to me. I thought it would be of interest to your readers to think the following over. It originally was a reply to a private email, obviously the ID is removed. My wife often asks me why I have so much interest in war books and movies. It is as easily explained as why I love my wife. I barely missed WW II, held an agricultural deferrment for the Korean Fiasco, and was drafted after that fiasco ended serving in submarines. In subs it is continual warfare, peace time and wartime -- the difference being the number of casualties. In peace time the casualties are deftly white-washed over. And then when we return to civilian life, we learn that our own Veteran's Services and our own government are our constant, real-life enemies. Sorry about the "rant." Now back to the story. Philip N. Ledoux

11 March 2006

This is nothing current, but fits the little known nuclear picture: Nazi Germany used what we would call tactical nukes against the Russians as early as 1942! The Russians didn’t recognize it for what it really was and thought it was a form of gas warfare. Through diplomatic channels, Germany was informed that if it didn’t cease, they (Russians) would retaliate with gas warfare. And a known report, never dusted off and kept in the dark, by a Luffwaff pilot saw a Heroshima type bomb test on German soil while flying along the North Sea something like a year or a year and a half before the end of the war. This sort of backs up my theory that the victors and losers are known before a war starts.

Japan tested an atomic bomb two days after the Hiroshima event. A few days later in a major decision making conference in the Imperial Palace of the military and leading men in Japan – the prevailing sentiment was to continue the war (they knew of Japan’s bomb), but the Emperor over-rode and carried out the decision to capitulate. Another confirmation of my theory.

The U.S. didn’t have enough U238 to make a bomb with at the end of the war! When Germany capitulated, a German cargo sub captain decided to turn the boat in at an Argentinean port. The cargo contained U238 headed for Japan, and detonators for these types of bombs. Strangely the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was never tested, imagine that? That implies that it had already been tested by someone. Quite likely it came from that shipment to Japan at the end of the European War.

And to me, the saddest part of that war (I missed it by 6 months) was the known fact that negotiations were underway for the surrender of Japan three months before Hiroshima. The bomb was not needed.

Another fact that ties into all this: The German bomb and related advanced research took place in South Eastern Germany. This is the area that General Patton mopped up in a hurry to beat the Russians from capturing the “goodies.” It is known that this was the area that contained underground, secure U238 enrichment facilities. Shortly thereafter Patton had a terrible accident. I’ll spare you the details, but effectively he was murdered. Tie that to MacArthur during the Korean War. He makes it to the Yalu River (dividing line between Korea and China). This is the area that had the equivalent of our Hanford Project (U238 enrichment) built by the Japanese. Immediately after that MacArthur was replaced as overall commander and sent into obscure retirement. Both men discovered “something” that TPTB did not want the world to know about. The German and Japanese scientists were far ahead of Americans in the development of the bomb and especially the facilities (and special equipment) to make the bomb with.

All this comes from Farrell’s “Reich of the Black Sun.”

Apparently the Japanese were able to keep the secret from the victors about their U238 enrichment and research facilities in North Korea, and it wasn’t until MacArthur stumbled on the vastness of the facilities that this became known. This implies that North Korea has been a member of the Nuclear Club since during WW II. How come it is only recently that the sabre-rattlings about North Korea developing nuclear capabilities?

You commented about Bunker-Busters and Daisy-Cutters being tactical nukes. True, but the more important news that does not see the light of day is the delivery vehicles. Sadam had us outnumbered nearly 10 to 1 in equipment and men when the war started! All cameras, video cameras, etc. were confiscated before the push-off into battle so that no record would be available to prove that all the troops were preceded by saucer type anti-gravity “platforms” that sat almost stationary in the sky picking off everything of military importance as at a turkey shoot, and directly opposing men and equipment were reduced to a charcoal impression in the sands, the humans leaving no impressions.

You may post and cross post if you desire, as long as there are no omissions or adjustments to text.

Philip N. Ledoux

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