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London Bombings Dowse

By Philip N. Ledoux
July 19, 2005


This dowse took quite some time in that we were two colaborating, and TPTB [the powers that be] did as much interference as most humans can take during the interchange of information.

Philip N. Ledoux


London Bombings Dowse

11 July 2005 thru 16 July 2005

1.Were the London bombings of 9 July 2005 simultaneous? No

2. Were they nearly simultaneous? Yes

3. Were they intended to be simultaneous? Yes

4. They all happened within a 15 minute time-span? Yes

5. The first occurred at 8:49 AM London Time? No

6. Is 8:49 AM within the 15 minute time-span? Yes

7. Did the NYC 911 attack occur at 8:49 AM NYC time? No

8. Was the first tower hit at 8:49 AM NYC Time? Yes

9. Was the London attack time supposed to match NYC 911 time? Yes

10. Were there special planetary alignments involved in 911? Yes

11. Were there specific planetary alignments that were important to the overseers of thisoperation involved in the London bombings? Yes

12. It was hoped that the general population would notice the time? Yes

13. Were Visor Consultants conducting an identical exercise in London? No (Maybe)

14. The bombing planners knew of Visor Consultants planned exercise? Yes

15. If caught the planners/executors would fake Visor participation? Yes

16. The planners adjusted their targets to Visor targets? Yes

17. Did the bombing planners indirectly hire Visor Consultants? No

18. Thus planners knew Visor's exercise and targets? No

19. Was Visor consulting with a British Govt. entity? Yes

Official reports are 35 dead 135 injured

20. Are these accurate numbers? No

Does the rule of 10 apply?

21. Approximately 350 dead, 1,350 injured? Yes

22. More than 140 less than 150 dead? Yes

23. More than 1,200 less than 1,310 injured? Yes

24. Did Scotland Yard inform Israel Embassy in advance? Yes

25. Scotland Yard's source of information was Mosad? Yes

26. Did Mosad execute the bombings? No

27. Did Mosad help in the planning? No

28. Did Mosad sub-contracts execute this London bombing mission? Yes

29. Mosad information source was personal contact? Yes

30. Scotland Yard had no pre-knowledge other than Mosad? Maybe

31. A select few had pre-knowledge? Yes

32. These were "gagged" by secrecy? Yes

33. Was Tony Blair "in the know"? Yes

34. Was George W. Bush in the know? Yes

35. Was the Sr. Bush in the know? Yes

36. Was Rumsfeld in the know? Yes

37. Would Netanyahu possibly have been injuredif he attended planned meeting? Yes

38. Were there injuries at Netanyahu's planned meeting? Yes

39. Due to the bombing? Yes

40. Suppressed from the news? Yes

41. Were the bombings created to overshadow "Downing Street Notes"in the daily news? Yes

42. Was this London bombing mission originally planned for a later date with more resultant deaths? Yes

43. Was the actual timetable moved ahead and this plan executed ahead of schedule by overseers of original plan? Yes

44. Primarily because of "Downing Street Notes"? Yes

45. Bombings to increase desire for warfare? Yes

46. To also increase politicians' current ratings? Yes

47. To remove negative war news from media? Yes

48. Original plans were to have the attack in the USA? Not yes, not no.

49. An attack in USA would have been too transparent to Americans? Yes

50. Public discontent is equally as high in Britain as in America? Yes

51. Is 50% of public accusing British Govt. behind bombing accurate? Yes

52. Do 50% of Americans think British Govt. behind bombing accurate? No

52B. 25%? No

52C. 20% Yes

53. Do 50% Americans think US Govt. behind London bombings? No

53B. More than 10%? No

54. Do 50% of British public think El-Queada is behind bombings? No

54B. 30%? No

54C. 20%? Yes


54D. 50%? No

54E. 40%? Yes

A prior unknown El-Queada (Islamic) group claimed credit for the bombing.

Was this planned disinformation? Yes

[Someone searched internet origins for prior and bombing claims from The following dowsing is of these address origins]

55. Is Jon David the originator of this disinformation? Yes

56. Does Jon David live in Berlin, Maryland? No

57. Does Jon David work in Berlin, Maryland? No

58. Is Jon David connected to Broadwing Communications, LLC? Yes

59. Does Jon David live in Austin, Texas? No

60. Does Jon David work in Austin, Texas? Yes

61. Jon David lives within 40 miles of Austin Texas? Yes

61B. and is a paid CIA agent? Yes

62. Is Jon David of Arabic descent? No

63. Does Kyle Smith collaborate with Jon David? Yes

64. Does Kyle Smith live in Austin, Texas? Maybe

65. Does Kyle Smith live in general Austin area? No

66. Is Kyle Smith an alias for Jon David? Yes

[Another link:

Administrative Contact:

OCEAN CITY, MD 21842-9296]

67. Does Jon David live in Ocean City, Maryland? Maybe

68. Does Jon David work in Ocean City, Maryland? Yes

68B. And works in Austin, Texas? Yes

68C. For the CIA? Yes

68D. And is originator of El-Queada internet posts? Yes

69. Is Jon David an expert in Near Eastern culture? Yes

70. He is fluent in Arabic languages? Yes

71. And can write them also? Yes

72. Understands the Koran academically? Yes

73. Does not practice the Koran? Yes

74. Did Jon David have pre-knowledge of London bombings? Yes

75. Is Jon David his real name? No

76. Are there 20 more collaborators? Yes

76B. Full time paid CIA agents? Yes

77. All 21 use the shared internet access of both Broadwing Communications & THEWETLANDSINC.COM as Jon David? Yes

78. ALL are Jon David in essence, and use that alias? Yes

79. Jon is the primary user of that alias. Yes

80. Will Shanti Renfrew's research damage Jon David's work? Yes

81. Will this place Renfrew in physical danger? Maybe

End of Dowse

Philip Ledoux

(assisted by Steven Dainis )

© Copyright 2005  All Rights Reserved.

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