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Making Rain

By Philip N. Ledoux
March 12, 2006
It appears to me that the Chemtrail objective has finally become “seeable.” At least this is what I see, deduce and analize: it is the control of human beings via WATER. All of a sudden, this winter I came to this realization. In “this part of the world” (central New England) we do not rely on aquifiers per se; rather we rely on a fall rainy season to fill the ground water resovoir (the earth acting as a sponge), and our spring “thaw” where the snows melt and refill the winter’s usage preparing for summer. If we have a dry summer, there is no reserve remaining and farmers have to cart water to their cattle, likewise if no fall rains. We rely on surface springs; the rich and mandated new construction have genuine wells.
  This winter has been most unusual. We have had a snow storm or two each month, which can be considered normal, and it accumulates over the winter season. This year, the snow has lasted about 2 weeks and then is washed away via rain storms. Rain in the winter here is totally abnormal ! Every snow accumulation has been washed away via rain. Here we are approaching the beginning of “mud season” where the earth starts to thaw out, the earth and roads heave and signs with “Beware of Frost Heaves” sprout like weeds everywhere. Everybody complains, but the farmer knows that as the frost comes out of the ground, the melting snows seep into the ground water reserves. We haven’t got any snow to melt; it is that simple and that bad.
  There is a solution. We as individuals (especially farmers) can create their own rain and/or fair weather within a 15 mile radius, utilizing a simple device based on the Dotto Ring. The story is fascinating, interesting and educative. Go to and find Story of the Dotto Ring 12/17/01. Dotto was healing all kinds of diseases with his “ring.” Dotto had discovered that via thermal imbalance a mild, healing magnetic field was created. He used commercial refrigeration units for the cold and high current resistive heaters for the heat. These were applied to base plates attached to a split ring which was separated by a thermally different metal and held together by nylon bolts. In operation, sometimes the machines would levitate.
  I was given the practical, junk yard application of this device by Slim Spurling (findable via a search for his name). Two plates of copper are used to which a copper tube bent into a circle is brazed or soldered. Another block of stainless steel is sandwiched between these copper plates and held together “somehow” so that no direct through metal contact is made to the “other side.” There are several methods possible; an insulated bolt of nylon or tapped and threaded holes in the face of the stainless to attach the copper plates would be my options. The copper plates need to be sized to hold Peltier Junctions; these are those hot or cold transistor type devices that are used in cold/hot transport boxes that are so popular. These Peltier Junctions are attached to the faces of these copper plates, wired parallel on each “side” of the separating stainless block. One side is wired for hot, the other side for cold, the source being an automotive 12V battery. The ring wants to be 27 inches in diameter. The thermal stress across this ring placed one side up will bring in rain, and if flipped over to the other side will cause a tornado to lift up and not touch the building and area surrounding it. It will not stop a tornado or hurricane, but will mitigate normal rain.
  So, here is a device that is relatively cheap to build, works off a 12 V battery, and laid one side up will bring in rain, or the reverse side up hold off rain or mitigate severe storms in a limited area. Slim passed this information on to me, allows anyone to experiment and build for themselves, but has intellectual copywrite and anyone desiring to commercially produce must make arrangements. I am of the opinion that if anyone tried commercial production TPTB would wipe them out instantly. Thus the only chance we have is to individually put one together, that way TPTB will have no way of knowing whom is doing what without playing 24 hour cop on the beat; and with a little sneakiness that is inherent in most “aware” readers, TPTB’s cops are going to have one hell of a time finding anything.
  I’ve searched for these Peltier Junctions and found some on the internet selling in the $30 to $40 each category. Obviously top of the line, latest models. Being a junk-yard junkie I found some at between $10 each through $21 each depending on size, used or surplus. The copper pipe is reasonably easy to find, and I find that the “soft” copper is the best to form into a circle because it comes rolled and my educated guess would be a minimum 1/2 inch diameter. The 27 inch diameter needs some basic math applied via sacred geometry. Playing with the numbers I come up with 81.2 inches long or just a hair under 81 and 13/64 inches for the circumference.  The Peltier Junctions measure 30 mm and 40 mm square, and my educated guess would be the more the merrier, although rough, junk-yard construction would preclude too strong a thermal imbalance. The thermal stress base block of stainless steel should match the size of the copper base plates and the thickness
should be a minimum of one inch.
  Philip N. Ledoux

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