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Microwave Assault Detected in New Hampshire

[Editor's Note: Joe Vialls reported that Operation Crimson Mist ( ) was a secret CIA operation in Rwanda in 1994 which used microwave equipment placed near the open rear loading ramp of an unmarked C-130 Hercules transport plane to broadcast microwave frequencies upon factional tribal groups on the ground below. When an unsuspecting individual is exposed to specific microwave frequencies that are modulated with certain low frequency waveforms, that radiation will enter the skull and be demodulated or detected ( or "unzipped" if you prefer) by the brain. Specific low frequencies of a certain wave shape will arouse different EMOTIONS depending on the frequency being broadcasted. Nicholas Jones reported that a frequency of 10.8 Hz caused riotous behavior ( Tim Rifat listed in an article on the British TETRA microwave system, a number of low frequencies and the emotional charge that each frequency could produce-from excitement to depression-depended on the specific frequency chosen, down to 0.1 HZ increments of change. Simply becoming AWARE of the use of secret microwave technology to influence people to riot, will often truncate the intended effect or neutralize it completely. It's important that readers in France try to spread this information...Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
November 9, 2005


I received the following missive recently. I am of the opinion that mind-control “riot” frequencies are being broadcast in France which is at the root of the riots. Are similar events being planned here in America? Anything is possible when you begin to understand TPTB! The missive could be significant. Are there others on these boards who have felt similar “energies”?

The ladies involved are a psychic team and one is a professional hypnotist. The “city” nearest the area has 13,000 population. Nothing big by any means. Although one little known key element is that this city is the market center of the area and the country it resides in is the Rockfeller experimental center via Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College). Identities are blocked as a courtesy to individuals involved.

Many of you think of me as grandpa with much wisdom. The only edge I have is wide-ranging interests and widely traveled (compliments of USN) and having a voracious appetite for books. I may get a sniff of the “enemy” before you do, but that’s not much of an advantage. We have to all work together in trying to get caught-up-with the SOBs (oops, that should have been TPTB). If you have any ideas or experiences that tie into this, please continue the thread. Please do not change the thread into tangential issues.


Philip N. Ledoux


Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:22:43 -0600 (CST)
Subject: strange radiation
To: Philip N. Ledoux


Mrs. “A” made an extended call on us this afternoon and among the things we talked about was the terrible time she had last night trying to sleep while her house was being subjected to external energy from someplace. On the second floor she felt very sick. On the first floor she felt bad but not sick. In the basement she still felt the energy mildly but was able to sleep there o.k. So, she and hubby slept on the floor in the basement last night. Mrs. “B” reported a similar situation in her house farther out in (central N.H. boonies).

Mrs. “A” said she picks up radiation from cell phone towers as well as from micro waves. She is sure something is being activated in that area, but she does not know what or by whom.

I suggested that the cloud buster might help if it was placed in or near her house.

Your Friend Mr. “J”

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