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Mississippi Valley Earthquake Dowse

[Editor's Note: Philip informs me that this dowse originated with Tim769 and that he deserves full credit for it. Philip did a backup, parallel dowse to confrim the information. I'll find out exactly who Tim is and post his name more fully on this page. I've pasted in some portions of Philip's e-mail for your benefit at the end of the dowse. ...Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
Sep 13, 2005


Rather than do an item by item check, kindly allow me to do a parallel dowse.


Mississippi Valley Earthquake Dowse

Will there be a major earthquake in the Mississippi Valley within this calendar year?: Yes

Will there be an earthquake in the Mississippi Rift before year’s end?: Yes

Magnitude 8?: Yes

Man caused?" Yes

Man controlled? Yes

Created/controlled via HAARP? Yes

Will FEMA be prepared before the event? YES

FEMA will try to prevent rescue? Yes

FEMA will attempt to confuse, prevent rescue efforts by others? Yes

Will outside (out of FEMA) rescue kill FEMA officials? Yes

This will start a nationwide Civil War? Yes

This was what Titor was referring to?: Yes

[My pendulum stretched as it swung on this = significant]

Out of area rescuers have educated themselves via the New Orleans fiasco and FEMA?: Yes

Most are prepared to counter FEMA?Yes

Will the Mississippi Rift earthquake be close in time with the planned California earthquakes?Yes

Can HAARP do California and Missippi Rift earthquakes simultaneously? No

Are both being prepared right now? Yes

Prepared alternately? Yes

Will California earthquakes start first? Yes

Time lag to Missippi Rift earthquakes

About 3 days after the California earthquakes? Yes

California earthquakes will start In November 2005? Yes

In the third week of November 2005? Yes

[Logically a person can understand the timing]

Will there be a test earthquake of Mississippi Rift in October 2005? Yes

Strong earthquake, small area? Yes

This will be a test of operator control/abilities? Yes

Can this test be prevented? No

Can the big one be prevented? Not yes, not no

Can collective objective thought/prayer prevent the big one? Yes

The planners are not invincible? Yes

Their objectives can be reversed by collective thought/prayer? Yes

The problem then becomes organized target reversal? Yes

How many untrained individuals needed to counter?

80,000 to 90,000 individuals? Yes & gt;

100,000? No

Combined, these can counter HAARP? Yes

Untrained individuals? Yes

Merely by objective thought or prayer or its equivalent? Yes

FEMA operations are a long range plan of gradualism? No

Operations are a long range plan of Federal “land grab”? Not Yes, not no

FEMA and its planned ineptitude is used to hide Federals gaining control? Yes

Of population? Yes

Of land (property)?Yes

Partly population reduction? Yes

Are Reptilians involved? Yes

Each disaster equals a feeding frenzy? Yes

Reptilians have had the equivalent of a fast? Yes

Reptilians now want a continual feast? Yes

Reptilians want it “stretched out”? Yes

Into decades? No

Reptilians feed on blood? Yes

Reptilians feed on souls? YES

Reptilians feed on the energy of fear? Yes

Reptilians fear love energy? Yes

Catastrophies = 99% fear? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


Tim769 should get full credit! I’m only a backup. I hate to take credit away from anybody. That now places you in a tough place to make some kind of decision. I am certain that you will come up with a fair solution. Maybe post Tim’s and later my dowse?

...We can counter even the awesome equipment such as HAARP without any training other than getting together mentally and focus on one objective. I am afraid, that even you are not able to command a wide enough audience. In problem solving, you have to first define the problem. In this case that isn’t too difficult to accomplish. Doing the doing is the next problem.

As I think “things” over, it is rather amazing as events in my life unfold. Everywhere I’ve been or worked, I was the guy who did the necessary preliminary work, the drudge work; nobody saw what I did and I never got any recognition nor credit. I felt that the Almighty gives much to some, much should be returned. And credit doesn’t appear in the formula. My first encounter with submarines, I returned to a mission preparation school (sonar) on vacation time to learn more. The instructors took much time to let me hear the sounds they were hunting for that puzzled them. At sea I found them, recorded them. The instructors said that the sounds were intermittent, so don’t worry about “protocols”, get the sounds. On our return trip my division officer told me that my protocols on my tapes were unforgivable, and he had over-voiced the proper protocols, which meant that he had wiped out everything of importance! Such is military life.

On the big nuclear subs, I volunteered to be log room yeoman aft when it was discovered that the young man who had the job was 9 months behind in records and manual changes (family problems). I had the mess in order by the time “Washington” came aboard. When I left the boat, I was replaced by 3 men. All hidden work, necessary, never a credit given. A local businessman wanted to start a franchise operation. I was the guy down in the cellar doing the demographics, the manual creations, etc. etc. Without my work, it would never have been possible to get started. And here I am again “in the back room” with a pendulum. I’m not looking for fame nor glory; at my age it doesn’t even taste good. Ha, ha. So, it looks like the Almighty has me in the proper nitch in life’s larger purpose.


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