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Mitigating Hurricane Rita - Reminder

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 19, 2005

If you missed the equivalent of this post about Hurricane Ophelia, here is a repeat, and a reminder to those who are aware.

From other individuals, and other boards the technique is consistent, only the details vary slightly.

#1 Make a printout of Rita with current location, if no printer, make a map of the area as best you can and mark the current location of Rita.

#2 Take the orgonite creation you love the best (and that you yourself made) and place it over the hurricane location on the map.

#2A In you don't have #2 then use something very personal to you, a cross, a pin, a ring, whatever, place it over the latest position of the hurricane.

#3 Pray, send your energies, focus, whatever works for you or try something equivalent if this is your first try. Focus it all on or through the object you placed on the map. To goal is a reduction in the force of the storm so that mother nature cleanses, but does not kill and destroy.

#4 When away, when you can, concentrate your prayer, energies, etc. back to the object on the map, and thusly to the storm itself.

It is said that if enough of us do this (whether experienced or new at it) we can undo any man-made storm there is. In other words, enough of us concentrating on the same objective can negate the efforts of HAARP. Hurricane Ophelia is an example of this in reality.

P.S. My pendulum says that Huston is the target of Hurricane Rita.

Philip N. Ledoux

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