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A Little More About Tesla

By Philip N. Ledoux
October 27, 2005


I saw a post on Steven Dainis’ chemtrailsUSA3 Yahoo group, that got me salivating again about dear old Tesla. Anyone who enjoys electronics normally is a secret or open admirer of Tesla, and the Navy trained me as a electronics tech and electronics teacher, thusly my shining hero is Tesla. The post was originally from Cutting Edge about a secret FBI memo that was released to PBS who in turn shared it with others. The original article filled in with much extra information. I snipped out just the FBI report for introductory material; and yes, there are two #3 paragraphs in the report. That is a puzzle to me, but I let it stand to assist others who might search for the original article.

Philip N. Ledoux

From Oct 21 2005 newsletter

This FBI report, dated 8/18/1983, begins with the acknowledgement that the FBI seized Nikola Tesla's research papers, miscellaneous documents and scientific instruments after his death on January 7, 1943.

1) Tesla was paid over $1 million for his work on inventing Alternating Current, allowing him to leave Thomas Edison's laboratory and establish his own independent lab. In the late 1880's, that was a magnificent sum of money!

2) Tesla's Alternating Current work led directly to the establishment of the Niagara Falls power generating plant, a magnificent facility continuing to operate today.

3) Tesla predicted wireless communication (radio).

3) Tesla's experiments in Colorado produced powerful artificial lightening, in the millions of volts.

4) In the 1930's, Tesla claimed that he had created a "death ray" device which would prevent aircraft from even entering the air space.

5) Tesla was also reportedly working on "resonance machines" or devices whereby he could shake one or many large city buildings from some distance away.

6) After stating the FBI belief as to how the Soviet Union came into possession of the Tesla papers, this document then linked Tesla's work directly to the Russian "beam weapons program".


Onto my comments below:

27 October 2005

Steven and group members,

It is amazing how new materials are constantly being discovered about Tesla. When I, a country bumpkin entered the Navy, the only "electronics" I knew of was the "On-Off Switch" found on a radio. In 28 weeks this referred to Navy, transformed me into a certified, bonified, bungling electronics technician. Both as a student and later staff in Naval electronics schools, all of us were constantly introduced to principle after principle that was created or invented by Tesla. Staff were the most ardent students of Tesla, and as a result that trickled down to and into the student's understanding and respect for Tesla. In more recent years I have been exposed to many books about Tesla. I doubt if any of us who really admire his genius and would love to have worked under the man, could have successfully "weathered the storm" of this genius.

The article about the FBI report, that Steven posted, is the first that I've read about "the government agents" who removed all of Tesla's papers and equipment upon his death. The information I had read said that all of his papers had been given to his nephew; apparently this is the nephew who had assisted him in his laboratory and had traveled with him to install his "secret box" in a free energy Pierce Arrow/Westinghouse electric AC driven vehicle and tested around the Buffalo area. And either the nephew moved to Czechoslovakia or the papers were sent to him in Czechoslovakia. Either way, Tesla's connections with Russia, certainly fill in the gaps about the Russians applying Tesla's genius long before the American scientists.

Those who are interested in Tesla recognize pictures of the famous tower on Long Island ['Wardenclyff' at Shoreham. Long Island]. As I read Steven's posting, I wondered if Tesla would have really contacted the Russians. Then I remembered an article published many a moon ago in Nexus Magazine. The author had made the connection with the famous "explosion" in Siberia that wiped out hundreds of miles of forest and created a crater - connected it to Tesla's tower on Long Island. The gist of the story was that Tesla had exhausted his funds in building the tower after Morgan refused financing. Tesla was desperate for investors and/or funds. At the time, there was a famous and well reported media coverage of an artic expedition. Sorry I don't remember the name of the Siberian site [Tungusta..Ken] , but the author drew a line from Long Island to where the expedition should have been the night of the explosion and extended it over the pole; and by golly it lines up with the crater in Siberia.

Taking known facts and a bit of educated speculation, the author concluded that Tesla had planned to make a spectacular high atmosphere explosion in the vicinity of the polar expedition, which would certainly be reported in the media, to which Tesla could then take credit and result in funding for continued research/application. The apparent problem was that the circumference of the earth in the polar regions was not accurately known resulting in the "overshoot" and the Siberian disaster, although few lives were lost because of the very sparse population in that area.

From what I know of Tesla, human nature and the Economic Maze, the just referred to article and speculation made total sense. There was probably a tad more than the "Peace Beam" involved in negotiations between Tesla and the Russians. Tesla was desperate for funding at that time and needed enormous finds to continue the work on "the tower". Everything he tried fizzled for him at that time. $25,000 from the Russians was helpful, but rather a drop in the bucket of Tesla's needs, which again was typical of everything he tried at the time. Tesla should have received millions from the Russians, more than a bargain at that price during the time period. Tesla truly was a "loose cannon" the later part of his life, at least to The Powers That Be (TPTB). Unseen and unknown to us "mere mortals", TPTB have been in total control of everything on both sides of every situation in the world. Tesla had to be prevented from achieving the goals of his "tower".

During WW II Tesla was recruited to help design and implement, with others, the famous Philadelphia Experiment project. It had a different name [Project Rainbow..Ken], but everyone relates to this title. The enormity of the project, its unique problems to solve and the equipment needed took much time, manpower and equipment to organize and become reality. It was actually an experiment in teleportation, rather than invisibility as all the reportage tries to point us at. The final objective was to load a ship with supplies and teleport it to England for unloading, thus truly invisible to German submarines. On the routes and shipping to Russian ports at the time the loss of 60% of the ships was the normal casualty rate! Tesla was a humanitarian and refused to continue with the Philadelphia Experiment Project because the Navy, in its typical rush and logic, did not take human life into consideration during the experiments; which most readers are familiar with. The Navy's logic of loosing one shipload of men in an experiment far outweighed hundreds of ships with their sailors aboard every week. The experiments continued, but would have made more progress in less time had Tesla's concerns been heeded.

Steven has also pointed out in many posts that Tesla's death is questionable. There is no real evidence that he died; especially no body to prove the death. Most speculations are that he was sent to England to continue on other secret projects. Sort of the misleading "body overboard" events of spy vs. spy, while the missing body is working secretly.

Philip N. Ledoux


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