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More on The Economic Maze Tide: Economic Crash Cycles

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 11, 2006


Here is a portion of a posting on a private board that caught my attention, and the subsequent reply which I'm certain you understand quite well.


<<Tim Rifat says these Illuminati?s [control] started in the 14th Century, which may be true. He impies that is where the control of our race started. I believe it goes further back. At least as far as 700BC, where (in time) my buddy THor says he was killed during a treaty negotiation on this planet with the Reptillians. That treaty was supposed to be an agreement that our race would be permanently off limits to the reptillians, and that the reptillians ageed to stay underground. There are some legends in India & also in South America of wars with underground reptillians!! WARS!! Humans DID defeat the reptilians in those two places in the past....Sometime after the last of those wars is when this mind-control(thought-influencing) began!! They had to develop some other tactic, because the things they were doing just got their azzzes kicked BY HUMANS!! <<

11 September 2006

Between 1800 BC and 1500 BC was the great civilization known as Babylon, although the area had the great cities of Ur and Chaldees since around 3000 BC. In my research I found that there is an economic crash dead center of the Economic Tide and/or the center of the Lead Nation Phase. To make sense in current time, this center is 1932 for the USA and the Crash of '29, which just precedes the center of the Lead Nation Phase of 1880 through 1984 and the US Economic Tide of 1672 through 2192. One can go backwards in history and find an economic crash every 104 years. Being short on time, I merely did the mathwork on time-years back to the Franks (Charlemagne), and reading the history and wars of the era, and sure enough, there was an economic crash. Continuing likewise back to Babylon, there was an economic crash. This indicates that the economy was thoroughly manipulated, and obviously that human nature has changed very little in all the intervening years. (Today a sheepskin is used to pull the wool over our eyes; there had to be an equivalent back then.) I haven't been able to define this "on time" characteristic of economic crashes back to Ur, but I've recognized hints as I researched.

So, not to counter your excellent evaluation in time/source/manipulation, but rather to extend your estimates, here is a summary:

The control was totally codified by 700 BC.

It was being practiced (human control) back in the city of Ur; which gives a hint that the extra-terrestrials who came on space chariots probably brought the system of control with them or invented the system at Ur. This cycle of control is based on the relative positions of Earth-Venus-Mars and the Dog Star.

I have followed the postings of Thor (on a private board) with much interest. There is a council of some type that controls the activities of extra-terrestrials in our sector of the universe. From my friend John who used to help train newly visiting aliens how to keep out of trouble or interfering with human activity, he claims that they understand nothing about our system of "money" or economics. He also noted that, humorously, our metallic money looks like their food and he had problems convincing many trainees not to eat our coins!

If this is true, then the council is most likely unaware of the economic manipulations. Wars are easily observed and physically analyzed; but the daily economic lives of nations would miss council observation and analyzation. Thusly the reptilians were defeated in wars with humans, and Thor was working in the interests of the Galactic Council which placed the restriction on reptilians to stay underground.

That solved one of mankind's major hinderances to progress, yet it missed the openly practiced and unseen economic manipulation and associated human on human wars that it masks or better put, " the wars hide the manipulation".

And again upon closer examination of the "Economic Maze and Tide", the wars are all part of this manipulative cycle. How do we get that information to the Galactic Council? Once the council has an understanding of that problem, then mankind will truly advance in every aspect we are capable of advancing in; rather than only a select few controlling the masses and enjoying the developed advancement potentials.

Philip N. Ledoux

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