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Dowse on New Madrid Fault and Earthquakes, Sep. 28, 2006

From Tim Hicks & Philip N. Ledoux
September 28, 2006


Here is a copy of the email I sent PNL that contains some interesting information. I also include PNLs' return email. This dowse was done about September 1st.




I wanted to forward this to you for your own information and to hear any reaction you might have. Of course, I am asking for any kind of verification or information to the contrary.


Dowse from Tim Hicks on New Madrid Fault (NMF) and Earthquakes (E/Q), September 1, 2006

1 Are there existing plans for an E/q on Oct 6? Y

2 Has intervention by Higher Beings taken place? Y

3 Has the equipment that was to be used to create this E/q been destroyed? Y

4 Was this equipment at multiple locations? Y

5 Has it all been destroyed? Y

6 Does the American faction of TPTB have the capability to create an E/q at this time? Y

7 By using this type of equipment that has been destroyed? Y

8 The equipment that was to be used for the Oct E/q has been destroyed? Y

9 Is there backup equipment of the same type still in usable condition? Y

10 Was the backup equipment attacked? Y

11 Was it left damaged but functional? Y

12 This was intentional? Y

13 This was to serve as a message to tptb? Y

14 The message is that this intent will not be tolerated? Y

15 Have the Higher Beings accepted the request that any equipment used for this type of intent will be destroyed? Y

16 Is this also part of the message to tptb? Y

17 Do the decision makers and planners of tptb understand this? N

18 Did they perceive that they were lucky that not all equipment was destroyed? Y

19 Does this help describe their mindset ? Y

20 Is there an item or circumstance that makes the NMF attractive to tptb? Y

21 Is this a physical thing? N

22 Is this the fear that could be generated by a NMF E/q? Y

23 Does this have to do with the pressure at the NMF? N

24 Does it have to do with the flooding that could occur? Y

25 Does it also have to do with the psychological effects of having the country split in the middle? Y

26 Are these the chief reasons for the interest in NMF? Y

End of dowse
3 September 2006 16:12 EST

Confimation Dowse Check by Philip Ledoux


Baseline check = normal
1 confirm
2 Possibly yes, possibly no
3 confirm
4 confirm
5 confirm
6 confirm
7 NO it is a case of language semantics, reword
(if the equipment is destroyed it cannot be used . . .)
8 confirm
9 confirm
10 confirm
11 confirm
12 confirm
13 confirm
14 confirm
15 confirm
16 NO
it is not part of the message because TPTB do not understand? Yes
17 Maybe 10% understand
18 confirm
19 confirm
20 confirm
21 Yes Again semantics of mental understanding during dowse
on that question both a yes and no can be correct answers
it depends on the mental understanding of dowser
22 confirm
23 confirm
24 confirm

end of dowse check

Tim, I can see a change in your dowsing questions! You still ask the questions in your own style which is proper; but you are adding more depth to your questions. You might puzzle over the contrary answers I got; puzzle not; it is a difference in mental processes. We are both individuals, we cannot possibly think alike, nor should we. My hunch is that the language we use was taught very strictly when I was in school, since that time it has become lax, so lax today that people cannot spell common words! So our differences are linguistical which my pendulum agrees with. 16 through 19 are good examples of going deeper in the dowse which you used to not do.

I too have to learn from you. I keep forgetting to ask for help to do negations. I get the answers and share, but do little in rounding up help and doing the doing.

Philip N. Ledoux



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