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New Orleans Dowse

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 5, 2005


As many of us know, the orders of TPTB [The Powers That Be] make human misery and suffering. It is almost like working in a slaughter house. Nobody really likes the jobs, but usually the workers find employment there out of desperation.

Those who run the HAARP controls had no idea of what they were getting into and now they probably have a choice of following orders or receive a bullet in the back of the head, with the added incentive of their families (if any) being hostages (free to roam) to keep the electronics operating controller(s) in line.

How do we get out of this mess? I think the answer lies in educating the masses to the materials I sent you [soon to become available ...Ken]. If 50% of the people understood it, nobody could manipulate us into anything; and with those odds enough electronics whizzes would revolt when it came to creating death and destruction.

Philip N. Ledoux

4 September 2005

New Orleans Dowse

Was hurricane Katrina a man-made hurricane? Yes

Was it natural and man enhanced? No

Did Putin order hurricane Katrina? Yes

Did Bush agree to the order? Yes

It is a chess-game type of ordering? Yes

Did the queen (Q.E. II) give approval? Yes

Did the Vatican give its approval? Yes

Was it totally US controlled? Yes

The US has the technology of control? Yes

Bush gave the orders for the hurricane? Yes

Bush lost to Putin, thus the orders? Yes

Was HAARP the main instrument of control? Yes

Were spray planes involved to control? Yes

Spray planes used to control direction? No

Spray planes used to increase severity? Yes

Pilots and crew were told the spraying was to decrease intensity? Yes

On landfall Katrina increased in strength

Normally hurricanes decrease in strength upon landfall? Yes

The increase was to send a message to observers? Yes

That this was a man controlled hurricane? Yes

Message was for the general public? No

The media was supposed to suppress that facts? Yes

The media went out of control? Yes

Is the media now under control? Yes

Damage control is the current mode in the media? Yes

Was FEMA forewarned about Katrina to hit New Orleans? Yes

Forewarned 6 weeks in advance? Yes

FEMA was to appear responsive? Yes

FEMA was to actually stand-down? Yes

FEMA chiefs were to create confusion? Yes

And prevent actual operations taking place? Yes

Was the military forewarned of Katrina to hit New Orleans? Yes

Forewarned 6 weeks in advance? Yes

The military was planned to respond too late? Yes

With too little? Yes

And with units relocated to not be able to respond? Yes

Was the New Orleans government informed of Katrina’s expected impact? Yes

Forewarned 6 weeks in advance? No

3 days in advance? Yes

Was the state government of Louisiana forewarned? Yes

Forewarned 6 weeks in advance? No

3 days in advance? Yes

Were federal moles informed 6 weeks in advance? Yes

Were federal moles in local government also? Yes

Were the levees purposefully in poor maintenance? Yes

Planned poor maintenance? Yes

Though poor, could the levees have held? Yes

The levees failed because of explosives? No

The levees failed because of digging? Yes

The Navy did the “digging”? No

The Corps of Engineers did the digging? Yes

Those doing the work knew the outcome of their work? No

Do they now understand how their work fit the picture? Yes

Are they under death threat if they talk? Yes

The work was hydraulic digging? Yes

Thusly not suspect by observers while being done? Yes

Did the Navy prevent rescue craft from entering from the Gulf? Yes

Were people killed in the action? Yes

The planners intended a high casualty rate? Yes

Currently the death toll is > 80,000? No > 75,000? Yes

Is this less that the planned deaths? Yes

Planned was for > 180,000 No > 175,000 Yes

Those rescued were given false hopes? Yes

They were to die where left? Yes

The super-dome was planned to be a failure? Yes

The chaos was planned? Yes

Most of the lives could have been saved? Yes

Cholera outbreak was planned for? Yes

Is cholera being purposefully being seeded in the area? Yes

Other experimental diseases are being released also? Yes

By our own government? Yes

Did the levees hold for 2 days? Yes

Was that planned in advance? Yes

To give false hope to the population? Yes

Was the 17th street canal breach sabotage? Maybe

Federal government agents involved? No

Special forces involved? Yes

US forces? No

Mossad special forces? Yes

They came up from the Gulf? Yes

Preplanned with the Navy? Yes

Exited up the river? Yes

Were the refineries in the area mothballed “early”? Not yes, not no

The refineries were insulated against damage in advance? Yes

Preparations started 2 months in advance? Yes

They were shut down 2 weeks in advance? Yes

Production figures were falsified to hide the facts? Yes

Little ecological damage from refinery fuels? Yes

There was no fuel in storage? Yes

The refineries will be back into production within 6 weeks? Yes

The facts will be not reported in the media? Maybe

The public consumption media will not report? Yes

Production figures will be falsified to hide the production? Yes

The offshore rigs were badly damaged? No

There is heavy crude oil leakage into the Gulf? No

The damage to the rigs shown on TV were not of Katrina? Yes

Most of the rigs will be back in production? Yes

Normal re-start time frame? Yes

Is New Orleans highly contaminated? Maybe

Some sections are highly contaminated? Yes

The lowest lying areas? No

The flooding will intensify termite damage to buildings? Maybe

Most of the building damage will come from mould? Yes

And waste contamination? Yes

This will prevent human usage? Yes

All planned for in advance? No

Accidental bonus to damage planners? Yes

Can the city of New Orleans be rebuilt? Yes

Profitably to the inhabitants? No

Profitably to the “insiders” (Halliburton, etc.)? Yes

Needlessly overly expensive? Yes

Other will be hampered by regulations? Yes

Are the reports about the N.O. Mayor (anger etc.) true? Yes

Is it all an act? No

Will he be politically be removed soon? No

If obstinate, will he be assassinated? Yes

Via electronically induced heart attack or similar? No

Direct physical assassination? Yes

The same applies for the governor of Louisiana? Yes

The PR people hoped the “fly by” by the president would “work”? Yes

Not well enough? Yes

Thus the personal inspection? Yes

Were all helicopters grounded statewide during president’s tour? Yes

All the time he was in the state? Yes

More to hinder rescue than protection? Yes

Basically a mission to stop rescue operations temporarily? Yes

Are rescue and bus transport being prevented from entering the area? Yes

Only a trickle is being allowed? Yes

For appearance sake? Yes

Mainly to increase the death toll? Yes

Is ID required for entry into N.O. area? Yes

This is a test of internal passport system? Yes

Would the Guard shoot to kill docile and stampeding citizens? Yes

Is the Guard mind-controlled? Yes

Normally they wouldn’t shoot their fellow citizens? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


Questions: Philip Ledoux and Matthew on Katrina Origin (Sep. 10, 2005)

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