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Bank Stocks Reflect Paulson Assassination ?

[Editor's Note: The Bush Boys are trying to pull a fast one and convince that world that Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson is hale and hardy, alive & kicking, rather than the stone cold corpse I believe him to be.

Act I: The Bush Boys used a holographic insert of Paulson in a video taped 'conference' on Jan. 4, 2008 which was downloadable from the White House web site. A very sharp observer pointed  to ample evidence that Paulson was holographically "inserted" into the scene with Bush.

Act II: a couple of days ago, I saw a live TV broadcast on early morning TV showing Bush and his seven advisors standing behind him to announce a program to lift the economy. Within camera view, you could see Cheney standing behind Bush on one side and (surprise, surprise!) "Henry Paulson" flanking Bush on the opposite side. Only problem: it wasn't the ORIGINAL Paulson, he's most likely dead. Who did we see then ? A clone or a Paulson double. The same sort of look-a-like double they used for the "Saddam Hussein" trial and execution. That's likely WHY Bush held the TV announcement with his seven "advisors" standing behind him, so we could see "Paulson" alive and kicking. ..Ken Adachi]

By Philip N. Ledoux
January 14, 2008

Bank Stocks Reflect Paulson Assassination? (Jan. 20, 2008)

Way back when, I used to invest in commodity futures, and I’ll leave it at that. As a result, I became aware of manipulation on grand scales! For example, during the Falklands War, Gold future prices were in a general uptrend, BUT when prices started to come close to the classical uptrend line, there was a major battle in the Falklands. It got so I was able to predict 90% of the upcoming battles. Since those days, I’ve found that price action can tell more than an insider’s whistle-blowing can tell.

Currently, I manage a modest portfolio and in trying to diversify have been tracking bank stocks and preferred bank stocks for 9 months. It is simply amazing how “WantaGate” shows up in the banking industry stock prices! Usually prices drop dramatically, then the news catches up and tells how “last week” a new wrinkle to keep Wanta robbed, which failed temporarily. You could almost change the Banking Stock symbols to “Wanta Ups and Downs”.


graph d


Paulson Shot and Bank stocks trend


I have removed the stock symbol because any dozen banking stocks show a similar pattern. I’m trying to put across a story of how prices predict or react to trigger events (not an essay in stock investing).

For those not up-to-date, Henry Paulson, Secretary of the U.S.Treasury is one of the key players in preventing the payment of several trillions of dollars to U.S.Ambasador Wanta. As the chart shows, the banking industry is strongly affected by diversion of funds from normal channels. Simultaneous to all this recent juggling, as in Mafia-in-fighting Burning-Bush-Jr. had one of his prize stallions severed head placed in his bed at the Crawford ranch. That only reached Texas news outlets, not a peep elsewhere, yet it speaks volumes. 

I’m not quite able to pin the tail on the correct carcass. Very definitely the assassination of Mr. Paulson has solved some big banking problems as is evident in the stock value response. Is it that the robbers have patched up relations with banking and have completed stealing Wanta’s assets, or has Mr. Wanta won the pot? Me thinks, from the smell, that Mr. Wanta is going to come up real short.

Philip N. Ledoux


Subject: Stocks reflect Paulson Death
From: Fran F.
Date: Mon, January 21, 2008
To:   Editor

Paulson standing behind Bush with 7 advisors is one thing, but Paulson gave a full speech in New York on Jan. 7, 2008, after he died. Was that a stand-in too?

Fran F.


Hi Fran,

Look, if the subject of cloned humans or very close human doubles is more than you handle, then that's you're affair. There's no point in writing me and venting your skepticism. Your beliefs are no concern of mine. What I post at my web site is my opinion of what I think is taking place. You are not obliged to accept anything I post, nor are you required to send facetious e-mails.

If you carefully view the youTube video of the conference with Bush on Jan 4 posted in the note I posted from Don Nicoloff, the narrator of that video clearly shows where the holographic insert reveals itself when Paulson's hand skin can be seen overlapping the white shirt sleeve. That's physically impossible and clear proof that the video is showing a hologram of Paulson, who was not actually sitting in that chair next to Bush. Paulson's demeanor, movements, and body language also reinforce the idea of a hologram insert. His movements do not match the tenor of Bush's comments. If he was really sitting next to Bush, he would not have been gawking with head bobbing left and right while Bush was talking. He would have been looking at Bush. He also looked too anxious and frightened. That didn't match either.

Did you see a video tape of the Jan 7 talk or just heard an audio tape? In fact, did you see or hear the talk? Or did you just read that he gave a talk?

The inner government had obtained cloning capabilities from their alien pals over 50 years ago. If you were paying attention during Clinton's first term, you will recall that the press raised the point that Clinton's hair seemed to look odd and very different on several occasions. They were not seeing strange changes in Clinton's hair, they were seeing different clones of Bill Clinton.

The bearded man who was hung last year was not the real Saddam Hussein. He was a clone. The clone THOUGHT he was Hussein, because the clone was uploaded with all of the memories of Hussein, as are all clones (again, alien technology and the Montauk Project make this possible). But Saddam's wife had already told the press that the bearded man was not her husband at the time he was captured in that hole in the ground. The photos of the real Saddam Hussein and the bearded clone show two different sets of lower teeth. The real Saddam had very straight, perfect looking lower teeth, while the clone had crooked and crowded lower teeth. It's plain as day if you just study the photos.

Do you know who Christopher Story is? Have you read any of his books? Have you read his web site? Do you suppose a man with Christopher Story's background (advisor to Margaret Thatcher), and his intel connections, financial/banking connections, and inside government sources, is going to simply make up the story about Paulson being shot and dying on Jan 2? What would be the point of throwing away his reputation in such a cavalier and foolhardy way?

No, it's more reasonable to assume that Story had acquired hard intel that Paulson was shot and later died on Jan 2, That's why he ran the story. What you are seeing is a white house video tape with a hologram insert and a CLONE of Paulson, standing behind Bush at that televised announcement. How closely the clone will match the original Paulson in every detail of appearance and how well he will perform in public, remain to be seen. He might perform his role as convincingly as the Saddam clone and relieve people like you of all suspicion, but I'm not so easily won over.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Story/Margaret Thatcher
From: Fran F.
Date: Thu, January 24, 2008
To: Editor

Ken ... following up on Story. Another example of how difficult it is to know what to believe/what not to believe. Scroogle "Margaret Thatcher and
Reptilians." She was a Bilderberger. Here's a sample:

The European Spider's Web in IMEEM
The Reptilian archive forum Posted Mar 04, 2005 at 5:18 PM, Last Edited Jul 22, 2005 at 7:14 PM
By David Icke

Bilderbergers everywhere!
Within a year of Blair attending the Bilderberg bash in Greece, he was leading the Labour Party following the sudden death of Bilderberger, John Smith. I still do not believe that Smith's death by a "heart attack" was natural causes. Blair was elected to replace Smith with massive support from the media, including the newspapers of the Elite yes man, Rupert Murdoch. From the moment Blair took over, all hell broke loose in John Major's Conservative Government. Leaks, rows, and scandals were unleashed to create chaos and disarray, and to send the government's opinion poll ratings plummeting. Blair is now well ahead in the polls with the next General Election very close. Interestingly, exactly the same happened when Margaret Thatcher, another Bilderberger and Elite chosen one, became Conservative opposition leader in 1975. From then on the Labour Government was thrown into turmoil by strikes and internal upheavals.


Fran F.


Hello Fran,

Oh yes, Thatcher worked for and with the Illuminati. She was probably a shape shifter as well. I only wanted you to know that Christopher Story had been consulted by the Thatcher government.

I don't necessarily accept everything that Story says either. I don't know the man. I'm just an observer.

In this case, however, making up the story about Paulson being shot is tantamount to throwing away your credibility and reputation. What would Christopher Story do that?

What could he possibly gain from that?

I became more convinced that Paulson was dead when I saw the video of the Jan 4 conference with Bush posted on the White house web site. A reporter put Bush on the spot on Jan 3 when he asked Bush about reports of Paulson being shot. Bush said Paulson had not been shot and Paulson would be in attendance at a white house meeting the next day. So they put together this video of the "meeting" which included Paulson sitting next to Bush. That video has a holographic insert of Paulson. It looks too fake; just as phony as the various videos of bin Laden that the government keeps trying to pass off as genuine.

I have to assume that clones already exist for most cabinet members, as well as Bush and Cheney, of course.

You need to remember that the government is working hat in glove with negative alien groups to bring about the New World Order.

These alien groups have the technical capability to "grow" human clones inside man-sized cylinders aboard their large mother ships. Hundreds of abductees have reported seeing these cylinders with what looks like human beings suspended inside of them.

Al Bielek reported that the Montauk Project included research & development that included the ability to download a person's entire lifetime memories into a computer. If they have the ability to download a person's memories into a computer, then they also have the ability to UPLOAD those memories into a human clone, and Voila, you have someone who looks like Saddam Hussein (before he had his teeth fixed), who has all of the memories of Saddam Hussein and who THINKS he's Saddam Hussein, but who's actually a CLONE of Saddam who has been uploaded with Saddam's memories.

Sounds hard to believe? Of course! They aren't sharing these things with the public on the Six O'Clock News, but insiders and abductees have witnessed these things and they all report seeing the same thing. The aliens can GROW a full size human clone within a matter of WEEKS.

Does a cloned sheep look any different than the original?

Why would a human clone look any different than the original? The same DNA would produce a replica of the original, however, if the orginal had dental work and the clone did not, then you could spot a difference and that's what happened in the case of Saddam Hussein.

Regards, Ken


Subject: Re: Stocks reflect Paulson Death
From: Fran F.
Date: Thu, January 24, 2008 10:03 am
To:   Editor

Dear Ken

I'm sorry my question perturbed you so. Thank you for taking the time to write such a long explanation for me. Mostly I am with you on most issues you address on your site. I have no reason to impugn the integrity of Story, have followed his information with interest, and want very much to believe him. This Paulson story is like many others that get a splash of excitement and then seem to fall away without further followup. If you know of any analysis of that speech he gave on Jan. 7, or the various appearances he has made in public since, please post a reference. I have only seen television newsclips from that speech, where he seemed calm, cool, and collected.

Unfortunately I am among the disadvantaged in this country who do not have the latest computers and all the latest software updates, and therefore have not been able to view the videos you refer to because I cannot access them. I can, and will, take a look at what you referred to on my next trip to the library, a 15-mile trip which I make about every 2 weeks, and thank you for pointing out what I should look for. I have been able to look at the Saddam evidence because there are still photos, not videos, available, and am persuaded that whoever was caught was not Saddam. So it's not an unwillingness to believe, on my part.

Perhaps in your effort to provide material by which people can educate themselves, it would be helpful to provide material that us lower-tech computer users can use. Most websites are leaving us behind, and it will continue that way, with little regard given to the millions of us who do not continually throw our money down the technology black hole, contributing to the electronic trash on this planet. Speak to the least of us and you will speak to all of us.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Best wishes,
Fran F.


Hi Fran,

Forgive me if I responded too strongly, as I can't always determine if a question is posed innocently or with sarcasm in mind. I get a certain amount of negative mail from knee-jerk skeptics who are brainwashed and dumbed down by the myriad of Tavistock disinformation outlets we are forced to endure in this country. Of course, I much prefer to have polite conversations rather than testy ones. In your case, your original note was polite , but I thought you were being facetious, but now I realize your question was genuine.

Everyday, we are presented with a seamless wall of deception from mainstream television and radio. Most people succumb to this deception and will regurgitate the 'explanations' which are inculcated from Tavistock propaganda. Beyond that, many deception campaigns are woven by Tavistock planners in a very slick and sophisticated way-over a long stretch of time. For example, this morning (Jan. 25, 2008) I heard a segment on NPR which touched on the recently reported "Wal-Mart " sized UFO spotted over Stephenville, Texas on January 8.

I saw a short segment about this UFO sighting on TV news a few days ago. I'm sure most TV news programs ran this story. .The man and woman on NPR were reading e-mail feedback from listeners chiding NPR for treating the story lightly and essentially making fun of the report. One listener said that this story was "serious business" and that NPR ought to treat it more seriously. Well, they read the letter on the air, but continued treating the story with slightly veiled ridicule by playing the sort of weird music you heard in 1950s flying saucer movies when closing out the segment. So what's really going on?

NPR is following a script which originated out of Tavistock. It's all part of a deception campaign planned many decades ago called Project Blue Beam. As part of the Illuminati's strategy to destroy the United States and establish an excuse to dissolve national borders around the world (in the interest of uniting all nations under a single world government), we have to have to be presented with a "threat" of sufficient magnitude to justify such an amalgamation. The "threat" will be postured as a 'takeover' of planet earth by very cunning extraterrestrials- who will first present themselves on the White House lawn as friendly helpers to humanity- but later will be revealed to be plotting our enslavement and demise, thus the "need" for world unification against this new 'menace'. Illuminati puppet Ronny Reagan used these very words in the 1980s when referring to joining forces with the Soviet Union (at the time) to fight such a 'potential' extraterrestrial "threat."

We will steadily see more and more reports on TV and radio in the coming months of huge UFO sightings seen up close and personal.  There was no video shown with the Stephenville, Texas sighting on January 8, but trust me, you'll soon be seeing plenty of video clips of huge ships seen up close, low and slow. This is the softening up phase of Project Blue Beam.

NPR is playing their role by first feigning disbelief and incredulity about these sightings. Later, they will treat the topic more seriously, but at this stage, the campaign calls for amused tolerance.

There's nothing seen on mainstream TV news which can be accepted at face value, except inconsequential news items. Sure, there's a fire here and there and a bridge collapses, etc., but I'm not talking about that kind of "news".  I mean "news' related to politics, the US government, war, finances, the economy, disease proliferation, the War on Terror, War in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Islamic 'threat', etc, etc., etc.

I can't know with certainty that the original Henry Paulson was shot on December 28 and later died in a hospital on Jan. 2, 2008. I don't have access to Christopher Story's sources, so I cannot weigh their accuracy, but the sequence of events reported by Christopher Story for the past year or two about Paulson, Cheney, Leo Wanta ,etc seems to fit the reasoning behind a Paulson assassination.

There is an entirely different game being played behind the scenes involving unbelievable corruption, thievery, power jockeying, and skulduggery by so-called national leaders like Bush, Putin, Cheney, etc. that is a far cry from the sanitized cover story that we are given on TV.

I realize that people who don't have fast internet connections can't quickly download video clips. It's necessary to see the video of the Paulson hologram posted by the White House on Jan. 4 in order to realize that it was indeed a hologram of Paulson. Perhaps someone reading this can take the time to make still frames of the parts of the video where you see Paulson's right hand skin overlapping the sleeve of his shirt (and maybe write out some of the comments from the man describing the hologram insert) and I'll post it on my web site.

Regards, Ken .

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