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Dowse, September 2007 Wash. D.C. Peace March, More

By Philip N. Ledoux <>
September 10, 2007

Dowse, September 2007 Wash. D.C. Peace March, More (Sep. 10, 2007)

Subject: Up Coming Peace March (D.C.)

: It has been awhile since I last dowsed, thusly I had Tim Hicks check my dowse. Here are his comments about this dowse:

As important as this information is, it is just as important for the reader to understand that we as physical beings create our physical reality. WE CONTROL WHAT WE EXPERIENCE. There are vast and unlimited ways to get help once we have clearly decided what we want our reality to be. We need to focus on that which we desire and ask for all rightful and just help. This is what tptb desperately need to continue to hide from us, because without this knowledge we simply accept the reality they give us.

Peace March, 15 September 2007, Washington, D. C.

Baseline checks "normal."

1.Is the peace march a "legal" event? Yes [Tim: y]

2. The planners are also planning a "die in"? Yes [Tim: y]

3. Is the Die In part of the legal event? Possibly yes, possibly no [Tim: y]

4. Was the Die-In presented with the original plans? No [Tim: y]

5. Was the Die-In presented as a supplement to original plans? Yes [Tim: y]

6. TPTB plan to make this into a major media event? Yes [Tim: y]

7. TPTB have plants in the parade to make disruptions? Yes [Tim: y]

8. The media knows before hand where disruptions to take place? YES [Tim: n]

9. Are the organizers of this Peace March part of TPTB? YES [Tim: y]

10. Primarily this march is a test to see -- how much peace sentiment exists? Yes [Tim: y]

11. Will the general public be awaken by this Peace March? NO [Tim: n]

12. The media will present it in a bad light? Yes [Tim: n]

13. Will tropical storm Gabriel affect this storm? Yes [Tim: n]

14. Was it planned for Gabriel to interfere with the March? YES [Tim: y]
-- Tim:(nonphysical help to push this storm into and ---then out of the area too quickly)

15. Heavy rain will give a true(er) indication of participants intent? YES [Tim: y]

16. Will there be any deaths to participants from this march? Yes [Tim: y]

20. Deaths will be in the "cross-fire" of police and "plants"? Yes [Tim: y]

21. Those deaths will be planned in advance? Yes [Tim: y]

22. The individuals who die will have been targeted in advance? YES [Tim: y]

. Nuke weapons flown and stand-down at Langley:

23. Is Ken Adachi’s comments about these weapons correct? YES [Tim: y]

25. Is Captain May’s comments part of TPTB propaganda? YES [Tim: n]

26. Is there a planned coincidence between -- the Peace March and Langley stand-down? Yes [Tim: y]

27. Thusly the Langley events will be covered up? YES [Tim: n]

28. Was there a planned attack on Langley for the 15th? YES [Tim: y]

29. Genuine damage was to result? YES [Tim: n]

30. Have the original plans to attack Langley been cancelled? No Read [Tim: y]

31. Have the original plans to attack Langley been put on hold? YES.
( [Tim: y and n (ref. Above Question)]

32. Currently it will be a simulation? Yes [Tim: y]

Was this planned attack on Langley a part of the
33. -- background for the recently reported Put Options (S&P500)? Yes [Tim: y]

36. Is there an alternate plan if this does not transpire? Yes [Tim: y]

37. These Put Options have to be executed profitably? Yes [Tim: y]

38. Is there more than one alternate plan? Yes [Tim: y]

39. Are these alternate plans on the Eastern Seaboard? Yes
-- [Tim: y (this is one of many)]

The change in plans (about Langley) is because

41. -- of internal information disclosures to the public? YES [Tim: y]

42. There is a need by TPTB for another 9-11? YES
-- [Tim: (when worded as 9-11 type incident) y]

43. When the internal plans for 9-11 II are revealed -- the plans are cancelled? Yes
-- [Tim: n (also other nonphysical influence)]

44. An alternative then takes its place? Yes [Tim: y]

45. When the I-35 bridge collapse in Mineapolis occurred,
-- the original plans were for the multi overpass area in Chicago? Yes [Tim: n]

46. I-35 was the back-up plan? Yes [Tim: n]

47. The shock-factor of I-35 bridge collapse -- was not as great as expected by TPTB? YES [Tim: y]

48. Was there a planned SuitCaseABomb under Wall Street recently? YES [Tim: y]

49. That bomb was dismantled by off-planet beings? Yes [Tim: n –
-- (wording… when stated as the bomb was made ineffective) y]

50. Off-planet beings were responding to requests by humans? YES [Tim: y]

End of dowse
10 September 2007 2:09 AM
Philip N. Ledoux


Philip N. Ledoux

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