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In Search Of The Perfect Soldier

By Philip N. Ledoux
October 25, 2005

In Search Of The Perfect Soldier. PR says "searching"; reality says "exists long ago"

25 October 2005


On your forum site there have been postings about implants or proposed implants in soldier’s brains; this was quite interesting to me. That's all PR bs. Has been done decades and decades ago, mostly without consent. I think I can add a bit of coherent logic to the puzzle.

I have implants in my mastoid sinuses (behind my ears). That operation was done 18 years ago, covered up as part of a hernia operation, but as the nurse in the VA recovery ward commented when awoke: “I’ve never heard of any hernia operation taking 5 hours”. Non-consensual, but all records other than a three-quarter-hour hernia operation are non-existent. Audibly I hear high pitched test signals. They have nothing to do with the auditory mechanics of hearing, because, as you will see, the normal hearing channels are bypassed. The implants operate on the electrical energy that the body generates naturally. The devices are nothing more than miniaturized crystal receivers which make them “narrow band” receivers. Actual transistors are tiny, the plastic package with the wires or legs on them are merely a lots of “stuffing” so that human hands can manipulate them in construction projects. Being tiny, they can be welded together on a thin film of mylar, rolled and inserted through a tiny hole and be non detectable by any of today’s technology (a CAT scan can see nothing smaller than the head of a paper match).

The controlling portion of the incoming signals are encoded or translated from regular waves into brain waves. This becomes the modulation part of the signals. When received and “detected” by the miniature crystals in the receivers, a brain-wave is released into the head which the brain hears instantly and acts upon because it is stronger than any body generated signals. The brain wave arrives test signal modulation on top of standard radio frequencies and are actually heard by the brain, somewhere in the 20,000 cycles per second range. That in itself is enough to dive a person “up the walls” and had I not been a well trained electronics engineer, which helped me figure this all out, I would have committed suicide long ago, just from the constant “screeching” which nobody but me can hear.

Hang in there, I’ll get to that damned soldier in a moment. Most readers need background to understand it all, and I dig out the crying towel to help you understand.

The real secret to these damned implants is that when any two signals exist simultaneously, two resultants instantly exist. As an example, one signal at 20,000 cps (hz) and another signal at 20,038 cps result in one signal 40,038 (the sum) and one signal of 38 cycles per second (the difference). The 40,038 has no effect on the brain; BUT the 38 cps signal is a key control cycle within the brain/body. If you measured a person who was “manic” and in the wide awake “manic state” you would record brain waves in the 38 cycle range. This, the brain latches onto and I am actually in the manic awake state even though I have to use toothpicks to keep my eyelids open, and I’m exhausted enough to not be able to stand up. The brain will absolutely not shut down and go into the sleep state. Via telephone monitoring (that mouthpiece is alive 24-7 when on the cradle) and more recently via remote viewing; whomever it is that is “watching over me” have great enjoyment giving me 4 hours of sleep and 4 hours of wakefulness, for days on end, or even keep me awake 24 hours to 36 hours at a stretch and right now they have me on a reverse night for day schedule. “Fun and games department” I jokingly call it. Please, please, look beyond the “me” in this story and try to understand the principles involved!

Many people say to me: Will Power can overcome anything. I have to agree. I hope you can understand the following which is related: If the difference between 2 signals I “hear” is 8 to 6 cps, that is the sleep state that my brain will respond to automatically. That I can fight and continue to function, a bit impaired but I can manage another hour or so if I am behind the wheel on the road. It is like holding a good load in one’s arms, tiring, aches, but one can hold it for quite some time and even longer than that if incentive is involved, but eventually the body flags, tires, meets its limits, and the load is dropped. Likewise I can fight sleep for about so long; it is a battle between man and a machine; eventually the machine wins. So, yes Will Power can fight, but within given limits.

Since around 4 or more decades ago, the experimenters have known the frequency that controls absolutely every body function you care to name. Some of their favorite games are for me to get an erection in the most compromising of circumstances, piss my pants or shit my drawers with absolutely no conscious control over it. Me being considered an old man, people tend to be forgiving.

Now, get off the empathy horse, try to mentally digest “all the above” and apply it to soldiers; the “perfect soldier”. On the battlefield, both friend and enemy have the technology I described applied to my self. In fact they could broadcast the “piss your pants” frequency onto the battle-field and everyone out there would do it. That could be an advantage and could come back to haunt the sender. All kinds of mind-control can be accomplished through broad coverage antennae; but the desired affect targets friends as well as enemy. The surrender technology [seen in Iraq in 1991 war] is similar, but it is a highly directional antenna on a helicopter beamed at seen soldiers with shielding to not affect the pilot and crew.

The only absolute solution to the problem is to have an implant within the soldier’s head. It doesn’t need to be in the “brain”, so discount 99% of the words in the news releases. All the implant has to do is be in touch with a bone in the head; in fact if a chip were touching the long bone of the arm, or a vertebrae below the shoulders, there is enough of a connection to telescope the brainwave to the brain and have the brain respond. If the implants use a crystal detector or crystal controlled receiver, the devices become extremely narrow beam width receivers. NOW the battle field commanders can literally have robot, flesh and blood killers out there, which the enemy cannot control unless they know the exact frequency the implants operate on. Now, the field commander can turn on the “stop excess blood flow in a wound” and “advance into the enemy”. That is the “science fiction” alluded to in the posts, but is reality in today’s world. ANYTHING the field commander desires a soldier to do, whether he wants to or not, is broadcast to the soldier and he instantly complies. The strength of these artificially received brain waves override any rational or irrational thoughts or reasonings the soldier might have.

The PERFECT SOLUTION the military has been looking for. If you understand the basic principles I have presented, then you should be able to see through the smoke and mirrors of the military obfuscation about mind-control, the development of the perfect soldier (flesh and blood semi thinking robot), and all the misleading PR that is coming down the pike.

Philip N. Ledoux


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