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By Philip N. Ledoux
April 26, 2006

This is a very rough overview of pleomorphs; hopefully it will help the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the human body and its many interactions with organisms.

Approximately every 100 years, a dedicated researcher discovers the pleomorphic cycle in the human body. Gaston Naessens is the last one I know of to make the discovery. He accomplished the feat in France, but because it upset so many apple carts he was banned from the country. He settled in Canada. Another Frenchman, Beauchamp made the same discoveries. Pasteur plagerized Beauchamp, but only partially; had Pasteur done a complete job, we wouldn’t be in the pickle we are in today. Before Beauchamp a German made the same discoveries and before him a Dutchman. All used different terminology, yet all were describing the same things.

The general idea of pleomorphism can be explained by using fly eggs. I learned to call those metallic colored flies that hang around rotting meat as “blue bottle flies” so bear with me if you learned them by a different name. If you teach these flies to deposit their eggs in a container, and then place rotting fruit in that container, the eggs will hatch into fruit flies. Amazing, no? The living organism within the egg senses what it will have to live upon and develops into the proper kind of fly. This ability to “switch hit” is called pleomorphism.

After Gaston Naessens settled in Canada, he again started publishing. On this side of the big puddle, there was much interest in his work, but the dark-field microscope turned into a curse rather than a blessing. Gaston worked under a dark-field microscope. The problem is that an experienced microscope operator can quickly switch to the dark-field, yet it takes several years to have a reasonable level of proficiency. Those who read Gaston’s published works would buy themselves a dark-field, run the experiments and see zilch, or at least nothing like Gaston was describing. The real problem was that the user needed two more years of experience to begin to really see what Gaston was seeing. The typical results ended with Gaston being labeled 'off-the-wall', 'dreamer', whatever. I first read about his work in the destroyed “Spotlight” some 20 years ago, and I believe that he is still living today although a very old man. I’ll try to continue with what I can remember.

Just as the Dutchman, the German and Beauchamp discovered, Gaston saw under his dark-field microscope pleomorphism taking place in human blood. (If I have the details askew, and a reader is aware of the error; please contact me or publish a correction.) Certain pathogens turn into bacteria which in turn, turn into virus. I do not remember whether the cycle was 3 step or 4 step. And the virus would change back into the pathogen. All these steps were mutually beneficial. The bacteria are scavengers, as well as the virus, which benefit the human, and the human in turn supply these scavengers with the environment to grow and live. And remember it is NOT ALL pathogens, bacteria and virus that do this.

The real interesting part of all this cycle is that if the human body deteriorates to a point that these pleomorphs recognize that the body is starting to die, these shift into a 12 or 14 step cycle which is designed to ensure the survival of these pleomorphs (or their primary stage) when the body actually dies. These pleomorphs no longer are mutually beneficial, but rather they fend for their own survival, as do all living things.

I know of nothing that we can do to enhance the mutually beneficial part of the cycle other than try to eat the “perfect diet,” keep body pH in the slightly alkaline state and go to the extremes as in raw eating, juicing, etc. All this being an objective to keep the body in a “non-dying” state to keep the beneficial cycles working.

Philip N. Ledoux

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