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New Outbreaks of Polio in Indonesia

Philip N. Ledoux
May 4 2005

Posted on a popular board recently:

Polio Detected in Indonesia, Indicating It Crossed an Ocean

02 May 2005

-- A case of polio has been detected in Indonesia [Gee, right after the U.S. military showed up to 'help,' in the aftermath of the tsunami. Holy coincidence, Batman! (But, not at all unexpected...)], World Health Organization officials said today.

The virus, found in a village in Java, is most closely related to a strain that was found in Saudi Arabia in December, they said, and the most likely explanation is that it was brought back either by an Indonesian working there or by a pilgrim [?!?] who went to Mecca in January. [Yeah, the *pilgrim* from Fort Detrick.]


To which Philip N. Ledoux responds (4 May 2005):

Prior to the release of the Salk Polio Vaccine, there had been many experiments conducted to stem the tide of polio outbreaks. One large-scale experiment was conducted in the Philadelphia. It was expected to see approximately 12 to 15 cases of polio during the summer of 1951. A well-coordinated campaign of radio, TV, newspaper adverts and pamphlets blanketed the area along with removal of soft-drink machines at swimming pools and other popular young people's gathering locations. The media message was to remove sugar from the diet because it was the common vector found in all polio cases in the area.

By the end of the polio season, there were 3 cases of polio; and in every case each victim had a high sugar intake. The results were never published because the Salk Vaccine had been decided to be the solution to polio and had just been released (1952).

I had bought some apparently "surplus" diet-guides/sugar story booklets about 5 years ago aimed at the Indonesian public. Sugar consumption had skyrocketed to the point where the health problems of Americans were the scourge of the Indonesians. It was the same health story that the "all natural" school had been publishing in the US since the 1950ies. In the booklet, one could easily identify products by leading American companies and international conglomerate food companies with an enticing Indonesian appealing name - all high consumption products in the "high profit", high sugar content category here in America.

Me thinks that polio has reared its ugly head in Southern Asia merely as the result of the population changing from a (native) diet that keeps the body slightly alkaline (no germs can grow) to swallowing the advertising hype of American based corporations pushing highly sugared foods which change the body to being highly acidic (germs flourish).

Just maybe a pilgrim from Fort Detrick helped; but it wouldn't be necessary. And obviously, the diet of the Saudi Arabians has been changed to being highly acidic to allow polio to germinate and establish a beach-head in the center of the holiest of sacred land to the Muslim world. It is not the transient pilgrim who will spread polio around the Muslim world, it is the heartless oriented, profit oriented, bottom line oriented food giants via their highly sugared foods who are spreading polio (and other diseases of civilization) around the world.

Philip N. Ledoux


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