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Economic Clues Point to a Rapid ENDING of Iraq War

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 8, 2006


Through the years I've learned to use tobasco sauce to hide the taste of the results of "open mouth, insert foot, chew vigorously." And again I'm going to walk on thin ice (in September) to make a prediction; it involves only pure logic; no psychic visions, no pendulum, no smelly feet.

The war in Iraq has protracted itself longer than WW II. Although the intellengencia are still using their sheepskins to pull the wool over our eyes about the sad affair, I believe the end is in sight; closer than the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Sheepskins and wool have been part of the modus operandi for millennia; it will continue to be so. Although a few brave souls have tried to tell about the inside workings of how the world is thoroughly manipulated, these brave souls have left enough clues, that when we put them all together, we can start to predict future events with a degree of certainty.

The cycle of manipulation is a 52 year cycle probably based on the relative positions of Earth-Venus-Mars, which have a 13, 26 and 52 year cycle. This cycle of manipulation looks like a 4 humped upper-case letter "M" something like "MM" with everything connected, and as the example demonstrates, the first and last halves are mirror images of each other. Wars occur above the horizontal mid-line of this "MM" The only exceptions I've found is Queen Ann's War and the VietNam War with both occurred on the last "M" and carried through the "V" part of "M." It should have stopped and then started again. During the "V" low, we peons do not have enough extra change in our pockets to support a war. Kent State was a dramatic response to not being able to support the war, and was at the exact bottom of that "V".

If we label this "MM" with the tops being 1, 2, 3, 4 in succession, currently we are at top #2, almost ready to drop down to the center of the mirror image. That means that the economy will drop way below the point that a society can maintain an ongoing war. The theoretical mid-point low is year 2010, and I've found that the real-estate market apparently starts the drops and ends the drops by sliding and recovering about a year in advance of the top and bottom. We are starting to hear that the house building market bubble has burst, which is a signal that the housing/real-estate market is about to slide dramatically.

All this indicates that the Iraq War is going to have to wind-down dramatically and quickly or TPTB are going to have more than Ken State II on their hands, more likely civil war or revolution, which they cannot afford. The change of the guard (via elections) will occur at exactly the 11th hour to start or prevent an uprising. The current administration seems hell-bent on continuing the Iraq War at any cost, therefore only a different team elected to office would create any change. Thusly, the Iraq War will come to an abrupt change/end come the election/inauguration.

Philip N. Ledoux

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