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The Queen Of England & Her Travels

By Philip N. Ledoux
May 26, 2006

The Queen has just completed a tour of Canada. This probably explains why the Chemtrail activity has come to a complete halt or has become an only occasional event for the past two weeks throughout the Northern belt of America and over Canada. But, there is something else to consider when the Queen visits any country. As you read this essay keep in mind that I am trying to emphasize a "Two Year Factor". My dates and names might be in slight error because all my reference materials have been lost in a created computer disaster and/or arson event. Read trying to see the "big picture" rather than being critical of exacting events.

Emperor Hirihito of Japan was awarded The Order Of The Garter, but when WW II started and Japan declared war on England, the Order was rescinded. Back around the administration of Richard Nixon, Hirihito was invited to England where he was reinstated into The Order Of The Garter. TWO YEARS LATER, our Secretary of State and President Nixon met Hirihito in Hawaii. Shortly thereafter Japan started its grand expansion on "all fronts". I had visited Japan (compliments of the U.S. Navy) in the late 1950ies; the "old ways" were still firmly established. After the meeting with Nixon there was a strong, continual wave of emulating the west in fashions, finance and social graces. Something that must have shocked most of the Japanese Culture. One could call it - the blossoming of manipulation. This period of time also coincided or pre-dated the transfer of the Queen's investments out of American Banks. She removed her investments from the Illinois National Bank two days prior to its collapse; thanks to a sharp auditor we know of the fact. Nobody has been able to trace where it went. It was all part of the spectacular rise in Japanese Banking influence in the world.

Sometime during the height of The Cold War the Queen visited Rumania. TWO YEARS LATER the United States donated a nuclear reactor with total construction of the facility free of charge. Remember, this was during The Cold War! Russia and its satellites were considered to be "enemy."

Back around the time of the Iran-Iraq War, the Queen visited Saudi Arabia. Never in the history of the Muslim World had a reigning woman been allowed to set official foot on Muslim soil! (I may have "enemy" and "friend" reversed?) At that time Saudi Arabia was friends with Iraq and enemy with Iran. TWO YEARS AFTER the visit, the Iran-Iraq War started. Now, strangely, Saudi Arabia was friend with Iran and enemy to Iraq! If you are familiar with Muslim history, once an enemy you are an enemy beyond the 100th generation. Strange indeed.

With this in mind, we can easily predict that IN TWO YEARS something BIG is going to occur in, by or through Canada. I personally do not have a clue as to what it might be. The Queen runs "damage control" for The Powers That Be; none of her trips are by accident, and most likely all fit the category of "damage control". If the reader can remember the target date of mid-2007 and keep tabs on Canadian events both major and minor, s/he will be able to know with quite some certainty what kind of a hammer is going to hit the gong in mid-2007.

Philip N. Ledoux

P.S. In my original research I had found 5 - two year factors after the events. I stopped at number 5 when all were identical script repeats except for the details involved. My memory doesn't bring up the other two events. Sorry about that. The world travels of the Pope are similar, although the time factor is much shorter.



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