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Regaining Children's Minds

[Ediotr's Note: I just attended a weekend conference and one of the speakers was Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Dept of Education, who wrote a terrific book called " The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" ( ) which is available as a FREE on-line download. Once you see the documents, you can no longer harbor any doubts that the agenda was intentional. It probably started in earnest with forced school busing in the 1960's and onwards. HOME SCHOOLING is the best way to go if you can do it, otherwise you must help other parents see the light and rattle the administrator's cages with an unflagging ferocity-as explained below....Ken]

By   Philip N. Ledoux
March 15, 2006 .shtml
This discussion is based on an article over at Rense:
Titled: Little Manchurian Candidates, By Matt James
When a child has learned how to read and love books prior to school, and gradually puts aside their favorite books, and becomes “hateful, angry, depressed and lashing out,” beware – something is wrong and nobody is going to tell you the truth. It comes from the completely re-written school texts used in the primary grades, which conditions the developing brain.
“The hidden agenda in the readers has created our victim culture, a generation of withdrawn and resentful children, alienated from themselves, their parents, society, books and ideas. They hang out with the crowd and participate in self-destructive behaviors that are commonplace today.  They spend a lot of time "doing nothing" with like-minded friends.  Passive-aggressive with suppressed individuality, they all seem cut from the same mold.  Self mutilation with tattoos and body armor is almost universal.  Some of their groups are virtually masochistic cults.”
  We have all wondered how our children, nieces/nephews and grandchildren are so different, so warped, so difficult to communicate with. For the last 20 years or more the social engineers have taken over the school text books and curriculum AND the mind of our teachers, to create these children, teens and young adults that totally baffle anyone over 30. It is no accident that two generations of young people have few social graces, no regard for parents and family, and no esteem for themselves or their own mind and body.
  You do not need to understand the technology of changing pictures via subliminal inserts so that they do not appear altered, you do not need to be a child psychiatrist nor an expert in propaganda; all you need to do is ask permission to read the first through third grade reading books or story time books that the teachers use. It is all right there blatantly staring you right in the face. Just reading these books puts a funny feeling in your head; what must it be doing to the children.
  As most of my “fans” know, I usually try give a solution  as I write these types of essays. If only one person is doing all the leg work, the school officials get suspicious quickly; so why not pull some child psychology on the staff just as they do on the children and ourselves when we inquire? You do not need to have a child in school, all you need is a interest is solving a problem of twisting, perverting and torturing school children and that child’s mind. You’ll need at least two helpers. If you can afford it buy the books being used, and/or ask for damaged copies. You’ll need the proof, so somehow smuggle or snitch a book or two. It would help if one person asked for a book or two, then another ask at another school, so that the eye of suspicion does not get aroused.
  With the genuine ammunition at hand, the “Committee of Three” can then compare notes about the blatant “conditioning” material in the books. Once this group has an understanding of what is in the books, it needs to be presented to the parents of the children who read this pure crap. Thusly someone needs to get a list of the first graders, the kindergarteners; all the names addresses and parents of the total class; this is not going to be easy and try to avoid newspaper advertisements, you do not want “administration” to have a clue. Use the MLM in home type of presentations. Work with a small group. If you are a committee of 3 that means that in one evening each can work with a group of parents in one parent’s home or in your home. One parent is enough. One coordinated evening, and most of the parents have been informed. You will have to make special arrangements to talk privately with those who have special hours and/or problems.
  The most difficult part of this “plan” is to play act correctly and not say too much. You do not want to overload the first grade parents’ minds! Most do not have a clue as to what is happening. Allow the seeds of though to generate. You do not need to tell the parents what to do, they have brains, let them try to talk it over with their spouses and get their wheels of thought turning. The real trick is to avoid too much gestation time in this phase of the attack.
  Now to the core of the plan and solution. If the schools are conditioning and brainwashing “our” children, why allow them to attend school? The more conditioning, the more alienation of parent to child, the more damage done. The mind is being poisoned a little at a time, do you want the poisoning to continue? This should be rather obvious, although some parents might need help in understanding.
  If all the parents assembled en masse in the school principle’s office or the school superintendent’s office the “royal run-around” or “nothing I can do” or “you’ll have to go to the state” merry-go-round will be instigated. These “powers” just love to send us off “tilting windmills” and laugh up their sleeves while pointing us in the wrong direction. So, hit ‘em where it counts; in boxing it would be illegal; but we are working with illegal programs – tit for tat. Think of this for just a moment: What would happen if all the first graders didn’t show up for school on Monday? And Tuesday? And every inquiry by the school principal, class teacher, or official were met with the same answer, the same identical answer from every parent “I refuse to cooperate in my child’s brainwashing.” Do not give officialdom another clue. And if you were lucky and managed to convince the Kindergarten parents, on Wednesday ALL the kindergarten children do not show up for classes?
  If only 3 or 4 students didn’t show up for classes for enough days, the parents could be hauled off to various types of courts on various types of charges. But, if you tip off the press at the last minute, how can the total class’s parents be hauled off to jail? They will threaten, scream obscenities and pound fists on desks; but when everybody refuses to cooperate, the “powers” are impotent. It would be an excellent idea to have a set of recommended books in “the plan” to offer as the negotiating wedge. When the other books are thrown out and the new books installed, then and only then will the children return to school.
  Obviously much leg work is going to be needed to find someone to care for a child while the parent has to go to work, not easy, but all part of the plan.
  Philip N. Ledoux

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