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Reply to Debi (about dowsing)

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 14, 2006

Re: "What's up with this?" (Sep. 13, 2006)


Believe it or not, I do worry about reader's reputations. When I read responses like yours, I have an urge to give up dowsing. And another obvious, although not asked question would be " why don't you close up the dowsing  shop?" and move onto other more interesting pursuits?

In 1986, I became a non-consensual gine-pig, although it took years and years of confusion to figure it out. Like you Debi, I became a laughing-stock as I tried to explain what was happening to me every day of my life (my medical records still have me down as having "bad tinnitus" which I do not have). Nobody could hear or see what I was experiencing. Luckily the equipment (control of my mind) equipment technicians made many blunders as technicians, which clued me that I wasn't going crazy. Those blunders kept me sane, although "laughing stock" stuck with me for years. I vowed that I would get even with the bastards somehow, and keep at it until I could no long breathe.

Gradually, through trial and error, I learned how to explain to people the hows and wherefores of our hidden government. Got a lot of egg on my face, but eventually learned how not to attract eggs and garbage. Since I found the internet, I've found many a victim worse off than myself; and these types of boards seem to attract people who understand. After I gained some resulting stability, I learned to dowse in Scotland, and learned to perfect the art here in USA with the aid of many people, especially help in the etheric. Gradually my dowsings became quite reliable. Out of curiosity I dowsed many a government made event, which led me to logically understand that dowsing should be only used constructively, although in dowsing hidden government backed events, I was in a round-about way getting my long desired revenge without realizing it. With age, I've learned that revenge is self-defeating, so I merely try to spread truth around. Not very strangely, when the messenger bears too much truth. they are shot, at least that is what all military people quickly come to learn.

Ken explained it exceptionally well. If we find out about a secret plan or secret operation and expose it, usually that plan or operation is "scrubbed" and they all go back to the drawing board again. For example (I've never written about this) I had dowsed that there would be a state-wide severe earthquakes before Thanksgiving, and the date was set for the operation to begin using HAARP and other related equipment working together. A fellow whom I'd done much dowsing for and his friends on his board, cleverly got me on IM [Instant Messenger] before the predicted event, and kept me chatting with him until the event was to occur. He was highly interested because he had convinced friends in California to evacuate.

About an hour before the planned event, he very casually asked me to dowse again about the earthquake. I started getting contrary readings on my pendulum. My military training prodded me to ask a few key questions.

Is the planned earthquake scrubbed? "NO"

Is the planned earthquake "on hold"? "YES" Hmm.

Are the technicians making bets (office pool) on the next possible rescheduling? "YES"

An hour or so after the original scheduled event, everything was called off. My friend asked specifically if our internet conversations had anything to do with calling off the event, and I got a "YES"

I got a lot of flak about that supposed non-event; although I thought I had hit it correctly and the exposure had scrubbed the event. That is when I started to wake up and think better. I contacted all the psychic friends I knew (all on the internet) and explained the scrub and rescheduling. These friends called in ET help to destroy the equipment and the predicted rescheduling did not transpire. More flak, but I learned a lot in the process.

Yes, Debi it looks like I've lost my touch, but your friends probably wouldn't accept how many people get involved as the results of my and many another person's dowses, which result in etheric interference or mitigation of the predicted events. Tim is an excellent dowser and tipped me off to hurricane Ernesto, yet I got the credit (many other similar events Tim finds the event, and I get the credit). It turned into a non-event; which I was very pleased about. I lived through the hurricane of '38 and have vivid memories; I would never wish those memories on anyone! So, when others pick up on my hurricane predictions and the hurricane fizzles from etheric interference, I am very happy.

There are a few psychic groups that I send all my dowses to. We laugh about their combined efforts making me look foolish, yet they take all my dowses seriously. And many a time Ken has published one of my "Need Help" dowses, which has always resulted in negating or mitigating the planned event.

Philip N. Ledoux

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