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New Hampshire Republicans Told to Stand Down for Obama?

From Philip Ledoux
November 2, 2008

New Hampshire Republicans Told to Stand Down for Obama? (Nov. 2, 2008)


I am observing a strange series of events as we approach this election, something I’ve never seen before.

Per usual the “paper weeds” sprout thick and thicker along the roadsides and community patches of grass. On private property the paper weeds are partisan which is normal.

The abnormal thing is the activity from Republican headquarters locally. As one drives by the Obama store-front temporary headquarters, there is always activity; and out on the heavy traffic intersections there they are with placards, sign-boards and T-bars with paper weeds on them; 10 to 15 strong at many intersections. Republican headquarters look empty, maybe a lone soul attending a desk. Absolutely zero activity around town!! It is as though an order came from on high telling the local Republicans to “stand-down” “do nothing” “allow Obama take the field”. Never in all my life have I seen such inactivity on the part of one party!

Philip N. Ledoux

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