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Big Brother Highway Surveillance:
Tim Hick's Dowse on Covert RFID 'Readers'

By Timothy W. Hicks <>
(Dowse confrmed by Phil Ledoux)
April 13, 2008

Big Brother Highway Surveillance: Tim Hick's Dowse on Covert RFID 'Readers' (April 13, 2008)

I have noticed over the last six to ten months that the interstate and major highway roads in some cities, including St. Louis, Missouri and Indianapolis, Indiana are being installed with a new type of surveillance equipment. These appear to be a plastic box mounted on a pole or tower and usually spaced about one half mile apart and at highway entry and exit ramps.

The ones mounted on a pole usually have what looks like a solar collection panel attached to it. The ones mounted on a tower do not have this solar collection panel. Some units have a camera mounted to them. These plastic box looking units could be Radio Frequency Identifying (RFID) units and the panels that look like solar collectors could also be satellite transceivers. The units mounted on existing towers would not need solar power or transceivers as the tower is most likely already capable of supplying these functions. These units do not give any observable signal or message to highway drivers. They appear to be for data collection.

I suspect that if the vehicle that's traveling past these units had a Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) chip transmitting unit somewhere on the vehicle, then whoever might be monitoring this system, could track a vehicle on a computer screen. Also, if these plastic looking box units were capable of sending a specific microwave electronic signal, they could disable a vehicle by stopping the on-board computer controlling the engine, similar in the way that OnStar works from a satellite.

I suspect that these RFID sending units are fitted in later model vehicles during manufacture, most likely in the on-board computer. It is also likely that the newer nationally unified driver's license is fitted with some kind of RFID sending unit. Is it possible that this is a system intended to track any individual? There already exists the capability to track a person from their cell phone, their wireless laptop computer, their GPS units that are so popular, the on-board vehicle systems such as OnStar, and also services like XM radio.

What would be the need for this type of system ?

Answer: If travel were to become restricted by the Department of Homeland Security or some other agency "acting for our safety and security", then vehicular travel would have to be approved by law enforcement. This monitoring system could possibly dispatch some sort of "safety agent" to question and perhaps apprehend any non-conforming traveler. This could be done without major interruption to the approved travelers.

I dowsed this scenario and obtained the following answers. Phil Ledoux (PNL) checked to verify my results.

April 8 Dowse on the subject of highway RFID surveillance boxes and high tech aerial surveillance platforms:
[PNLs' verification dowse results and additions are in brackets] Thank you PNL

1.Are these plastic looking box units RFID reading units? yes [verify]

2.Are the panels that appear to be solar collectors actually solar collectors? yes [verify]

3.Are the solar collector panels also used as information transfer? yes [verify]

4.Are the RFID reading units tied together in a network? yes [verify]

5.Is this network to used to monitor all traffic? yes [possibly yes, possibly no]

6.Is the "stated" use for this systems to be only for traffic flow enhancement? yes [verify]

7.Is the "real intended" use of this system (by the system designers) to be citizen control? yes [verify]

8.Is the funding for this system from Homeland Security? yes [verify]

9.Is the funding for this system disguised to obscure where it is from? yes [maybe]

10.Is there a RFID sending unit installed in the new generation drivers license of all states? yes [no read] [installed in some states? Yes]

11.Can this RFID sending unit be detected by x-ray of the license? yes [possibly yes, possibly no]

12.Will x-ray examination of the license disable the RFID sending unit? yes [verify]

13.Can this RFID sending unit be destroyed by microwave such as in an oven? yes [verify]

14.Could this cause damage to the microwave oven? yes

15.Microwaving in an oven could also destroy the license by melting? yes [Verify]

16.Are these plastic looking boxes capable of sending a signal to somehow effect a target vehicle? yes [Verify]

17.Could these be used in the same fashion as police now use spiked stop sticks to stop a vehicle? yes [Verify]

18.Will these systems need to retrofitted or modified to be used in this manner? yes [Verify]

19.As most of these are installed, they are not capable of such activity? yes [Verify]

20.Thus initial installation appears to be only for improved traffic flow? yes [No read]

21.The retrofit/modification could be done openly by uniformed military to stress the Homeland defense facade? yes [Verify]

22.In my recent travels along interstate I-40 did I visually see another layer of citizen monitoring ? yes [More info needed]

23.I recall a metallic looking blimp shaped object that was stationary in the sky, is this memory correct? yes [Verify]

24.This object was south of the city of Deming, New Mexico? yes [Verify]

25.Was it 5 to 10 miles south of the city? yes [Verify]

26.Was it 5,000 to 10,000 feet above the ground level? yes [Verify]

27.The wind was strong at ground level, was it also strong at the altitude of the object? yes [Verify]

28.Despite the strong wind, the object did not appear to move or dip or be effected by the wind, is this memory correct? yes [Verify]

29.Is it possible for a conventional blimp to remain unmoving in those conditions for the extended time that I observed that object? yes [Verify, using GPS feedback system? Yes]

30.Was this object a conventional lighter than air blimp? yes [Verify]

31.Did this object have conventional engines to navigate with? yes [Verify]

32.Did it have any other unconventional means of propulsion or navigation? yes [Verify]

33.Did it have unconventional means of both propulsion and navigation? yes [Verify]

34.Definition of unconventional is technology not available commercially or publicly? yes [Verify]

35.Could this technology be described as anti-gravitational? yes

36.Was the use of this technology the reason I did not observe any effects of the wind on the object? yes [Verify]

37.Does this object also have technology to reduce its' visibility from the ground? no [Yes]

38.Does technology exist to reduce visibility of such objects? yes [Verify]

39.Was this object a platform from which the same type of observation/control system as described above for use at roadside is used? yes [Verify]

40.This would be a larger more complex system able to observe more space, and a greater number of targets? yes [Verify]

41.Is this system able to gather some limited biometric information about an individual person on the ground? yes [Verify]

42.Does this system work in the same manner on aircraft in the air? yes [Verify]

43.Does this larger more complex system require the RFID sending units to be attached to the target? yes [No read]

44.Would this larger more complex system "see" a person without a drivers license containing RFID? yes [Verify]

45.Does this larger more complex system use the human biological system as a RFID sending unit? yes [Verify]

46.Thus the needed RFID sending unit is already biologically "attached" to the target and a RFID sending unit installed in the vehicle or drivers license would not be needed? yes [Verify]

47.Are there more of these platform objects in existence? yes [Verify]

48.Are some currently deployed and active around other cities and locations? yes [Verify]

49.Up to 10 units deployed? yes [Verify]

Phil Ledoux Questions:
[ Tim Has seen two completely independent systems? Yes]
[ Homeland Security is testing cost efficiency of systems? Yes]
[ Homeland Security is cross-testing systems effectiveness? Yes]

end of dowse

This dowse paints a picture that we should take a long, hard look at. If none of the information contained here is accurate, then why have these units been installed along the roadside and what potential use could they be made to serve?

Prior to April 1st, I produced a dowse that talked about a run on the banking system, a mentally impaired president being replaced, war with Iran, and man-made "natural disasters". As of today, none of these precise things have been reported in the mainstream news. Does this mean the information in the April 1st dowse was/is incorrect? Please let me explain that I don't think so.

The mainstream media is reporting the following: The banking system is in turmoil and the Federal Reserve is seizing incredible and sweeping new powers, but no banking system collapse. War with Iran seems unavoidable but has not happened yet. The wild weather has brought major flooding and a record smashing start to tornado season but no major Earthquakes. I don't make these observations to justify the dowse. I just want to make the point that we as a group of concerned, powerful, creating human beings are changing (for the better) the plans that were the basis for that dowse.

I mention this to congratulate us, celebrate our budding and blooming success, and also and most importantly, to encourage each of us to further engage with more passion and focus and desire. To do more than change for the better, but actually create the reality we wish to live in. Once more, congratulations!! We are doing the right stuff. We need so much more of it!!

Thanks and gratitude to the nonphysical helpers that have responded in untold ways because we have called and invited them into action on our behalf!

Timothy W. Hicks


Covert Surveillance Agenda Attached to Mandatory HD TV Conversion? (April 12, 2008)


Subject: Tim Hicks Dowse
From: Jim
Date: Tue, April 15, 2008
To:   Editor

We have noticed here in Ohio that at most of the highway interchanges there are high light poles (with multiple lights) that all have antennas on the top of them. Have also seen these while traveling in other states--always at interchanges. Have searched the net for any company that makes these "types" of lights and have, come up empty. RFID or something that can EMP cars seems likely--or, perhaps just used in place of the "old" light sensors that turned them on at dark in the past?

Just food for thought.



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