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Dowsing Session on the Ruins of City of Kadath Found in Antartica,
New Schwabenland, and Inner Earth

By Philip N. Ledoux
April 26, 2005

(The following post on chemtrailstrackingusa3 led to an interesting dowse, found after the message. Philip N. Ledoux)

From: steven dainis <platinumchi2u@...
Date: Mon Apr 25, 2005 9:33 pm
Subject: Ruins of City of Kadath found in ANTARTICA

What would the NSA be doing barring access to there?

It is long been stated that the 3rd Reich before it was destroyed in Europe had emigrated here to survive in case the 3rd Reich movement failed. New Schwabenland it was/is called, and the 4th Reich headquarters. I believe in 1947, the US Naval fleet got their asses kicked going down there, too. But that was covered up and the CIA was formed that year. NSA formed in 1949.

Now, the poles are entrances to inner worlds and civilazations. They have had plenty of time to make alliances with inner-world folks by now. Maybe they are connected to inner-world Draco leadership headquarters, but I highly doubt that aspect. More like humans, that splintered away eons ago, and continued on inner-Earth and thrived unhindered. I don's see how bloodthirsty butchers (4th Reich) could form alliances with an advanced form of benevolent humans, but anything is possible. I don't have time to lay out my thoughts, but this posting I'm forwarding here is genuine. (Philip? pendulum? How about 20 questions? I KNOW you are very busy.....sorry.....I hadda ask!!) Steven.

26 April 2005 02:37

Dowse on: Ruins of City of Kadath found in ANTARTICA

"What would the NSA be doing barring access to there?"

Is NSA barring access? Yes

Is NSA the ultimate authority in that local? No

Is ONI [Office of Naval Intelligence] above NSA? Yes

Is ONI above NSA in that juristiction? Yes

The Russians originally bored and found the lake? Yes

The Americans then tunneled to the location? Yes

Did Americans use the atomic tunneling machine? Yes

"New Schwabenland"

Does New Schwabenland exist in Antantartica? Yes

Is it considered the Fourth Reich? Yes

Is New Schwabenland near Kadath? No

Is New Schwabenland approximately the same depth as Kadath? Yes

Are the Americans in friendly contact with New Schwabenland? No

New Schwabenland has superior technology to the Americans? Yes

Was Admiral Byrd sent with an expedition in 1947 to Antartica? Yes

To destroy New Schwabenland? Maybe

A show of force to then negotiate? Yes

New Schwabenland had the superior force? Yes

Which forced Byrd to retreat? Yes

No negotiations were accomplished? Yes

Is the earth hollow? Yes

Does this inner earth have a central sun? Yes

Is there an advanced civilization in the inner earth? Yes

Factually reported in Admiral Byrd's "diary"? Yes

The inner earth is populated by giants? Yes

The inner earth is populated by normal sized humans? Yes

There are two civilizations living harmoniously together? Yes

Is New Schwabenland in communication with these civilizations? Yes

The poles are the entrance to the inner earth? Yes

Always have been? Yes

Have previous civilizations tunneled to the inner earth? No

Has New Schwabenland tunneled to the inner earth? No

Has New Schwabenland made physical contact with the inner earth civilizations? Yes

Via the pole openings? Yes

Has New Schwabenland and Inner Earth made alliances? Yes

Have "Dracos" contacted Inner Earth? No

Have Reptilians contacted Inner Earth? No

Does Inner Earth know about Dracos? Yes

Does Inner Earth know about Reptilians? Yes

Are Inner Earth Civilizations "benevolent"? Yes

Are Inner Earth Civilizations war-like? No

If war were brought to the inner earth, the Inner Earth has neutralizing weapons? Yes

Non destructive type weapons? Yes

Neutralize anything? Yes

Similar to Admiral Byrd's diary? Yes

Are New Schwabenland people allowed to live in the Inner Earth? No

The poisoning and polluting of earth's surface does not affect the inner earth people? Yes

Because of human's polluting (etc.) they are not allowed in the Inner Earth? Yes

Through history a few humans have entered the Inner Earth? Yes

These humans have been allowed to live there? Yes

These humans have been allowed to cohabit there? No

Inner Earth fear that interbreeding would introduce destruction? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux

P.S. Steven, I was curious before I got to your request. : )


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