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Philip N. Ledoux
May 28, 2005


I've helped several people cure their cancers through the years. One has to be careful, so my method is education. There are many solutions to cancer! Back in the early 1980ies I corresponded briefly with a fellow who lost his wife to cancer and then discovered the truth. He found over 5 dozen cures, and as he approached the mid 20th century, most of the inventors or discoverers were killed.

Being from New Hampshire I was highly interested in one of the "gems" he unearthed, although not directly connected to cancer: Around early 1800s, due to pressure from other practicing doctors, a gifted doctor, who was curing most of his patients, was forced by a law passed in the New Hampshire legislature to charge his patients, and not help them for free.

As you are so well aware of the dirty laundry in the organized health field, there isn't a dirty, unethical, twisted mentality modality they wouldn't try on the patient or the inventor of a cure. Here is one you should check up on, or have someone help you (I am not able to buy the books necessary to do so).

Many a year ago I bought Hulda Regehr Clark's "The Cure For All Diseases". In that book she graciously gives the circuitry for the Zapper, drawn out for a technically minded person and also for an electronic klutz. So, having been an electronics tech for many a moon, I drew up a printed circuit, bought the parts, did a little soldering, and voilà a non-working device! I rechecked my work for two days! Everything done per drawing. I went back to Radio Shack and luckily bought the last mini-engineering manual on the 555 chip. On one of the pages was a nearly identical circuit that Hulda's son must have used as a model.

Here's where it can get "sticky". I have the edition published (U.S.) by ProMotion Publishing, 3368F Governor Drive Suite 144, San Diego, CA 92122, (800)-231-1776, ISBN 1-887314-02-4. In the patent page it refers to Hulda's other books "The Cure For All Cancers" and "The Cure For HIV And AIDS"

The Zapper schematic is on page 22. The thing of note is that pin 5 of the 555 chip is used with a capacitor (C-3) to ground. In all the circuits I've seen using the 555 chip, pin 5 is not used and some authors state flatly that it is NEVER used. I then removed the seemingly offending capacitor, and voilà the Zapper worked! Upon further examination, I discovered that all the text included this guaranteed part to make the device fail covered 5 pages of text. In other words, the publisher must have re-drawn (added one part) to the original Clark schematic, so that it would NOT work. Sabotage, pure and simple. And to make certain any and all attempts to try would fail, 5 pages of text were also altered to include the failure-guaranteed part.

Interestingly, while in Scotland in 1999, I happened upon a quality book-store and it did have the self-same book I had, with the non-workable schematic in it! I quietly added a note on a scrap of paper into the book at page 22 on how to make it work, and put it back on the shelf.

In a letter to the editor, you gave the address were to buy Hulda's books as: New Century Press, 1055 Bay Blvd. Ste. C., Chula Vista, CA 91911. It would be an excellent idea to make certain you are not recommending a book with sabotaged schematics. It is highly probable that the old text and drawings were merely moved from prior editions to current printing editions. My original thinking was this: Hulda must have been so busy when the book went to the publisher's that she didn't have time to check every little detail, (which TPTB planned on), and thusly the sabotage was not caught and most likely approved by Hulda (unknowingly). It is only fools like us (ha ha ha) who would think to check such little things. You are badly overworked, and I'm badly bent in the financial department. I jokingly say to you - the ball is now in your court.

Philip N. Ledoux



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