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Seeds of Thought for Germination

By Philip N. Ledoux <>
April 26, 2008

Tim, Glen and Ken,

This comes in two parts; #1 the destruction of food and #2 Damage Control by TPTB

#1 I’m normally healthy, very rarely sick, although I’ll admit to waking up some mornings and saying “to hell with the work, I’m loafing today, although I consider that a privilege of older age. Remember the fiasco over the eColi in the spinach and the irradiation mandate to expose all spinach to killing rays, which in actuality killed the nutritive goodness of the spinach. I read a nice article at the time which concluded that the incident was merely a foot in the door to kill all our foods. I think the following is the ongoing portion of that program.

Last Sunday I bought a bunch of 3 nice fist sized beets with the greens. I immediately juiced one of them greens and all. All was OK. Wednesday I juiced the second one, and within 6 hours had diarrhea that lasted a few hours; I blamed it on something else. Friday (yesterday) I juiced the last one at 8 AM. By 1 PM I had the worst case of diarrhea I ever experienced, lasted full force for 6 hours and still has the upper hand as I write (8 PM Saturday). For at least 20 years I’ve juiced my own and commercial beets with no problems, and I’ve carefully eliminated everything except the beets as the cause. To me this indicates that in the inspection process or line of supply someone is purposefully contaminating (in this case) beets. Refrigeration only slows down bacterial growth, never stops it; so, each passing 3 days it intensifies. I’m certain I wasn’t targeted, because the store I bought them at, I’m very erratic in my shopping habits, so I merely became a random target, who was supposed to see the doctor which would have given TPTB feedback; but they aren’t going to get any feedback, at least from that route.

[Note from Ken Adachi: There are a number of ways to neutralize pathogens such as E-coli found in contaminated vegetables or fruits. One of the easiest methods uses pool bleach. Go to a pool supply store and buy a 4 gallon case of 12% pool bleach that has "NSF" (National Standards Foundation) stamped on it. Fill a large stainless steel bowl or the kitchen sink with water, add one ounce of the pool bleach, and soak your veggies for 10 mintues or so. Then rinse three times with clean water ]

#2: Pope Benedict visited New York and Washington a week ago (Thursday and Friday?) 17 & 18 April. Wasn’t that the same time that the Upper Madrid earthquake (5.1) occurred? And the earthquake was right smack in the middle of the area of the worst of the backlash of sexual abuse by priests? That in itself was interesting. Tim dowsed that the earthquake was a “testing and calibration” exercise. I read a nice article in OpEdNews by a Catholic who thought that the visit to America was an apology to American Catholics for the past abuses by priests; but as the author continued, it isn’t restricted to America, it is world-wide. I think the author was honest, yet it served to act as a smoke screen for the visit.

As we all know, none of the top PTB make trips for pleasure, they make trips to do damage control. It is far enough away from upcoming elections to not arouse suspicions, but I’m suspicious that the “infighting” has gone a tad too far, and the boss had to chastise the players and remind them of the goal, the objective, the fleecing of America. Has the decision been made that Bush will be the dictator? Who knows? I offer all this as a seed of thought. I’m in no shape to dowse this, so I leave it up to more capable minds.

Philip N. Ledoux

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