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911 Shell Game

[Editor's Note: Unknown to Philip, I had a phone conversation some months ago with a man who was a doorman for a hotel in New York that was only a few blocks from the WTC. He had observed large trucks, normally used for trash and garbage collection, hauling away dead bodies in black body bags . He told me that the trucks ONLY contained dead people in body bags. The point of his call was the fact that these trucks ran by his hotel all day long -for three weeks running. His conclusion was that many, many more people had died in the World Trade Centers than what was being reported by the media...Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
April 30, 2005

The following paragraph was recently posted on a board that I’m active on. Obviously the woman has connected a lots of dots through the years. “Blabbermouth” is an excellent writer and she is able to make the reader fell her own sentiments well. I am certain you, the reader, would be interested in how obscure individuals connected into the 911 disasters. Following her excellent snippet of information is my own thoughts that got triggered reading this paragraph.

April 29, 2005

The moment I heard about 911 (via a phone call) and turned on TV to watch the horrible debacle of smoke, flames, terrified ground-based observers, etc. I knew in my heart, guts and every sensory/instinctual perception I possess WHO was truly responsible. I've carried this around inside of me since then, not wanting to be "tarred and feathered" and labled a "conspiracy nut" and other nasties in the very beginning. There has NEVER been any doubt in my mind as to who was responsible for the deaths of thousands in those Trade Towers, not to mention the Firefighters and others trying to save lives. At the time, I was working for a high-end wine distributor and one major client alone consisted of 18 persons officed in the Towers, several of whom "we" had met personally when they visited our area and we took them on some enjoyable and informative tours & tastings by visiting various top-end wineries, etc. Great folks who loved California. The entire staff was wiped out and we weeped!

30 April 2005

Blabbermouth’s poignant experiences relating to WTC clients triggered some little known facts in my mind. Sorry if I’ve posted these before.

I have found that in any “official” death count you can multiply by 10, and on occasion, by 100. The official count in the WTC deaths is 3,000. Multiply by 10, that’s 30,000. Several high rise safety investigators have stated that in the allotted time, and the known occupancy, that at least 35,000 to 40,000 people died in the tragedy.

How can the insurance industry pay for all those death claims? There was a clever cover-up or redistribution of increased premiums to pay and still maintain profits. In New Hampshire the seller of goods takes responsibility for the sold goods causing injuries and death. Across the river in Vermont, it is the fabricator, manufacturer or maker of goods who takes the responsibility. This type of insurance coverage tripled in cost immediately after 911; and if you know the right people, they admit that it is to cover the insurance costs from 911.

Whether it is the merchant or the maker who pays for the insurance, you can bet your bottom dollar that you and I the consumer cover those costs in the price we pay for the goods we buy. A clever shell game, yes?

Philip N. Ledoux


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