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The Use of Tonal Frequencies to Enhance, Heal, & Rejuvenate

[Editor's Note: This is an important article to read and study carefully. I suggest that you print it out so you can review it at your leisure and allow the full implications of this information to sink in. One of the 'secrets' of the universe, is the creative application of sound frequencies. John Worley Keely discovered this creative use of musical frequencies in the late nineteenth century and accomplished amazing feats that defied conventional physics and confounded the academicians of his day.

A film was made in the Himalayas in the 1930's showing a group of Tibetan monks, who with the use of ordinary Tibetan musical instruments, would gather into a pie-shape configuration and direct their playing towards a huge boulder that was located on the ground roughly one hundred fifty feet away and at the base of sheer rising mountain wall. About three minutes after the 'concert' began, the boulder began to vibrate and lift off the ground. A moment later, it shot up about 150 feet into the air and landed on a ledge above it, where other monks were using the boulders to seal the entrance of meditation enclaves that they had cut into the sides of the mountain.

Today, many people are enjoying a brisk business over the internet selling supplemental products or liquids that are 'encoded' with "special energies". Those "energies" are usually very specific sound, light. or color frequencies, or sometimes a combination of same. You can do your own "encoding" of food, water, or even gasoline, and reap the benefits without shelling out $40, $50, or $60 bucks for a 16 oz bottle of Wonder Elixir. You can also do many other things in a creative vein using the appropriate sounds or combination of sound frequencies. But first, you need to acquire a basic understanding of the principles involved in the creative application of sound energies and this article will serve as a good primer in that regard. In addition to Philip Ledoux's info, I'll be adding some additional explanations from the book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse referenced below, to further expand your education on this subject.

If you don't already own a frequency generator, you can get a free software download from NCH called the NCH Tone Generator. I'll be uploading another article soon which will explain the different types of frequency generators available and how to use them.

As synchronicity would have it, I was talking with a very helpful woman yesterday who I'll identify as "DRE". She put me onto a healing Shinto chant from Japan that was producing remarkable results for her. Using specific vocal sounds, uttered in a specific order, is another way to access the creative power inherent in sound. You can find her e-mail to me about the Shinto chant at the bottom of this article.

You should notice that as the Dark Side attempts to draw in their net and consolidate their New Order agenda, the Light Side counters with more and more "new stuff" to help you meet the challenge. This is one of the biggest reasons you should avoid wasting your time with people who peddle Doom & Gloom scenarios or attitudes of defeatism. The Law of Attraction is always at work, as the recent video "The Secret" makes clear. You attract to yourself, the same energy which you put out. Think negative, you get negative. Think positive, you get positive-and bounty.

Solfeggio, when used by musicians, means the ability to sight read music and sing the notes accurately (pitch wise) without the use of a musical instrument. For the purpose of this article, Solfeggio refers more to the notes of the diatonic music scale, known by everyone as "Do, Re, Mi,. etc. ..Ken]

By Philip N. Ledoux
December 1, 2006


I have been a musician most of my life, and math has been one of my favorite subjects since primary school days. As a 26 year old man, the Navy taught me that there is more to electricity and electronics than the "on-off" switch. When I read Dr. Len Horowitz & Dr. Joseph Puleo's "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse" which introduced the Solfeggio Frequencies, I was hooked.

Just recently, I encountered the extended Solfeggio Frequencies (I'm not certain whether it was a joint Horowitz & Puleo effort, or individual effort) and the suggested health possibilities are astounding. Gradually, other possibilities developed in my mind (and maybe others have done the same). I try not to plagiarize others, yet I seem to get inspirational ideas beyond the work of others whom I've encounter. Do realize that all the presentations I make here are the work of Horowitz & Puleo and others. All that I am currently attempting to do is to extend the application of the Solfeggio Frequencies.

TPTB give me a difficult time via the internet; thusly these pages will be sent to you as #1 of 6, #2 of 6, etc. I seem to have less failed deliveries this way. The Solfeggio "wheels" of necessity cannot be sent as a text file. They were developed in MS Word. Sometimes Word-documents deliver without a problem, other times they are garbled. Kindly give me some feed-back as to success or failure of delivery. Do realize that the "wheels" are not of my generation, I merely re-invented the wheel in MS Word so that my archival system is consistent.

Part 1 is this cover letter; part 2 is the background as I understand and collected information about; part 3 is the dowsing verification of ideas I had about the Frequencies (in the dowse, the format is: my original text with dowse-answers in braces and hopefully those dowse-answers are in a contrasting color); parts 4 and 5 are the redrawing of the Solfeggio wheel in MS Word; and part 6 is nothing more than the math work of developing the primary harmonics developed. Parts 4 through 6 are as an attachment because it is the only means I have of forwarding the drawings.

I shared preliminary ideas with friends, who in turn suggested that I forward the materials to specific individuals. It has taken a bit of time to put it all together logically. Tim, the dowser does not reflect my opinion about the difficulty of beating TPTB at their game of control. I personally have had close encounters with the enforcers of TPTB and am still "gun shy." My logical mind says that if we are able to apply the Solfeggio Frequencies as my original dowse lead me to, those individuals could be prime targets and live miserable lives should they take the results into high profile. The reason I try to get wide publication for even preliminary information is the relative safety of many minds and individuals working on similar (if not identical) solutions; TPTB have no clues as to whom picked up on the ideas presented when published, thusly nothing to work with as counter-actions until the end results surface.

Philip N. Ledoux

In Healing Codes for the Biological apocalypse Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph S. Puleo published the Secret Solfeggio Frequencies. Basically it is the "Doe, Rae, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doe" diatonic scale which we all learn in the first few grades of school.

Over time, the pitch of this diatonic scale has changed and somehow Horowitz and Puleo found the original pitch frequencies.

In the Solfeggio, "Ti" is missing and what we call "Doe" was known as "Ut". Here are the original pitch frequencies of these six notes:

1. Ut = 396Hz which reduces to 9 [reducing numbers: 3+9 = 12 = 1 + 2  = 3 ; 3+ 6 = 9]
2. Re = 417Hz which reduces to 3
3. Mi = 528Hz which reduces to 6
4. Fa = 639Hz which reduces to 9
5. Sol = 741Hz which reduces to 3
6. La = 852Hz which reduces to 6

They also state that Mi is for "Miracles" or 528Hz - is the exact frequency used by genetic engineers throughout the world to repair DNA.

Another interesting tidbit that the authors included as a musical scale with words, from the work of John Keely; where Keely related the hues (not pigment colors) of light related to musical notes. On the "G-Clef" with "C" being the first line below the staff and continuing up the scale and up the staff:

C = Red = Tonic
D = Orange = Super Tonic
E = Yellow = Mediant
F = Green = Sub Dominant
G = Blue = Dominant
A = Indigo = Super Dominant, Sub Mediant
B = Violet = Leading Tone, Sub Tonic
C = Red = Octave

Also included with this chart was another from the Dinshah Health Society:

Red = 397.3Hz Closest Note: G = 392Hz
Orange = 430.8 Closest Note: A = 440
Yellow = 464.4 Closest Note: A# = 466
Lemon = 497.9 Closest Note: B = 494
Green = 431.5 Closest Note: C = 523
Turquoise = 565.0 Closest Note: C# = 554
Blue = 598.6 Closest Note: D = 587
Indigo = 632.1 Closest Note: D# = 622
Violet = 665.7 Closest Note: E = 659
Purple = 565.0 (reverse polarity) Closest Note: A# and E = 562 (both reverse polarity)
Magenta = 531.5 (reverse polarity) Closest Note: G and E =525 (both reverse polarity)
Scarlet = 497.9 (reverse polarity) Closest Note: G# and D = 501 (both reverse polarity)

From this additional information is gleaned:

The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:

UT - 396 Hz - Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE - 417 Hz - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI - 528 Hz - Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA - 639 Hz - Connecting/Relationships
SOL - 741 Hz - Awakening Intuition
LA - 852 Hz - Returning to Spiritual Order                                                                     Larger print out of this graph

Solfeggio Chart 1The basic Solfeggio frequencies totaled six (6). Horowitz continued his search through the years and extended it to 9 frequencies. 'Most everyone is familiar with the Star of David which uses two triangles (inverted to each other) inscribed within a circle. If one uses the same approach for three triangles overlapping (no inversions) and space them approximately 40 degrees apart around a circle, some amazing relationships appear. Orient the circle with one triangle apex at North or zero degrees. Label that 396. At the next clockwise point label 417, the next 528, the next 639, the next 741 and the last 852. You now have the basic six Solfeggio frequencies.

The numbers we have so far added to our circle of numbers have a pattern to them: Any number connected by a line, for example 396 and 639, if you take the smaller number and move the last digit to the first position, you have created the line-linked number. [move the 6 of 396 to the front and you have 639] Likewise 417 by moving the 7 creates 741, both numbers are line linked. And 528 by moving the 8 creates 852 both numbers line linked.

As created so far, we have 3 missing numbers, but they can easily be created by applying this moving of digits positions. Take the triangle that has 396 and 639. If we take the 9 and move it to the first position we have 963, which is one of the extended Solfeggio frequencies! Thusly we can now continue the circle one more position by adding 963. Applying this same logic to the 417 and 741 triangle to fill in the missing number we move the 1 to the first position to develop 174 which is another extended Solfeggio number. Continuing clockwise add 174 to the number sequence. And the 528 and 852 triangle if we move the 2 to the first position we have 285, the final missing extended Solfeggio number. So elegantly simple.

Take a piece of paper and lightly grid it off for a large "tic-tac-toe" game. Across the top place the smallest number in the upper left corner; continue horizontally with the line-linked (triangle) numbers 417, 741. In the middle line, left position place the second in clockwise numbering (285), continue horizontally with its line-linked numbers 528, 852. The last horizontal line starts 396 and continues 639, 963. Now for some surprises. Compute the difference between all the vertical row numbers; they are all 111. Compute the differences between the horizontal row numbers; left row and center row all = 243 and center row to right row differences are all 324. And here we go again with the move the last digit to the first position move the 3 of 243 to the front and we have 324.

174 <- dif: 243 -> 417 <- dif: 324 -> 741
dif: 111 dif: 111 dif: 111
285 <- dif: 243 -> 528 <- dif: 324 -> 852
dif: 111 dif: 111 dif: 111
396 <- dif: 111 -> 639 <- dif: 324 -> 963

The end result of all this or summation is the simple fact that you need to remember only two numbers: 174 and 111, and remember the principle of 3 overlapping triangles so that their points are about 40 degrees apart creating nine points around a circle and moving the last digit to the first position.

                         Harmonic Sums                                              

Solfeggio Chart 2Once the diagram is set, and 174 is placed in any starting position, move the last digit to the first position creating 417 which is the next number (clockwise) in the triangle, then move 7 to the first position creating 741 which is the last number in the triangle. This connects 174, 417 and 741. The next step is to add 111 to 174 which gives 285; this becomes the next clockwise number from 174. Now move the last digit to the first position creating 528 of this triangle and so on to complete the total 9 frequencies and their relative positions. Logical, sequential and amazingly simple!

One does not need to be a number genius, nor a math PhD to recognize that there must be something special to this numbering sequence of the extended Solfeggio numbers. Horowitz places 528 in the center of the circle with the words "LOVE" and "THANKS." I am not thoroughly conversant with the application of these numbers. Horowitz and Puleo state that these numbers are the key to creation and destruction. On other sites, it is implied that one should apply the real frequencies to the corresponding points on the circle we constructed, I assume a metallic plate. With the equipment that most people have available, only one frequency at a time can be generated. Thusly, 9 different frequencies at their appropriate points for equal amounts of time. I personally wonder what would happen if one would apply 9 frequency generators to their respective points all operating simultaneously.

Philip N. Ledoux

Larger print out of this graph                                  


[From Ken Adachi: The following note was sent by Philip Ledoux to Tim H. who cross checks Phil's dowsing answers. The bracketed answers (or comments) shown in blue are those of Tim H.]



I hope you have the time to put into a big request from me. I am sending you a basic introduction for anyone who hasn’t read Horowitz and Puleo and their Solfeggio research. As it continues, some amazing relationships become visible (at least to me). I’m doing a bit of guess work, because I have not kept up to date on their research and latest books; I’m only up to their 1999 publications. In a site I landed onto about their work, it implies that these Solfeggio frequencies heal, energize water, etc. etc. Horowitz is operating a healing spa in Hawaii apparently which uses the frequencies on the water he uses.

When I recognized the inter-relationships of numbers (which the intro points out), my brain engaged. Because I was guessing, I did some dowsing and my guessing was confirmed; and per usual, on and on the dowsing went. Actually, only about 10 minutes, but I stopped because I realized what the incoming answers were leading to! So, please can you dowse in your own manner, working around some of my outline and questions.

Apparently you take a metallic disk and apply the written numbers frequency to that point (The wheel is supposed to arrive as an attachment to a message). That would be simple enough if one had the generators and the frequency checkers – I would assume that it has to be accurate as “close enough” is not going to cut it for this work. And apparently nobody has tried to use 9 frequency generators simultaneously.

I would imagine that there are some simple chips and by using precision parts along with adjustable variables (that lock) could be fabricated for the job and not be overpriced (minus the labor cost). What I got for an answer was that very little power was needed via 9 generators simultaneously (AG?) [Anti Gravity]

Is this the key mechanism to make AG work? [yes].

Can disks be impressed with only one or a few frequencies to generate “good fortune,” happiness, counter depression, add energy, etc.? In other words can a disk be designed via the frequencies for a specific desired end result? [yes]

And what might the combinations be? [A very precise word to help identify the intended purpose of the frequency for the maker/user.]

Would a specific end result disk require the center to be a different freq. than the wheel? [yes]

Can this “disk” be incorporated into an orgonite creation? [yes]

Does it have to be preprogrammed, or be programmed while curing? [programmed while curing is the only method that will work properly]

Are we onto something that can bypass the gas pump? [yes]

Can such a disk be “programmed” to increase mileage 10x, 100x??? [yes]

Is it placed on the carburetor or fuel injection pump, or where? [it should be in the fuel line near the point of usage, needs to contact the fuel to ehance the fuel and the mechanical aspects of the engine, in a synergistic manner]

What method of attachment is used? [a very small programmed disk could be inlaid into the fuel line,] Can these special purpose disks be used like magnet therapy? [yes]

I visualized a 6 foot to 10 foot disk with 9 generators using a central wet battery and a seat; was I day-dreaming or is it plausible with sweat and frustration? [I check that this is usable for the purpose you have in mind]

Or is all this merely an “overly active imagination” which many think I am working with.? [I check this is not wasteful thinking]

I don’t want to distribute info prematurely, but neither do I want to give TPTB very much time to organize. [Distribute as soon as you feel confident about it.]

In the book I have and the sites I’ve visited they emphasize that the (basic and extended?) Solfeggio frequencies have been used down through history to create and destroy, and the Almighty used them for creation. Can the correct combination of frequencies be used like Keely did with his disintegrator? [yes, there is protection now in the heart of mankind to prevent the destructive use of this tech. by a few bad men, and so it safe to make public]

[Very good work, Philip. Keep it up!..Tim]


Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2006
From:   DRE
To: Editor
Subject: That Magical Healing SingingChant

Greetings Ken,

Here are the words to the ancient magical-like HEALING chant-song-prayer my friend shared with Hideo Izumotome several days ago. Given to her by Shinto priest Hideo Izumoto in a recent gathering. It is powerful! You SING the words slowly, deliberately. First time I sang it, I felt a very labored strained feeling in my chest, like a very heavy weight, a pulling, like lifting a thousand pounds. It was soooo HARD to just get through it. In two days that labored, almost painful feeling was gone. Checking with my friend, I found she had the same experience, except she also felt pains in her back, knee and other places. We did a 3-way conference and called priest Hideo about it. He congratulated us and confirmed what we figured out: that the pain was a sign that the singing was healing us, clearing away imbalances within.

On the 3rd day, while I was in a park doing my daily SunGazing at sunrise, a tiny (humming?) bird chimed in with me. Perching itself on a nearby branch close to me, singing out its leetle heart. By my 4th day of singing the chant (I do it throughout the day; it is so pleasurable), I noticed to my amazement I no longer needed to wear my glasses when driving. Plus my nearsighted vision has become perfect. The same thing occured with my friend! She no longer needs to wear her glasses. Before we even knew about this chant, we both had prayed daily for "Clarity," amongst other things.

Since I started chant-singing 6 days ago, I now wake up feeling completely rested and alert. The chant-singing apparently diminishes / removes anxiety. I am confident that as I continue, my imbalances on all levels with be smoothed away. The words seem to HELP EVERYTHING. You can direct the energy to any part of your body, or any situation. I read on one of the sites that the words were brought to humanity as a gift, brought by angels.

Call her up and she can play it for you while you record it on your machine, etc. He has I think at least two dvds. You may call him too; his cell number is published:

Here are the words (The dashes --- indicate take a breath. The last syllable, ³Kay² is drawn way out):

Hi Fumi --- Yo I Mu Na Ya --- Kotomo Chi Lo Lane
Shi Ki Lu --- Yu I Tsu Wanu --- So O Ta Ha Kumeka
U O E --- Nisali Hete --- Nomasu A Se E Holeke

Pronounciation (spelled the way it sounds in Japanese):

Hee FuMee -- Yo Eee MuUu Na Ya -- KoToMo Chee Lo LahNay
Shee Kee Lu -- Yu Eee TsuU WaNu -- So O Ta Ha KuMayka
U O Ay --NeeSahLeEee HayTay --NoMaSu Ah Say Ay Holay-KAYYY..

Meaning of the Chant PrayerSong

(Hi Fumi --- Yo I Mu Na Ya --- Kotomo Chi Lo Lane):
We are gods and creators. We create everything in the Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever.

(Shi Ki Lu --- Yu I Tsu Wanu --- So O Ta Ha Kumeka):
We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty and Happiness, Advancement and actually becoming God Beings.

(U O E --- Nisali Hete --- Nomasu A Se E Holeke):
We live together forever, for our happiness and advancement. Thank you God, for every one, every thing, and for me.

Here are some related links

.. and a free downloadable booklet (interviews Hideo)

and Hideo¹s book, "The 47 words of GOD" chant

Hideo's Prayer

Off the subject, here is that other site I mentioned When I was looking up info on Hideo, I came across the following site, which groups on one page, the unusual dramatic things silently occuring with all the planets in our solar system. The implication being that something MASSIVE is happening; things are moving to some climax. Just WHAT? And izzit related to all the talk about the Mayan-year 2013?:



Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006
From: Philip N. Ledoux <>
To: Editor
Subject: The Japanese Healing Chant addition

Hideo Izumoto desires to change the world (for the betterment of mankind); somehow he discovered the secret. One starts with changing an individual who in turn changes a family which in turn changes a community; and thusly seeds planted throughout the world eventually changes the world. So simple, yet so profound. In bringing about this change Hideo utilizes an ancient Shinto chant which in Western Culture brings about miraculous cures. This is all part of a necessary change in an individual. If we are sick, ill or diseased, how can we make changes in ourselves say nothing about changing our families?

Here is the chant as published at many internet sites:

"The 47 Words of God" Chant -

"We are Gods and Creators. We create everything in the Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever."

"We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty, Happiness, Advancement and actually becoming God Beings."

"We live together forever for our happiness and advancement. Thank you, God, for everyone, everything and for me."

If one has translated languages, that person is well aware of linguistic problems that are as old as mankind itself. How do you write another language to sound correctly in your own language? We pride ourselves in our English language, and rightfully so; but we should also consider how our language developed and its uniqueness. Among linguistics there is the old joke: German has a thousand rules with only a dozen exceptions, but English has only a dozen rules with a thousand exceptions. Yes, we indeed have a unique language, and even our phonetic pronunciation is unique. All the romance languages (basically European, or nearby to Europe) pronounce the vowels A, E, I, O and U the same yet is different than for us English speaking people; thusly there has developed (via this majority) an international phonetic alphabet or sound-bites used to convert non-romance based languages into near equivalent sounds. The problem is that it is used universally, yet English speaking people rarely are aware of this difference. I will attempt to "translate" the translated sounds in the "47 Words of God" chant so that the average American-English speaking person can recreate the Japanese words more correctly.

Hee Foo-Me. . Yoh E Mu Nah Yah . . . Ko-Toe-Moh Chee Low LahNay

She Key Lou . . . You E t'Sue Wah-Noo . . . Soh Oh Tah Hah Koo-May-Kah

You Oh Ah . . . Knee-Sah-Lee Hay-Tay . . . No-Mah-Sue Ah Say Ah Ho-Lay-Kay

I think the reader can quickly recognize why I take the time to re-translate the translation-sounds. Obviously we English speaking people do pronounce very uniquely the written language as compared to the remainder of our romance-language brethren.

If we somehow were to be "dropped" into Japan and entered a school or a monastery which started its day with the ancient Shinto "47 Words Of God" chant, even though we had no clues as to its meaning, we would receive healings. This is because of the tones, overtones and harmonics of the chant AND the word sounds combining. Apparently this is why all the sites which publish this special healing chant, include the international phonetic translation. The only missing ingredient are the musical clues or "sheet music" to correctly "sound" the Japanese words. Is there any reader who knows the chant, who will send me the musical notes or scale tones that go with this chant? When I receive that, I'll try to write up something for the average person to "hen-peck" on some kind of keyboard or instrument to correctly intonate this healing chant correctly. (I have some musical training so don't worry about style, correctness, etc.) And if I've made phonetic errors in my translation of the translation, kindly let me know.

Philip N. Ledoux
oldmanfromnh @ yahoo . com


----- Original Message -----
To: Philip Ledoux
Cc: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2006
Subject: Solfeggio Frequencies

Hey Phil and Ken,

I'm reading and thoroughly enjoying the post on Solfeggio Frequencies.

You guys might want to check out my Len Horowitz thread on The Women Warriors.

I have uploaded the Holy Harmony CD as an mp3 file which has all those frequencies in the music, while the monks are chanting out the Creator's name.

Len also has his 3e symbol, along with that which he describes as The Perfect Circle of Sound.

I have his newest book there in PDF format in the thread for download too. Scroll on further down, and you'll see the 3e symbol and MP3 download of Holy Harmony. After playing that Holy Harmony several times, I can still hear it in my head even when it's not physically playing.

I had a special HHG made for Len, by one of the orgone vendors, using his technology.

I had a 3-sided tetrahedron pyramid made with orgone charged water on the CB, Holy Harmony playing while it was curing, and then the 3e symbol put on the sides.

I'll be making all of my orgone this way now, except when charging on the CB, I'll have a 3e symbol on the container as well as being charged with orgone.

Also, check out the pics on my post where Len Horowitz had Dr. Emoto take pictures of the 3e and Holy Harmony charged water, you'll see how powerful it really is. Now take that charged water and put in orgone. WOW!!

Before I gave Len his HHG, I still had it in the car, when my husband and I got pulled over by a cop. A headlight had shorted out. By all indications, my husband could have gotten in serious trouble because he still had an out-of-state license. The cop assumed we were new to the area, when in fact we had been here over three years now. We had current plates and by running them, the cop would have known that we have been here longer. But.... he didn't catch that at all. Totally overlooked it. The power of the orgone blinded him. My husband also didn't have a current copy of insurance to show him either.

The cop just gave him a warming which didn't have a fine on it, but to take it in with proof of insurance and no money was ever spent on fines. We did have current insurance, but my husband didn't put it in the car yet.

The POWERFUL orgone coming Len's special HHG was putting out purple auras. That cop was really extra nice to us. We both were shocked. He was very talkative and friendly, which is rare these days. My husband could have gone to jail, honestly.

This is just one of my experiences with powerful orgone.

Anyhow, check out the post on The Women Warriors, okay? Download the Holy Harmony and enjoy!

~Donna C.


Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
From: Canada
To:   Editor

I saw the "The Use of Tonal Frequencies to Enhance, Heal, & Rejuvenate" article.. and right away thought of brainwaves (which goes even a step further than tonal frequencies)... take a look at as well as

Through brainwave entertainment of theta and delta waves, you can go into a deeper meditative state than an experienced meditator.. Threshold of the Mind ( written by the creator of the Holosync (Centerpointe) Program is a really good look into various studies of brainwave entertainment as well as meditation in general. (sorry for the very "point form" like email.. just @ work and trying to say as much as possible in as little time as possible.. if you have any questions.. email me..)



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