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Dowse about and for Steven Dainis

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 14, 2005

November 3, 2005
Readers of this forum,

I try my best to share experiences and dowses that are of help to others to understand this "queer world we live in," to help in the education and development of our unseen journey, and to give warning or guiding advice of dangers or catastrophies that TPTB (The Powers That Be) plan upon us as surprises. I do many dowses for people to help them individually, but it is rare for me to ask help for an individual. Today I ask you, as I had asked (through Ken's permission and encouragement) to mitigate hurricanes, to mitigate or prevent another planned catastrophe this time of an individual. The man is the proverbial diamond in the rough, and as you read the attached dowse of approximately two months ago, he has helped enough others to have a complete military psi-ops unit assigned solely to target my friend. Many of you know this man, and have been barbed badly by his over reaction to your words; I ask you to keep reading and you will see why it happens.

Logically, you the reader might ask: Is this man that unique? There have to be others. Yes, and my pendulum says there are between 5 to 10 such individuals. I just do not know or have not come in contact with these others. All I am able to do is use the time plan, meeting opportunities and schedule of the Almighty. My friend is Steven Dainis who lives in Chicago, Illinois. There is a danger in asking for help, because "we" know of many a dark side magicians who keep updated on this board, and who would enjoy getting Steven into deeper trouble. Thusly I know in addition to expert military targeting, these dark-siders will join the fray. I also know that us "mere mortals" some with experience and others with no training in these esoteric arts are able to counter, negate and turn planned events of TPTB into pussy-cats; and I am certain that if everyone who reads this will add whatever honest-side help they can take time to create, we will be able to prevent a planned death.

Yes, in private mail to me and in public postings on his own board Steven has told about TPTB trying to kill him a year ago on his birthday. And this year at the start of "sanhain" (I hope I have that correct, the week long satanic celebration of Halloween) he felt the same sensations that preceded last year's attempt. In the latest posting on his board, Steven aired a bit of private laundry which need not be repeated here, yet the situation is serious enough that he stated clearly and simply that "this may become my epitath."

I hope I have given the reader enough background to join all of us in directing protective energies and/or counter energies, however much or little you can on the 7th of November 2005 to prevent Steven Dainis' death by TPTB.

Thank you,

Philip N. Ledoux

14 September 2005

Dowse about and for Steven Dainis

Is there a Psychic Warfare Unit operating strictly to monitor and attack/influence Steven Dainis? Yes

A 60 to 70 man unit? Yes

All psychics? Yes

30 to 35 psychics in the unit? Yes

9 of these are psychiatrists? Yes

Is Steven Dainis a threat to TPTB? Yes

A great big threat to TPTB? Yes

TPTB have assigned the above unit to counter this threat? Yes

If the unit fails in its assignment, they are in deep trouble? Yes

From the highest in the chain of TPTB? Yes

Money is of no hindrance in accomplishing the goal? Yes

Has Steven as a psychic "warrior" killed Psychic Attackers sent to harm Steven by TPTB? Yes

Killed 4? Yes

Injured about a dozen? Yes

Therefore TPTB try to avoid direct psychic attacks on Steven? Yes

It has been decided to use remote influencing? No

TPTB decided to use mind control? Yes

That is why the Psi Ops Unit is assigned to watch/control Steven? Yes

Does the Psi Ops Unit use direct/indirect satellite control of Steven? Yes

Via plasma technology? Yes

Does Steven's orgonite creations give problems to the technology? Yes

Steven receives minimum control when at home? Yes

Steven receives maximum control away from home? Yes

Are other technologies involved? Yes

Cell phone towers? Yes

re mobile units involved? Yes

Are homes near Steven's home rented to house control equipment? Yes

Disguised by normal activities? Yes

Are multiple technologies used simultaneously with same objectives? Yes

Psi Ops Unit has Steven completely profiled? Not yes, not no

Steven acts eratic enough that Psi Ops gets confused? Yes

Can Psi Ops inflate Steven's ego at will? YES

Without Steven being suspicious? YES

Psi Ops is constantly perfecting (its) this ability? Yes

If Steven reads an email at work, Psi Ops can make him overact strongly? Not yes, not no

Psi Ops can usually control his understanding? Yes

It requires simultaneous multiple technology? Yes

If same done at home, Psi Ops has little effect? Yes

If Psi Ops were "next door" they would be effective? Yes

Depending on content, Psi Ops try to affect Stevens understanding? Yes

Psi Ops knows content of all email before Steven reads them? Yes

And mail? Yes

And listens live to all phone contacts? Yes

And analizes all phones "on hook" wherever Steven travels or works? Yes

:Psi Ops keeps the mind control constant all the time? Yes

To prevent Steven feeling a change and becoming suspicious? Yes

At home the control is "turned up" so Steven feels less change? Yes

Are psychics involved in the mind control? Yes

Psychics are more effective than robotics? Yes

Robotics generally used when Steven is sleeping? Yes

To give the psychics a rest? Yes

To be effective on Steven do psychics team up? Yes

There are 4 to a team? Yes

A team works 1 hour straight? Yes

With 1 hour rest? Yes

he resting crew is the emergency back-up in house? Yes

Genuine emergency back-up are less than an hour call-up? Yes

For a 4 hour shift? Yes

Military "watch" scheduling? Yes

2 teams per shift? Yes

6 teams for 24 hour coverage? Yes

Plus back-up personnel? Yes

The psychiatrists constantly monitor the "situation"? Yes

They set the strategy for the psychics? Yes

They can effect plan changes without approval? Yes

Of necessity to meet Steven's unpredictability? Yes

Since Steven last killed one of their crew,have they been successful in controlling Steven? Yes

Without Steven "catching on"? Yes

There have been "close calls" for Psi Ops? Yes

The greater success has been from "constant" targeting? Yes

Thusly Steven doesn't detect a change? Yes

When Steven read the dowse he requested One team was mind controlling Steven? Yes

While another team was inflating his ego? Yes

The two are needed to accomplish the Psi Ops goals? Yes

Were more than two teams used? Yes

Were 6 teams used? Yes

Simultaneously? Yes

To insure results? Yes

The psyciatrists had decided to make Steven misunderstand the questions? Yes

They feared that he would carry out his intentions to prevent the major earthquake? Yes

They knew that his original plan would have succeeded? Yes

That plan had to be changed at all costs to Psi Ops? Yes

This latest Psi Ops plan has succeeded only temporarily? Yes

If Psi Ops sees partial failure they will switch to emergency mode? Yes

Which means doubling the size of the teams? Yes

And upping the power of the technology involved? Yes

And using every technology available? Yes

Can Steven withstand the barrage? Maybe

If he is mentally prepared? Yes

Will this dowse assist him? Maybe

Steven will make his own decisions? Yes

Should this last be included? Yes

How many Psi Ops need to be killed to shut down operations on Steven? --

9 operators? Yes

Any Psychiatrists? Yes

At least 4? Yes

Any support personnel? No

What will help Steven the most?

Prayers? Yes

Psychic energy from others? No

Silent support? Yes

End of dowse.

Philip N. Ledoux

This has been my most difficult dowse of my life. Somehow it seems like the most important thing I've done in my life.

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