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Super Warriors

By Philip N. Ledoux
May 27, 2005

Secret Project Super Warrior Gone Rogue By Eve Lorgen (Copyright 8/2001)

I recently read the above article which was most interesting. For most readers this was a genuine "first" and a new point of reference for them. Yet back in the mid 1970ies or 1980ies, I read of the technique. Let's see how much of the story I can remember.

Who was that "evil madman" who was ruling Libya back in the 70ies? The reason he was "evil" and a "madman" was the fact that he had conceived and was putting into action the largest man-engineered project ever to be attempted on the face of this earth. The idea of moving water Northerly from the Atlas Mountains to the fertile borders of the Mediterranean was so risky (translate: beneficial to mankind) that no international institution would lend the money for the project. It took years to manage, and this madman pulled it off without any outside help! The problem facing the world planners now became one of how to eliminate this madman before he completed this project? And here enters the story of a "Super Warrior".

To me it is amazing how the author was allowed to live given the super secret nature of the information he published. (Frankly I have no way of checking if he was or was not eliminated.) Apparently it was difficult to find a volunteer to fly a mission to wipe out the madman, so the super warrior approach was used on an unsuspecting individual. A former fighter pilot who was flying covert runs for "the government" was scheduled to lay-over in England, which was within return-flying distance of the madman. At the hotel where he was put up for the night, the Super Warrior technicians set up equipment in adjacent rooms that would put the pilot into heavy hypnotic sleep. Once asleep, equipment was moved in on each side of the bed to target the pilot's head. Once everything was aligned, the pilot was programmed to fly the latest jet fighter (which he had never flown in), trigger commands were given to have the pilot report to a specific hanger and plane at a given time. Then another program was installed in his mind for the flight path, the bomb run into the target and the flight back to home port; all to be forgotten forever after the flight was completed. The equipment was then removed from his room, and in the morning he awoke normally. Down in the lobby someone gave him the trigger words.

Everything went according to plan. The palace was bombed killing the madman's children and wife, but the madman escaped unharmed. It made US headlines, although the super warrior and his flight were never mentioned.

The interesting part of all this was the fact that I read it in a men's magazine. I never was into those kinds of magazines, although I will admit to reading many while in the Navy. The thing that impressed me about those magazines were the genuine cutting edge articles within the covers! Whistle blowers and cutting edge science that (unknown to me at the time) were being ignored or silenced in the mainstream press. After leaving the military and recognizing the big picture, I quickly realized that the genuine whistle blowers must have been trying to publish in every conceivable reputable magazine or newspaper possible, only to receive the proverbial stack of rejection slips. To keep food on the table and the rent paid, in desperation they turned to the men's magazines, who in turn were more than glad to buy the materials and publish them only to appear honorable. The "establishment" didn't object, because how many real "thinkers" were there who read those types of magazines anyway?

I had the good fortune to know the "house sitter" for our former Ambassador to Chile, who at the time was living in Connecticut. My house sitting friend had called me up and told me to buy a certain (newly released) copy of "Oui", one of those that made Play Boy look tame; the Ambassador (who was ambassador at the time of the event) had finally gotten his story about Alliende's murder by the US into print, and yes, my theory was correct; although in this case it was wanting to get it in print and not paying the rent. A short time later my friend called me up and filled me in on the details of the house-sitting project. The Ambassador was permitted to tell his story to a Senate investigating committee. And it was to be on live-coverage TV! Ha, what a joke. The "hearing" was scheduled when everyone went to lunch, including the camera crew, and ONLY the chairman was present. An audience of one, who forgot to enter what he heard into the record. One might add: Business as usual for The Powers That Be.

Philip N. Ledoux

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