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Bees, Microwaves, Monsanto, & Marbles

By Philip N. Ledoux <>
April 30, 2007

Educate Yourself readers,

There has been much to-do on the internet and the media actually did take it up about the "gone missing" bees. Actually nobody is finding any dead bees, the bees just become gone. I personally speculated that the pseudo-cell-phone-towers were ramped up to overcome ?the restlessness of the natives? and this was confusing the directional abilities of the bees to return to their hive. Al Gray came up with an idea (which I checked with my pendulum) that makes better sense. Here is what Al posted somewhere and sent to me in my private mail:

From: "Al Gray" <>
Captain's Log 29 April 2007 Part Two of Three.....

There is a problem with the bees. Notice, though, how the media has framed the discussion. They are describing it as a bee die-off, and pose the question "what's killing our bees"? That, of course, limits the discussion and leads us down a diversionary path. The bees are not dying! No one has reported finding dead bees. They report bees that have disappeared, and that's something altogether different.

The bees have not died, they have been driven away by a frequency, most likely from cell phone towers. And it's not something a mud ball or orgonite would stop, as it is, by itself, an innocuous frequency. But to the bees, it is a sound that irritates them and they have to leave. They're not dead, they just left the area where the frequency is being broadcast.

Monsanto is a year or two away from developing self-pollinating crops. Having bees in their test fields interferes with that, so they found a frequency that drives the bees away. It has gone beyond Monsanto's self-interest now and has become a weapon. Taiwan reports millions of missing bees, too.

The only defense that we are aware of now is to broadcast 439hz to counter the anti-bee frequency. This is serious, serious, stuff.

** End of posting **

MaryK Croft came up with the frequency during a morning trance before arising. It is a COUNTER type frequency which either neutralizes or changes some type of area broadcast frequency.

Apparently Monsanto has test plots or experimental plant plots much more widely distributed than we realize. What I am writing about I've checked with my pendulum, although my friend who double checks my work is busy chasing the Federal Reserve Notes to keep fodder on the table, did not verify my dowsing. 

I wouldn't put anything beyond the twisted mentality of Monsanto and its researchers. Apparently they have had some success with self-pollinating plants; now they need to produce the salable seeds, and have solved the open field problem of cross pollination (usually hand pollination with plastic baggie to prevent cross pollination) by using a frequency that confuses the bees and prevents them from working in the Monsanto contracted fields. I wouldn't expect Monsanto to admit to anything!

Does any reader have (or even a friend of a friend have) equipment to measure an unknown frequency being blanketed in an area where Colony Collapse is known to be occurring? If annominity is needed, send the info to me or Ken and state clearly not to publish names, etc. My dowsing says that this 439 hz. Frequency is a COUNTER frequency that will null and void or cancel the effects of whatever frequency is being used.

Here is something that beekeepers might be able to do without investing in costly equipment. Thomas Lee Jacobs (Finland or Sweeden?) has developed a copywriten series of frequencies that heal via marbles. My understanding is that the technique is not copywriten (I do not want to step on any toes!) On this site ( is a frequency generator, install it and use it. Set the frequency to 439Hz with the speakers about 9 to 12 inches apart. Between the speakers set a tea candle. In the heat of the flame hold a glass marble with pliers using heat-gloves. As the marble heats and softens, it will absorb and hold the 439 hz. When the marble starts to soften, quench it immediately in room temperature water, that locks the frequency in. The real cost is in distributing the mini-frequency-broadcasters. How many are needed is anybody's guess. Probably placed in an orgonite piece in the center of a multi crystal (candy dish mold?). Possibly several in the center; the idea being that the orgonite and crystals will amplify the marble "generator." This would be needed to be planted in circles radiating from the apiary hives location. Dowsing should help in planting (locating) the devices.

By the way, do not blame me if you set fire to the room by carelessness in using a tea candle!! Use caution and common sense, they are not explosive in combination.

Another possibility is to somehow "dust" the bees with something in the order of ultra miniature quenched glass marbles. It would have to be like a powder, and set in a location where the bees would walk through it or rub on it when exiting the hive. The tiny grains having been batch frequency exposed and quenched would be on the bee itself, countering the disorienting frequency. I live where talcum power is mined. That material is too soft to work, it is softer than soapstone which is mined locally. Maybe a reader can come up with an idea that would be applicable. Crushed mica, quartz waste?

Philip N. Ledoux
Oldmanfromnh (at) yahoo (dot) com


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