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Tim Hicks's Obama Hit Dowse Draws Psychotronic/Black Magic Attacks

[Editor's Note: Tim Hicks sent me a dowse on June 28, 2009 which indicated that an assassination of an Obama clone was planned during his European trip in July. Originally, Tim picked up that the assassination would occur in the latter half of July, but by July 4th, his latest dowsing indicated that the hit date was moved up to July 8. I added updates to the dowse as they came in from Tim and added some comments from Don Nicoloff who also picked up the signals of a staged assassination, to be followed by race wars in its wake. Tim sent me an e-mail on July 19 and 20 indicating that he had come under attack by psychotronic weaponry, government psychics, and black magicians, but I didn't see the e-mails until yesterday, so I'm posting the info late. I'll call Tim today and find out what's the latest situation. You can send your supportive thoughts to Tim and pray for his health and protection from the criminals who have taken over our government. ..Ken]

From: Tim Hicks
July 20, 2009

Tim Hicks's Obama Hit Dowse Draws Psychotronic/Black Magic Attacks (Aug. 1, 2009)

From: Tim Hicks
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Fw: Please comment
Date: Jul 20, 2009


I thought I should give an update of the strange activity that has taken place since your posting of my latest dowse.

I take these as serious confirmation that the information contained in my last dowse was indeed accurate and your publication resulted in great delay of and damage to their agenda. What follows is a listing of events that have occurred since your posting and updating of said dowse. Along with each event is information about how each was done. Those details were gathered by dowse. I wish to state clearly that my intent is and always has been to prevent the activities mentioned in the dowse from becoming reality. It is plain to me, as evidenced by the repeated efforts, the size of the efforts, and the scope of the assets involved in these efforts that the intent behind these occurrences is to eliminate me and also how high up the power structure this effort has extended. It is only by the protection afforded to me by the Almighty that I am here to write you of these things. I believe that I am protected from serious harm, but allowed to feel a minimal amount of pain or discomfort to make me aware of what is taking place. Thus I then know to dowse and pass along this information to you and your readers as to what has happened and then how these things are attempted. I assume I am under nearly constant attack, but that it is at the right moment that I feel the pain or discomfort to guide me to ask the appropriate questions during dowsing to deliver a more complete understanding of the technical aspects of the events.

This information can assist the doubtful amongst us to begin to see the depths of evil our highest leaders (public and nonpublic) are willing to inhabit.. As you will see, the resources utilized would have to be approved at the highest levels. Please inspect the flow chart included just after the event log. It shows the real power structure that has ruled humanity from behind the scenes. The time is now for it to crumble and fall under the light of public knowledge.

Tuesday 06/30 13:10 symptom: induced heart failure, pain in the left arm just above the elbow

Friday 07/03 11:30 symptom: piercing or jabbing pain in the abdomen on the right side at near the naval weapon platform systems used: eleven trained psychic personnel 14:30 symptom: piercing or jabbing pain behind the left eyeball weapon platform systems used: same group of eleven psychic personnel

Tuesday 07/07 07:30 symptom: piercing pain behind the left eyeball weapon platform systems used: same group of eleven plus 15 more .. total 26

Thursday 07/09 07:30 symptom: jabbing pain under the right knee cap weapon platform systems used: total of 125 trained psychic personnel 10:35 symptom: clubbing or blunt force pain at the right kidney weapon platform systems used: same group of 125 plus one more

12:30 symptom: severe generalized headache weapon platform systems used: this was the result of chemical/compound spraying at my physical location between 04:00 and 07:00

Monday 07/13 08:50 symptom: jabbing pain behind the left eyeball weapon platform systems used: same group of 126 plus electronic enhancement of unknown type from a satellite platform

Tuesday 07/14 11:20 symptom: attempt to cook my brain, pain inside the head at in the rear on the right side weapon platform systems used: group of 126 plus one unknown satellite platform plus a second satellite to activate a weapon platform from a nearby cell tower plus seven mobile ground units (enclosed trucks)

Wednesday 07/15 10:30 symptom: jabbing pain under the right knee weapon platform systems used: same combination of systems as on 07/14 plus additional weapon systems on the same two satellites activating additional cell towers in the area 12:55 symptom: jabbing pain under the left knee
weapon platform systems used: repeat of the same combination as at 10:30

Thursday 07/16 12:50 symptom: pain to the outside of the back ofthe head

Saturday 07/18 05:50 symptom: attempted heart failure, pain to inner left arm between the shoulder and elbow

It is through the control of all major banking activities that control and enslavement is exercised over humanity.. THIS IS HOW WARS ARE STARTED, FUNDED AND PROFITED FROM. The three branches under Vatican control, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and British Royal Family operate primarily with respect to world geographical boundaries. They are the root level of all banking activities worldwide. This is not to say none do business within the others territory, but the geographical location of a business arrangement dictates which shall have supreme power to dictate the terms within that arrangement. Rockefeller controls Canada, US, Mexico, and South America. Rothschild controls East and West Europe. The British Royal Family controls the Far East, the Orient, and Pacific Rim also including Australia. All have 4 main organizations under their control. These can be thought of as business "families". Each business family is a group of banks owning commercial banking firms. The commercial banking firms are the names put out for public image and consumption. When one considers the control these families extend over our (their puppet) governments and press it is easy to see how banking corruption is concealed and not prosecuted unless it happens to become public.

The only reason some corruption might become public is by intentional leak to exert disciplinary control over their puppet kingdom. In other words make an example of any who dare step out of lockstep with the dictates of the ruling family of that area. Thus the public perceives a dutiful government and free press protecting the public and supports the status quo. This deception causes each individual, on a personal basis, to surrender their responsibility to command the creation of their own reality to these dark forces. By not enforcing our GOD given right to self determination, we hand over a kingdom to the Master of Darkness, and refuse to blossom and elevate ourselves to our own Divine potential. And this is the veil of darkness that separates most of humanity from our Self Realization destiny.

Respectfully and with humility,
Timothy W. Hicks

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