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Tim Hicks Update Letter & Notes on Collective Thought to Stymie 'Swine Flu' Agenda

From Tim Hicks
August 10, 2009

Tim Hicks Update Letter & Notes on Collective Thought to Stymie 'Swine Flu' Agenda (Aug. 10, 2009)

Hi Ken,

I have neglected to send you the promised email we spoke of on the phone a week or two ago. I have run into delay after delay in trying to compose it. Just this morning it began to make sense to me as to why.

Some information I intended to include was that more attacks were taking place on me with ever larger resource pools. I theorize that in the power base hierarchy of the dark hearted, each failed attack attempt produced a need to report that failure to a superior who then must take responsibility and embarrassment for that failure. Thus creating a need to make a new effort employing the resources at their command. Thus creating a snowballing effect uphill, up the power chain.

Please keep in mind all the times I have written about creating our own reality with passionate and inspired and focused intent. I believe that God/Creator/Universal Energy, whatever name one may call it, has delivered me through these events. Precisely because I refuse to accept the definition of my reality they prefer. I certainly have not learned to defend myself against these types of attacks. I certainly have learned to trust God/Creator/Universal Energy to provide whatever is needed to enforce my self determined reality at the time it is needed.

Please be patient and read on as I attempt to paint a context on which I can give meaning to some very important information. It has come to my understanding during meditation that a shift in the application of karma (reaping what one has given out) has taken place. Where once it seemed to take a long time, maybe lifetimes, to collect what one has put out, the time frame is now much shorter. Almost immediate. I find by dowse that I agree with others that a plan exists and is being implemented to cause the wide spread, but of relatively small numbers, of swine flu or any other illness that can be diagnosed as the flu. I find that enough people are aware of and are changing the reality about chem-trails, that the dark hearted bio terrorist don't trust that method alone. I find by dowse we should think about pesticide sprayers. Think mosquito control being sprayed by the local health departments as an example. Most important to those that are doing this is the fear they hope to generate. Thus compliance to their will and whim as dictating/ruling class in a further controlled and manipulated society. And reaping unimaginable wealth for the real owners of the pharmaceutical corps.

The important information I promised: Consider the karma these spiritual idiots have created and are continuing to create for themselves! If enough of us, by passionate, inspired and focused intent, refuse to accept their reality for ourselves, I believe it is possible that all who knowing planned, funded,
or implemented these insane plans could fall ill and dispose of themselves by the evil intent they have fomented and put out for the Universal Energies to return to them. I check by dowse that the time line for implementation and release of these plans has been moved up from early/mid September to mid/late August. I'm guessing that they are trying to outrun the efforts by those of us who will take up responsibility for our own realities as individuals, and as a larger whole.

For those readers with whom this message resonates, join with me and picture in your mind a reality where these spiritually challenged will reap not our attacks, but the lessons that the Laws of Karma will use to attempt to teach them of a better way. To teach these parasites that all they could ever want or need is already residing within themselves. Be aware that mounting an attack of our own only generates more low vibration and that they feed and strengthen themselves on that. Rest in the knowledge that we are doing what is needed for ourselves and that is all that is needed.

With respect and humility,
Timothy W. Hicks

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