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'Flipping' the Democratic National Convention 2008

By Marshall Smith
August 30, 2008

'Flipping' the Democratic National Convention 2008 (Aug. 30, 2008)

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From: Philip Ledoux


On occasion I've been known to lay a bet or two. About the latest DNC follies, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that 95% of the people in attendence and those watching via TV, missed what really happened. How many donuts am I offered before reading the following report?

Philip N. Ledoux


re: Obama to Lose Democratic Nomination Over Birth Certificate & Replaced by Hillary? (Aug. 25, 2008)

A number of national blogs in the last several days have made the claim that BroJon was wrong. The Democratic convention did not select Hillary on Wednesday - but in fact they did but in a slick secretive way, which I also predicted. I warned the readers not to believe what they see on Wednesday and Thursday - only look at the result on Friday. It's now after Friday. So what just happened?

Most people who watched the convention live, or who even just read about the convention in the newspapers, thought they saw Hillary give a stem-winder speech on Tuesday evening and released her block of votes to Obama and praising Obama as the next President. Don't you believe it. That was simply step one in flipping the convention. Then on Wednesday morning, Obama was convinced to go along with a floor roll-call vote with two names on the ballot list, Clinton and Obama. I thought "Oh boy, here we go, watch this convention magic trick." And what happened was a trick. Half way through the roll-call vote Hillary, as head of the New York delegation, moved to stop the roll-call and nominate Obama by Acclamation. That was the trick.

Instantly, all the news media flashed on their screens "Democrat Convention elects Obama by Acclamation." But that was NOT true. The democratic vote was not even tallied, counted nor recorded. Instead Obama was elected by a trick of the rules by a combination run by Hillary Rodham and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, and head of the California convention Delegation. This was an election scam. It was a scam with which I was familiar, since I was an expert at that scam. It was based on that same expertise that I was selected by the California JayCees to be a delegate to the huge 1969 JayCee national convention in Phoenix.

Let me explain how that scam works. In 1968, I lived in Milpitas, California. It was a very small city just north of San Jose. It was so small that the center of town was the single gas station, next to the railroad tracks. Most people then did not even know how to pronounce Milpitas. I became the Chairman of something called the "Milpitas Community Improvement Committee." It was a group of 18 members representing home owners associations around the city, a real "grass-roots" group.

The city had a real problem. Going back to the 1800's the Western Pacific Railroad had been granted Federal easements for tracks and a large plot of land for maintenance or sale. A typical 1800's railroad deal. In Milpitas, the Western Pacific plot of land was a ten mile square in the center of town. It was empty, just dead grass and mesquite since WP had rules that only industries which shipped by rail could purchase and build in there. There was one business. It was the Ford Plant. All the Ford Mustangs in the US were built at the Milpitas Ford Plant and then sent by Western Pacific to dealerships all around the nation.

All good for Ford, but that left Milpitas with a single source of revenue, which was insufficient to build roads, schools, and all the things you need to be a city. Since it was a small city, and since I had just built my house in Milpitas with my own bare hands, and was a member of Milpitas Toastmasters, the Milpitas JayCees, the YMCA Y-Indian Guides with my son, and a member of the Community Improvement Committee, I personally knew all the City Councilmen, The city fathers. I also was a friend of the head of the local school district and publisher of the local news paper, the Milpitas Post.

What I heard from all of them was that Milpitas had a problem. Somehow we needed to get Western Pacific to change their rules about who can buy and develop land inside that big empty donut hole in the center of the city. But how can a city force a railroad to change their rules? Nobody had a clue. But I did. And since it was a sneaky and devious ploy and probably illegal I said nothing to nobody. I just went ahead and did it myself.

It started with my friend Mort Levine, publisher of the Milpitas Post, a weekly local paper to allow me to write a series of articles explaining the problem - all designed to inflame and anger the Milpitas citizens against Western Pacific, for driving down house values, forcing Milpitas to discontinue street sweeping and stop building new schools, and many other financial difficulties. All problems which I had heard for years at my Community Improvement Committee meetings. I knew how to get people angry. The railroad didn't know what was about to hit them. I set a date for a citywide meeting to discuss the need for Milpitas to pass laws to force Western Pacific to change their rules. (That was the illegal part since cities can't just pass laws to force a citizen or corporation to change their rules - but I just didn't mention that, I let the readers believe that cities had that power. That's why nobody including city fathers, city attorneys and others had no clue how to solve the problem since they knew it couldn't be done "legally")

At the meeting, nearly 400 angry citizens filled the chambers of the Community Improvement Committee to overflowing. Actually we met in the same chambers as the City Council, I sat in the Mayor's chair, but we met the day before the council meeting. Knowing that something momentous was about to happen even the city councilmen attended my meeting. I had their support, they just wondered if I could pull it off. The normal rules of orderly conduct for small meetings, PTA meetings, state legislatures, and even the Congress of the United States, including political conventions are called Roberts Rules of Order. I knew those rules backwards and forwards. I knew how to use them and abuse them, however I wished. That was my "expertise."

I started off by announcing that the topic of discussion was the future growth of the city. I opened the floor to discussion and let a few members on the committee and numerous citizens from the floor make comments. After about 25 minutes I said in a loud voice. "Do I hear a motion?" By prior arrangement with my committee, one of my committee members raised her hand and said, "I move that the Milpitas City Council, to improve the conditions in the city, requires Western Pacific Railroad to allow businesses which ship my truck, and not just railroad. to build within the center of the city, and so increase tax revenue to the city."

There was a low rumble of hushed comments after the motion was read. After a pause of 6.35 seconds I shouted, "Do I hear a second to the motion?" By prior arrangement, none of my committee members ever said anything. It seemed that the motion was about to die for lack of a second. Since all those 400 angry people, who had read my articles in the newspaper, were not members of the committee they didn't think they could second any motions. I had planned on that. They all remained silent and just looked at each other, worried that the motion was about to die. There was just stunned silence for 4.72 seconds, then I shouted, "All those in favor of the motion, signify by saying Aye."

There was a sudden loud roar of "Aye" that echoed from one end of Silicon Valley to the other. It seemed to get louder by the second as more of the 400 wanted to be sure that the railroad heard their vote. I had just stepped over the rules. I did not wait for someone to second the motion, instead I just plowed ahead as if the motion had come into existence by being seconded. And two, I had called for a "verbal" vote, when the call for a verbal vote usually requires another vote to accept a verbal vote instead of a show of hands, counting ballots. or a roll call vote to pass a motion.

For people not familiar with Roberts Rules of Order, they didn't know that I had just broken the rules - smashed the rules would be a more apt description. As the loud shouts of "aye" died down I shouted "All those opposed to the growth of the city of Milpitas signify by saying No." About 0.125 seconds after that, the raft of 3-piece- suited rail road lawyers in the back of the room figured out that I was talking to them, and before any lawyer could inhale to say "No" -- I shouted "The Ayes appear to have carried the motion. There being no opposition, The motion is carried unanimously and will be reported to the City Council tomorrow as a unanimous vote by the grass root citizens of Milpitas."

By pre-arrangement with my committee, I packed up my briefcase and we all walked out of the council chamber, followed by the 400 who had already seen the show they came for. I turned out the lights, leaving those pin-stripped lawyers at the back of the room muttering among themselves, "Lordy Lordy What the hell just happened?"

The results of my CIC meeting were reported the next day on the front page of the Milpitas Post, with a glowing description by my friend and publisher Mort Levine. Mort saw the event live but he never saw that I had manufactured and manipulated that event. I broke Roberts Rules of Order. I never allowed the motion to die without a second, I never called for a real "show of hands vote", I never allowed the opposition to speak. The railroad never realized that they had just been gob-smacked by my gavel running rough-shod over the rules. Several years later the City awarded me a special gavel with a metal plaque reading "MARSHALL SMITH, CIC CHAIRMAN, 72-73."

And that's how sleepy little Milpitas in 1968 turned from a town of 17,000 with one gas station and a high school into a vibrant metropolis of more than 150 thousand, three high schools, a massive regional shopping center with two freeways passing through it in 2008 - and all financed by Western Pacific Railroad, who actually believed that the citizens of Milpitas had changed the rules in 1968. Now most Californians know how to pronounce "Milpitas" and they often ask "Is Milpitas the real capitol of Silicon Valley?" I know how all that came about and now so do you.

I don't remember ever teaching that dirty trick using Robert's Rules of Order to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But she used it accurately and almost verbatim just as I had done. It started with Hillary's motion to end the roll call vote in the middle of the vote and nominate Obama by Democratic Convention Acclamation. Then Nancy called for a second to the motion, but there was none. So Nancy called instantly for a voice vote, just as I did. The "yea" vote shook the convention floor, but when Pelosi did the next obvious thing, "Those not in favor of suspending the rules and nominating Obama by acclamation, indicate your choice by saying NO" the response was SILENCE.

So Pelosi instantly declared "A majority of delegates have carried the motion, and Obama is nominated by Acclamation." It was all a political trick. How did Pelosi know that there would be zero "No" votes? It was a trick created right in front of everyone, the public, live TV cameras, and millions of TV viewers all across the nation. I saw it myself and then knew that Pelosi had created the illusion, just as I did in Milpitas in 1968. It wasn't the democratic convention which had nominated Obama by acclamation - It was Nancy Pelosi and Nancy alone.

The dirty trick was to produce zero "NO" votes. How was that trick done? Normally a floor roll call vote in alphabetical order takes about an hour and a half to two hours, especially with all the fluff and flowery state promos from the head of the delegations just before they announce to the chair the results of each state delegate vote count. Early in the roll call vote, the state of California, delegation head, Nancy Pelosi. gave her flowery state promo speech but just before she announced the state count results to the chairwoman, a man stepped up to the microphone and announced "California Passes." This caused instant confusion and consternation on the convention floor "Can a state just do that?"

Several of the talking-head pundits on CNN and FOX pointed out that most smaller states with 18 to 35 electoral votes might split their vote based on which candidate was ahead at the time. California with a massive 440 delegates could make it look like Hillary was ahead and make many small states toss all their votes for Hillary. By having California "Pass" the running delegate total shown on the bottom of the TV screen was rising up 15 at a time for Obama, and 3 at a time for Hillary. About that time Obama had around 1000 votes while Hillary had 240 votes. If California had reported its votes at the beginning of the alphabet, most of the smaller states might have skewed the vote totals. The magic trick occurred in the middle of the alphabet, the letter "N" for Nebraska and then New York.

Wednesday afternoon, the convention came to a hushed silence as Hillary took the microphone. Would she announce the actual delegate votes from the New York Democratic Primary elections, or toss all the state votes for Obama as she said Tuesday morning. It was neither. She made the now famous motion to suddenly end the roll call vote and nominate Obama by acclamation. Then she tossed the next part of the magic trick to the temporary roll call vote chairwoman, Nancy Pelosi. I already explained how Pelosi made everyone believe something had just happened when it hadn't. It was the same trick as me convincing Western Pacific and the public into believing that their rules had just been changed.

So what happened to all the "NO" votes? In the previous three days the Hillary supporters, carrying white signs with blue/black "Hillary" script with a red angled underline dash, appeared all over the convention floor. They were all over TV anytime the cameras focused on Hillary. But just before the floor roll call vote began, I noted that the floor seemed quite empty. Many people were missing. What was missing were the hundreds of delegates wearing white tee shirts with the "Hillary" logo on the front. Were they all rounded up by convention police? No - worse than that - they all voluntarily left the convention floor. How? Someone in the pro-Hillary group had called a secret caucus meeting in a back room to plan for what to do if Obama actually won the roll call vote.

Thus for an hour and a half the Hillary supporters were not on the convention floor during the long dull roll call vote. Boy, were they all surprised when they got back to the floor and found their votes had all been canceled, Obama had been nominated by acclamation, and they never got a chance to yell loudly enmasse "NO" to Nancy Pelosi. The actual vote tally when Hillary ended the roll call was only 1500 for Obama, much less than the 2700 needed for nomination. That's how that trick was done live and on TV and in front of everybody. Sounds like the Soviet Union to me. But American politics has been done that way for over 100 years. The trick here was to unify the convention by a vote of acclamation for Obama then several days later when the dust settles and Obama turns out to be not qualified to run for President, the Democrats will quickly find a replacement - Hillary. That's called Flipping the Convention.

Thus the vote to nominate Hillary by acclamation actually occurred last Wednesday - exactly as I had predicted and the vote for Obama will soon be flipped to the obverse. Thus all you bloggers who wrote to tell me my prediction was wrong. Need to listen more carefully when I said don't believe what you see on Wednesday, wait until Thursday or Friday or after. Then compare the reality of the results with my predictions. I knew something would happen on Wednesday which would result in the election of Hillary Clinton. I have known it for 35 years, it's even in my book Black Gold Hot Gold.

I am not a magician nor prognosticator. I could not predict what would happen on Wednesday. I only knew the day and the long-term results, Hillary's election. I was not surprised to find it was Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday who would pull the Troika Trick to control the convention. One of the reasons why I want to publish my "Russian Letters" is that I discovered proof that there are three Troika Lieutenants in California: Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. I was not surprised that Pelosi used my Western Pacific railroad ploy. I can usually discover most Troika Tricks, since I found and used them all decades ago.

That's why I put the Troika truism at the top of every page "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." Right On, Mr. Troika...

Marshall Smith

Coming Next: Details of the big lie called Presidential Politics. And confirmation that BroJon projections are correct.

Marshall Smith
Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette (or temporarily )

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From: Maurits Winkler-Prins
To: Editor
Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Subject: Re: Obama loosing the Democratic nomination

Greetings Ken

First thanks beyond words for your continued service to others by way of Generally I'm content to sit with the information when it's too foreign to my sensibilities but this time the assertions were so speculative that I couldn't leave it alone.

I'm referring to the Marshall Smith article on Obama loosing the Democratic nomination. While I have a healthy dose of skepticism regarding the made-for-public -consumption version of Obama, Smith does a poor job of clarifying his assertions.

Despite his heavy reliance on the word Troika, after twice reading the article I still emerged with only a vague notion of who this group actually is/was. The best I can tell this Troika, or group of three, are John Rockefeller and his generational descendants. But from all appearances nobody outside of The Rockefellers and Marshall Smith seem to know of the existence of The Troika. And as for Phillip Ledoux's plea for patience, well, the blanks remain largely unfilled for both journeymen and newcomers. Here are some examples:

Hillary's remark that she has had presidential experience for 35 years could mean nothing more than having been in and around politics for that duration. Here's an article that offers a different perspective on Hilary's involvements during the time of Richard Nixon's demise:

Sure she was a player, but not a lynchpin, during the quest for Nixon's impeachment. Hence it's a stretch to say she was given the promise of a future residence in The Oval Office, as her contributions were seemingly not extraordinary.The authors of this essay, like the media, didn't have access to the Clinton archives either but that doesn't mean that it was a respository of all her alleged involvement in the Soviet Union, as seemingly hinted at by Marshall Smith. And while I tip my hat for his mentioning of the little know Ukrainian Genocide his numbers seem inflated. But I agree that had the world know about the atrocity in the Ukraine it could have changed the events of and around WWII

He also says the OSS may have had it's origins as early as 1927 instead of the generally accepted date of 1942 but leaves us hanging for more information. As for the blond contact in Siberia, well she is after all a blond (that's a joke). For that matter it would be interesting to know in this era of MTV and bullshit media how much she really knows about any of Stalin’s exterminations and gulags. In this march towards world homogenization look no further than our own cultural illiteracy to appreciate similar likely scenarios in other societies.And regarding Obama's legitimacy not being contested by the controlled media, well perhaps he really is the darling of the powers that be.

I suppose Smith's version of Obama will culminate soon enough and if he is correct than I'm the one who is going to have to seriously rethink how all the pieces fit the puzzle. Until then I say his obsession with a unilateral outcome of a self fulfilling prophecy has clouded his ability to reason.

Sincerely, Mo (Maurits Winkler-Prins, Troy, MIchigan)


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From: George
To: Editor
Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008
Subject: - possible psyops/scam site?

Dear Ken,

I read with great interest the article "Flipping the Democratic Convention" by Marshall Smith of

I checked the site out, and, well, something doesn't seem quite right about it. Several things make me feel that way.

For a start, the main page (and any others you open) continue to reload every 5 minutes or so - complete with the many advertisements. Some of the links are just links to more ads - there's a picture of a guy holding a shuttle with the caption "HAARP and spaceship Columbia - click here" which just opens a new page which is blank except for a banner ad/link.


I've never heard such a forceful request for money outside of a chain letter!

What bothered me most though, was the "remote viewer aptitude test" which is clearly a scam. Obviously whoever coded it knew that most people would click their mouse on the card they were selecting - because that is exactly how the "remote viewer aptitude test works". Try it if you don't believe me.

I'm interested in your take on this - although the article you posted was excellent, I think it would be wrong not to air my concerns.

Thanks for your time, excellent site by the way, glad to see New Zealand up there in the top 9 visiting countries!



Hi George,

I posted the article because it was forwarded to me by Phil Ledoux and the "surprise" suggested at the convention certainly seemed to be a reasonable possibility as I'm quite certain that Barack Obama was NOT born in the United States. Don Nicoloff and I have been talking on the phone for the past 4 months about the huge holes in Barack's genealogy story and even a child can quickly figure out that's there is NO EVIDENCE to prove he was born in America. That's why his web site people had to put up a FORGERY of his birth certificate and that's why he CAN'T produce A CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE because it doesn't exist. Don NIcoloff speculated that Obama was likely born in Indonesia, but Kenya was also a possibility. Now, Philip Berg says that he has birth certificate on Obama being born in Kenya.

Obama is Rockefeller's choice to be President and no matter what the illegalities involved, they will make him President anyway (guaranteed), because the law and Constitution don't matter anymore--as long as there is no one in authority to demand its enforcement. That's the problem when the entire government is dominated by traitors and fifth columnists. They simply ignore the most monstrous of illegalities and high crimes, and just plow forward -- as if everything is perfectly normal and mundane.

Posting an article from somebody doesn't mean that I endorse everything and anything that person's says or does. It's just an article. I post articles based on the merits of the article itself and don't scrutinize the author with a fine tooth comb.

This guy sounds like he's on the ropes financially and is pitching for money in a rather desperate way which I don't like either, but that has nothing to do with the article. Also, I think this man is somewhat on the Christian fundamentalist side and those folks tend to be emotional and over the top anyway.



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