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UFO & Chemtrail Information Dowse

By Philip N. Ledoux
September 28, 2005


Here is some interesting information that started out of curiosity and grew fast. The original post that peaked my curiosity is included for background information. Not all was as I suspected. Robert helped verify and added information.

Philip N. Ledoux

chemtrails2 Message 13869
From: "Marigold1224"
Date: Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:34 pm
Subject: UFO/Chemtrail Theory marigold1224

I don't remember if it was on this list or the chemtrail tracking list, or both maybe, but someone posted a long message comparing how the chemtrail phenomena is like the UFO one is. Such as how the planes are never seen to take off or land, no one sees them refueling, how they can cover so much of the Earth every day and be almost everywhere at the same time, how they travel so fast without breaking the sound barrier etc.

My theory: Maybe these planes and pilots are more like the space shuttle. They are flown by aliens working in conjunction with tptb. They fly to a mother ship or space station to fill up. And..... to take my theory even one more step. Might it be possible that the people who claim these planes and trails don't exist really don't see the planes and trails like we do? There have been people who report seeing a UFO with other people around and no one sees it except the one seeing it.

More ideas anyone?

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UFO & Chemtrail Dowse

Are the Chemtrail Spray Planes (PODs) modified military tanker planes? Yes

They operate under Air Force commands? No

The planes are quickly convertible to original tanker configuration? Yes

The planes are "on loan" to the UN? Yes

And painted white to signify UN operations? Yes

A "red" nose or tail indicates specifically weather control? Yes

The UN in turn commands military air wings? Yes

The commanders, pilots, etc. are US military personnel? Yes

Are Ets (Extra Terrestials) part of the pilot/crew personnel? Yes

Are Reptoids part of the pilot/crew personnel? Yes

Are Dracos part of the pilot/crew personnel? No

Are the PODs remote controlled planes? Yes

Are most operational planes remotely controlled? No

Most require crews? Yes

Are switched to remote control in emergencies? Yes

Has alien technology been installed on these PODs? Yes

Jet engines are not required? Yes

They utilize anti-gravity/propulsion? Yes

No "tanks" or supplies are needed for "AG" equipment? Yes

The PODs can stay up indefinitely if needed? Yes

Limitations are spray chemicals and crew? Yes

Are the tankers loaded with chemicals without landing? Yes

They can become "invisible"? Yes

Only recently installed on the PODs? Yes

Navigation uses alien technology? Yes

The PODs are made invisible on landing/takeoff? Yes

Normal reloading of chemicals are land-based? Yes

Prior technology used on board power to be invisible? Yes

To conserve auxiliary power fuel PODs were visible during high altitude flight? Yes

Newer technology allows continual invisibility?

[This is not newer technology is the old technology which could not be used until the earth's energy field could reach the point to which the magnetic flux could be altered. RLB]

Was QE II recent trip to Canada a part of this conversion of PODs to continual invisibility? Yes

There were hidden ceremonies about the conversion? Yes

The PODs refuel chemicals from a space station? No

Two normal humans, #1 can see and #2 not see the PODs? Not yes, not no

A person who can see auras (etc.) can see invisible PODs? Yes

A person who cannot see auras cannot see invisible PODs? Yes

[see end notes for amplification]

Except for propulsion, the PODs operate from land basesas any airborn squadron operates? Yes

Are human technicians trained to maintain anti gravity systems? No

Alien technicians maintain the equipment? Yes

This is for security reasons? Yes

Are human technicians trained to maintain invisibility systems? Yes

Humans maintain the alien navigation equipment? No

End of dowse

Robert L. Booth and Philip N. Ledoux

End note

The reason people cannot see the UFOs and other pheromone is that their electrical fields are not in synchronization with earth magnetic field at the present time. The earth's fields is being stepped up and the flux in the filed of the earth creates many dimensional doorways which are open to those who are allowing change to take place those that don't allow it to happen are doomed. Be prepared to make drastic changes in your life style within the next three months. The shift of power is imminent. The Game is over. Now the war begins with outer forces in the Universe taking an active part. Fear is that which must me avoided. Philip you have had been chosen to prepare the way for others to leave this planet. Keep on with your work. RLB


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