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Unique Dowsing Sessions, Part 1

By Philip N. Ledoux
May 8, 2005

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In part TWO is a request for a dowse not specifically addressed but implied from an internet friend and is followed by the dowse. This is another of those dowses that nobody likes the answers, but usually the pendulum doesn't lie.

The buildings in question are in Key Largo, Florida; the airfield is Key West, I've removed several lines in the dowse because it can be used to find who wrote the missive. The fellow had sent me pictures in the past asking what I thought of these properties (unique radio towers, and speedy power boats) which this current dowse pointed to as water ops for the drugs; this was removed.

The most scarry part of the dowse was Jeb Bush was owner of the operation and later it showed up that he divided profits with W. What a can of worms to say the least. Hopefully I have concealed that well enough to protect anyone's ass should the feds pick up on your posting this.

Part THREE is a completely unrelated dowse. It came privately from an internet friend, but is permissible to publish. I believe you might know of the original generators of the information. I am not in contact with any of them. My friend thought I might be helpful, and is supposed to have passed on the info. I surprised myself with the progress of the dowse. Apparently I've uncovered another method to counter the chemtrails. In the original, "Al" is saying that his devices are countering so well that special chemicals are added to chemtrails as they approach his local and turn off when passed over, these were preventing (probably orgonite related devices) chemtrails from forming.

The dowse led to an active, powered (9V) crystal with a simple standard wrap, the zapper configured device being frequency adjustable. You'll see the simplicity as you read the dowse.


Philip N. Ledoux


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