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Unique Dowsing Sessions, Part 2
Drug House

By Philip N. Ledoux


Here is another missive that got my pendulum to swinging and again, I didn't like what it said. I have condensed the original so that the individual cannot be identified, for their safety, and have had to adapt a few names in the dowse to keep all of us out of the slammer. Here is the original request:

I'm posting this since there are many gifted individuals here. We have a potential problem arising that needs to be nipped in the bud.

The house on the East Side of our home was previously owned by a 40 something couple. They sold the house and the closing was last week. These new people moved in. ... in their 20's very young. We saw no moving truck, nobody bringing in furniture. They whooped it up and partied until dawn last week. I enjoyed their party ambience and felt they were having a housewarming party. Young folk having a good time.

Saturday we noticed all the shades drawn throughout the house and a black towel placed over back door which is hanging outside door to block the light and the shades haven't gone up since. Very strange vibes are coming out of that house and already they are trashing the yard. The former owners did beautiful landscaping. I was just commenting on Live and Let Live. BUT when it comes to drugs.... I can't tolerate that right next door.

One guy was walking down the street with a bullhorn talking into 1:15 A.M.. Scared the patooties out of us...just some drunk guy blabbing on bullhorn. We know here that shades constantly drawn, suspicious activity means one thing... DRUGS.

That house was a drug house before previous owners bought it, what a mess that was!!!. I put an end to that and had private drug force watching them around the clock and they got busted.

So what I'm asking is this: For the energy sensitives, dowsers to do a reading for me. I would like to know how to nip this in the bud spiritually before it gets out of hand. . . . how do folk in there 20's able to afford a house that sold at $265,000...unless somebody rich bought if for them like Mom/Dad or drug money.

Any thoughts/Ideas are welcome

DOWSE for above:

7 May 2005

The house East of Zzz's:

The new people who moved in are the new owners? No

The new people work for the actual owners? Yes

This house is a ferrying point for drugs? Yes

Do the new people actually ferry? No

Are new people known as "mules"? Not yes, not no

Prior to last owners:

Was this house a ferrying point for drugs? Yes

The house has well concealed drug closets? Yes

All known about by new owner? Yes

New residents are paid groceries and a cut on drugs? Yes

Are new owners from Miami area? No

Are new owners connected with X.X.X.? Yes

Anyone who messes with drug operation gets fried? Yes

Fried implying dead? Yes

Drugs are coming from one country? No

Drugs are coming from many sources? Yes

Mainly from South America? Yes

Mainly from Central America? No

Partly from Central America? Yes

This house is an important link in the operation? Yes

Handles up to a ton of drugs per week? Yes

The littered yard is a "cover"? Yes

Mostly a vehicular transfer point? Yes

Air delivery is part of the operation? Yes

Comes into . . .? Yes

Water delivery is part of the operation? Yes

Brought to several locations . . .? Yes

Residents east of Zzz's handle the drugs? No

Storing and exchanging takes less than 15 minutes? Yes

Well experienced crews? Yes

Can the drug operation be busted? No

Are local police in on the operation? Yes

Are state police in on the operation? Yes

Are feds in on the operation? Not yes, not no

Is federal protection involved? Yes

Does X.X.X. divvy profits with _._._.? Yes

If Zzz cases out the operation and informs honest enforcement:

Will Zzz be quickly put in jail? Yes

Within one month? No, Within two months? Yes

Could the consequences result in death for Zzz? Yes

Would orgonite plantings affect the operations? Maybe

Orgonite has to be large sized? Yes

Orgonite has to be heavy duty? Yes

Orgonite has to have all the enhancements? Yes

Passive orgonite satisfactory? Yes

Orgonite has to be planted in the earth? Yes

Would surrounding the property work? No

Orgonite has to be on the property? Yes

Roadside in front of house adequate? Yes

Could radionics interfere successfully with drug operations? Yes

Using white light

Could one worker at a time be converted? Yes

A converted worker would be useless in the operation? Yes

One worker per transfer can be converted? Yes

This gradual attrition would affect the operation badly? Yes

In other words bring white light to one individual? Yes

Bring it intensely with the help of angels? Yes

This house is the main collection point for distribution . . .? Yes

Many distribution routes up . . .? Yes

Are 12 wheelers involved? No

Mostly "ordinary vehicles" involved? Yes

Nearly perfect timing is involved? Yes

Is incoming and outgoing mixed? No

Certain days for in? Yes

Certain days for out? Yes

Does the house have underground rooms? Yes

All beneath the house? No

The access to everything is through the house? No

The access to some is through the house? No

Former owner knew nothing about underground access? Yes

This all existed before former owner bought property? Yes

Was any heavy equipment involved in creating underground? No

It was created without neighbors knowing anything about it? Yes

Was laser technology involved? Yes

Therefore no waste by-products? Yes

Laser power source was off the grid? Yes

Was extra heavy wiring required? No

Drunk with bull-horn is a diversion while drugs are being transferred? Yes

Are other neighbors privy to the drug operation? No

Would heightening neighbors' awareness affect drug operations? No

Would a "loose" trained guard dog sent in the right direction stop evening's ops? No

Dog would die silently? Yes

"nip this in the bud spiritually"

Can the tenants be spiritually affected? Yes

Can they be affected to give up drugs? Yes

Can they be affected to clean up yard? Yes

Are the tenants mainly English speaking? No

Are the tenants mainly AAA speaking? Yes

The owners have carefully hooked them on drugs? Yes

If these left, a worse kind would be brought in? Yes

Owners to not want tenants friendly with neighbors? Yes

If current tenants became friendly with only one neighbor, they would be moved out immediately. Yes

Yet they can be affected spiritually? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


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