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Unique Dowsing Sessions, Part 3
New Ideas in Chembusting

By Philip N. Ledoux

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From: "loohon" <dogwood57@...
Date: Thu May 5, 2005 1:10 pm
Subject: Re: Chembusting exercise - some conclusions

Well, I asked Archie about these super-trails that NOTHING will phase. I wrote him:

Hello, Archie,

Here is a pic of a type of chemtrail that I suspect they developed in response to my quartzite. I sometimes see them turn it on when coming near, or turning it off after passing over. Nothing I 've done phases it in the least. Maybe it's expensive, because I still get mostly the easy-to-bust stuff. I thought I 'd let you check it out in case you felt like dowsing the best counter-freq for this.

Archie wrote back:

"Here's what I get:

"Yep, it's more expensive, and was developed to handle "problem areas." These areas are CB related. And, no, my freqs won't bust it. here's the freq that will:

"33,878,872 BU"

So I wrote that number on the base of a big crystal, mirror-image-wise with aluminum ink, and am raring for an opportunity to test it.

--- In, "Chris Gozdzik" <chris@d...wrote:

Well, we've tried something new - charging the spraying planes. Did it work - probably not the way we've hoped - there are spraying here now - some new pattern with a double trail from a single plane - unfortunately it is sticking and spreading.

Was it worth it? You bet!

We've proved we can work together on a new idea; several other issues came out, like the need for a clear and positive intent; we've brain-stormed to come up with some new creative ways to raise the vibration of the Earth - yes, that's what we are doing. Chembusting is just one small piece of the big picture.

Dowse based on information discussed above:

8 May 2005

"these super-trails that NOTHING will phase"

Is this a relatively new development? Yes

Was it specifically developed to counter orgonite creations? Yes

How long did it take to develop the counter chemistry?

Greater than 6 months? Yes
Greater than 9 months? No

Is the counter chemistry added to the regular chemtrail mix? Yes

It can be turned on and off at will (addition)? Yes

Without it the chemtrail is neutralized? Yes

Is this extra chemistry expensive? Yes

Therefore it is used sparingly? Yes

[Dowser does not know how quartzite was used]

Quartzite is added to a regular orgonite mix? No

Quartzite is used alone? Yes

Is this a quartzite and resin mix? Yes

Archie dowsed: "33,878,872 BU"? Yes

Is this a cycle in waves per second [cps or Hz] ? Yes

Is this the counter frequency to the counter chemicals? Yes

Would a frequency generator with antennae aimed at chemtrail knock out the counter chemicals? Yes

Will the frequency number written on a crystal do the same thing? No

Will the frequency number written on a crystal affect the counter chemicals? Yes

Will it knock out the counter chemicals? No

Will it minimize the counter chemicals? Yes

Enough to be noticeable with the naked eye? Yes

Are there other frequencies that are as effective? Yes

Are they harmonically related to 33,878,872 [Hz]? Yes

Half waves? Yes [16,939,436 Hz]

Quarter waves? Yes [8, 469, 718 Hz]

Eighth waves? Yes (4, 234, 859 Hz]

Would rounded off numbers be adequate? Yes

A) 16,939,436 [Hz] Yes

B) 8,469,718 Yes

C) 4,234,859 Yes

D) 2,117,430 [Hz] Yes (strong)

E) 1,058,715 Yes

F) 529,357 Yes

Would zapper powered orgonite set at these frequencies counter the added counter chemicals? No

The frequencies have to be directed through crystals? Yes

The frequencies can be directed via antennae? Yes

Should the crystal be pulsed with a zapper? Yes

Is a toroidal winding needed? No

A standard solenoid winding will suffice? Yes

Is the length of winding critical? No

Will a single ended crystal work? Yes

The larger the crystal the better the effect? Maybe

Would a double ended be more effective than a single ended? Yes

Is the type of crystal critical? Yes

Is quartzite the best to use for this application? Yes

Will ordinary quartz work? Yes

A minimum 1 inch diameter quartz best for application? Yes

2 inch diameter works better? Yes

It will work on chemtrails at 30,000 feet altitude? Yes

Can this same principle be used to wipe out regular chemtrails? Yes

Will these frequencies work on regular chemtrails? No

The frequencies have to resonate with the chemicals used? Yes

With the proper frequency, can the white-outs be cleared? Yes

With the crystal pointed vertically? Yes

Are different frequencies required for different type chemtrails? Yes

Could a variable freq. zapper be used to visually adjust and clear? Yes

Would standard electronic countermeasures effectively counter these type of devices? Yes

A spew plane could carry the electronic countermeasures to keep the chemtrails active? Yes

With a zapper-crystal to clear white-outs a plane with electronic countermeasures would be required constantly? Yes

With enough of these devices operating,

Would it affect the chemtrails program to its limits? Yes

Would it reduce the chemtrail creations? Yes

Can the zapper be powered with rechargeable batteries? Yes

Can the zapper be powered with a wall-wart device? Yes

Can the device be operated from within a building and be effective? Yes

Would a metal roof interfere with effective operation? Yes

To clear the sky over a large area crystal-zappers would be needed a minimum of every 10 miles.? Yes

Would it work at 20 miles and be effective? Yes (25 miles? Maybe)

20 mile grid points? Yes

25 generators per 100 square miles? Yes

Can multiple generators set for various types of chemtrails be operated successfully together? Yes

Without interfering with each other? Yes

Does the chemtrail program have equipment to pinpoint such generators? No

Could the owners of such equipment be jailed for the equipment? Yes

Via homeland security laws? No

Via non licensed radio equipment? Yes

It would be classified as a crystal radio? Yes

Can Archie use the same principles he used to find 33,878,872 To find the frequencies needed for crystal-zapper devices? No

An adjustable frequency zapper would suffice? Yes

Visual "trial and error" to tune it to desired effect? Yes

The limits of a 555CMOS are within required range? Yes

End of dowse

Philip N. Ledoux


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