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Unique Dowsing Sessions, Part 4
Heironimous Gallen

By Philip N. Ledoux


Heironimous Gallen was one of the first generation electronics engineers, although not thought of in those terms back then. A true curiosity combined with logic and memory would make him a genuine inventor. He either re-invented the work of Drown or knew her or of her. Although few give him credit he is the father of radionics. Several in that time frame discovered that they could use an image (usually a photo) and analyze the health problems; the photo carried the same signature as the actual thing. This led to being able to cure the patient by applying medication (back then it was herbal) in a reverse process. It was laughed into oblivion as quickly back then as today. It then logically led to improving the "machinery".

My friend has a radionics machine, but they are useless without their manual, and the manual was lost. So I decided to take the machine apart. The surface of the boxes are loaded with large adjustable dials, an input "well", an output "well" and a "rub plate". When apart it is obvious that all the parts and pieces are high precision, silver plated adjustable electronics (mechanical). The workmanship is flawless. I conclude that all it is, is a very finely tuned resonant circuit; which in simplicity is a capacitor with a resistor attached to a coil around a "well" (glass bottle) that is attached to each end of the circuit.

One places a "sample" in the input well and adjusts the capacitance/resistance until a moist finger meets resistance on the "rub plate", which tells the operator all is in resonance or "tuned". Obviously the secret is the operator's "feel" on the rub plate, something that takes much practice to develop.

Each and every builder of radionics equipment had their own pet ideas and secrets. They spent years developing the "tables" that went with their respective machines. Some were adept at human biology and diseases, and the tables identified the various diseases, etc. And along with that the "counter settings" or "curing settings" for these diseases. All inventors had a common ground, but each had their area of expertise. Gallen experimented by taking an aerial picture of an infested orange grove, painted every other row of trees with the correct pesticide, placed that in the output well, set the machine to the orchard settings and left it on all night. (Remember, these are inactive machines, no actual power via batteries etc.) The next day all the rows that had been "painted" in the picture had no infestation yet all the other rows were heavily infested. That has been applied and simplified by all inventors, most of whom worked for Gallen at some time or other.

I wanted to buy one from one of Gallen's student's (then an old man) in the early 1990s; cost was around $1,200. Inflation runs 6 1/8 % compounded annually, and more recently in double digits, so a person can figure relative costs forward and backwards from that. My educated guess would be that 2/3 of the cost of the machine is the precision parts.

Gallen also found that by using nothing more than an India ink drawing of the circuitry and pasting that to the inside of the "box" that it worked as well as "the real thing"! Imagine that!

The third and fourth generation of radionic inventors (adaptors?) have removed the learning curve by eliminating the "rub plate", powering the equipment to automate the process for the average person. Obviously the cost rises. A good comparison would be a Model T compared to a fully equipped Caddy. The last I checked (a few years ago), low end machines cost around $4,000 all the way up through $10,000. Some of the cost is in "secrets of the trade", much is in high precision parts, and obviously if they didn't make a profit, they wouldn't stay in business.

My questioning about radionics in the dowse, was to see if it could be applied to the "house sitters". And yes it could. This all borders on white vs black magic; and in this case either a passive machine or an active machine boosts the etheric medium and results.

As an aside, this type of equipment must be used in remote control, remote reading, remote influencing situations, especially by the military or whomever it is that we refer to as TPTB.

Philip N. Ledoux


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