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Vaccinations & Resonant Implant Locator Eggs

By Philip N. Ledoux <oldmanfromnh (at) yahoo (dot) com>
May 18, 2007

So many people are connecting the dots about vaccination. The parents seem able to figure out the connection between shots given and brain damage, yet the medical profession seem oblivious to the connection, or are they really "oblivious"? It is my opinion that most doctors and health professionals are as blind and brainwashed as the average citizen; it is only a small percentage who control the greater percentage of the professionals.

I will attempt to provide a hidden reason why the "necessity" of early vaccination is being promoted; although it will require some background information. It all has to do with population control.

The Powers That Be (TPTB), the Hidden Government, "They-Them-Etc." need to control the masses, but they also need to know if anyone of the herd is missing, lost or purposefully gone. The easiest place to experiment with such technology is via the military. Have you ever noticed how few unsolved AWOL (Away With Out Leave) cases exist during the last 40 years? It is all done with a "resonant egg" implant that is small enough to pass through the eye of a hypodermic needle, those "damned-square-needle" injections that the military was/is/continues-to-be famous for. The average person can easily understand the principle of the resonant-egg-locator: Most people are familiar, by picture, in books or by word of mouth, about the diva holding a delicate glass goblet, finding the resonant pitch of the goblet, then holding that pitch as a long lasting note which shatters the goblet. The resonant-egg-locator works the same way; the pitch-note stops before the egg shatters. Being the resonant-frequency of the egg, the egg continues to vibrate and eventually looses the vibratory energy. During this phase, the "hunters" who turned on the egg are using directional finding equipment to locate the egg and thusly the person in whom it is implanted.

All these principles are easy to understand; it is the fabrication of the egg itself, the turn-on frequency equipment and the locating equipment that gets complicated. It would be interesting to see how the various "sizes" (resulting in various resonant-frequencies) are made; each individual has a unique "code frequency" thusly a different one for every human on earth must somehow be possible. In trying to unravel mysteries, the understanding of principles is all that is needed

[From Ken Adachi: Al Bielek says that the military uses DNA coding (obtained from blood samples or saliva) to idenify you]

All of us who have been in military service have these resonant-egg-locators; and if you've had  "Top-Secret-Clearances" or have been in "Special Projects", you have multiple injections of these resonant-egg-locators. Via dowsing techniques, I have been able to help former military locate these locator-eggs in their bodies. Upper arm and buttocks are standard locations; for women, somehow breasts are a favorite location although none I've assisted can remember a jab in that location. One individual found the egg, about the size of a rice-grain and didn't want to remove it, so s/he put a dent in it which would change the resonant frequency. Now the locator-egg no longer responded to the assigned frequency given to this individual.
The error made was the human factor of reporting back to me via internet of creating the dent; in this age of total monitoring, TPTB knew what s/he had done and with much labor invested could determine the new resonant frequency. The moral to that story is: keep it to yourself what you do to these damned-locator-eggs.

In trying to search for answers I was sent many possible solutions. The best was used during and after the American Civil War to remove bullets without surgery, or the bullets were healed-in and removed after the war. Castor Oil poultices or Raw Honey poultices were reportedly used successfully to remove healed-in bullets, even from deep tissues. Apparently it works, although I have no verifications because I've warned everyone I've assisted in locating the eggs to never tell anyone of their successes. If you do succeed in removing one of these eggs, do not throw it away! The next time TPTB check on your location and the response indicates that it is stationary, TPTB know what you did. So, tape it in the glove compartment of a car (preferably not your own) or something similar to keep the egg "moving" and "semi-mobile" as would be if it were on your person.

That's the background. The vaccination part becomes brief as a result of the above.

Those who are aware of TPTB can easily understand the need (of TPTB) to know the location of all their unwitting slaves. The last hurdle to overcome was how to implant "The Mark Of The Beast," how to implant a "micro-chip" or how to implant "something" without the recipient knowing it happened.

Military personnel were the "Beta Program" for the locator-chips, and apparently it worked so well, it has been chosen to be used on every human being on earth. The "without the recipient knowing" part of the problem was solved by giving the locator-egg during vaccinations. But that presented another problem: how do you keep the circle of informed "jabbers" small so that the secret is not given to the herd?

There has to be "feedback" from the specific injection (vaccination bottle) code number (which translate into the resonant frequency of the locator-egg) and associated individual's name, DOB and sex, for the records of TPTB. By observing "the shadows" there started to be information leaks; thusly the need to limit those "in the know." That was accomplished by giving vaccinations (read: locator-eggs) before the baby left the hospital. Now only a very, very few trusted individuals were involved with the necessary paper-work passed onto TPTB.

Simplicity in the extreme, but equally maddening! The children who develop ADD, autism and mental problems are merely collateral damage in the minds of TPTB; the need to track everybody is of the highest importance to TPTB. In solving any problem you first have to identify the problem. In the business world when a committee sets out to solve a problem, 95% of the time they fail to accurately identify the problem. Hopefully this analysis gives the reader an insight to the real problem of "vaccinations."

[Note from Ken Adachi: How to avoid having your baby surreptitiously vaccinated in the hospital without your consent or knowledge? Answer: Don't have your baby in the hospital. Do it at home with mid-wives only; and even then, with only those you can absolutely trust.]

Philip N. Ledoux
oldmanfromnh (at) yahoo (dot) com

© Copyright 2007  All Rights Reserved.

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